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Club results?

Andrew HanneySep 17 2019, 8:35amIs it possible to introduce club positions in race results? Speaking from experience where I regularly encourage members of my AC to run in IMRA and judging by the amount of singlets there are many other clubs represented. Could club awards by introduced? I think this used to be done? Surely it wouldn’t be a big ask with the way results are produced now. It would probably encourage more clubs to take part. I suppose the main issue will be what comprises a club but I think the discussion might be worthwhile.
Luke McMullanSep 22 2019, 9:18pmThink this question should be promoted to the main forum on 2020 League Changes. From a personal perspective, I've great memories of trying to muster up teams from UCD to take on Rathfarnham in the LL in 2011. We had some fun out of it and got the (early days of) WhatsApp busy! Was a great way to add an extra dimension to the enjoyment of the race. In particular it could be a good way to increase participation from women in the sport. I.e. like the Adventure Racing, maybe 2 Men and 2 Women from each club count towards the team score.
Peter O'FarrellSep 23 2019, 7:22pmIn the interim this can be done manually in the form of a race report.
Rene Borg did it for a good number of years, notable mention to Gerry Brady also.

Note to club recruiting officers, unattached is usually first or second club in the results (3 to count)
Stuart ScottSep 24 2019, 4:35pmI agree with Peter. A manual approach would be the best interim solution given how much work on the website would be required and how few clubs would actually be competing. If the committee were willing, an end-of-league prize for the top teams could be an option but I wouldn't think a major change is necessary. IMRA isn't really like Scotland - we're just one big club!
Rene BorgOct 1 2019, 12:46pmYes, I was involved doing this and have the Excel templates still that made the work slightly quicker.

Adding an automatic club scoring system like what is present on the Scottish Hill Runners Association was part of the 'wish-list' for the last big website overhaul in 2008 but unfortunately it did not make the final cut of what could make it into the final release.
Kevin O'RiordanFeb 7 2020, 10:25pmStarted doing some work on this.

Have made a start by cleaning up the database of clubs. Up to now, the club field for a runner was freeform text so extremely difficult for the IT system to match up clubs for the purposes of scoring. I've changed that to a drop down of clubs. This unfortunately meant that a lot of people who had a club assigned to them are now club-less. I set the threshold at > 14 people per club for deciding whether a club should make the list or not. If your club is missing from the list and you really think it should be there, drop Conor a mail (results at imra dot ie).