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Fergus HayesJan 23 2019, 12:31pmHi guys,
I'm planning on running the DMW and was wondering if anyone had any tips on the route??
Thinking of heading from Tallaght to Shankill , it would be great to hear from anyone who has completed the course.
Pádraig DoyleJan 23 2019, 1:56pmHi Fergus.
It's a nice route. There is a fair bit of road along the way, but it's quiet. On the roads there are few blind bends to watch out for traffic... nothing to worry about as long as you're alert. Bit of hi-viz wouldn't go astray for the road sections.

You'll get some lovely views over Dublin and a good range in countryside.

A lot of the hills are covered fairly regularly by the Leinster races to varying extents and the DMW is pretty well marked, but if those hills are totally new to you it'd be no harm to have it mapped out. The path meanders a lot between Scalp and Barnaslingan forest, but it is marked.

It's a nice varied route and handy for Luas to the start and Dart from the end. Hope you enjoy it.
Warren SwordsJan 23 2019, 2:21pmIt's a nice run.

There's a free water tap just past Johnny Foxes if you need refills.

The route was changed in April 2018 to reduce the number of kms on road, something to bear in mind if following an old GPS route.

There's also coffee/snacks available at at lower car park Ticknock, requires a small detour.
Mike JordanJan 23 2019, 3:32pmI've run it both directions and I think it's a bit easier going from Tallaght to Shankill. There's a bit less climb that direction and you gain it more gradually. It's a nudge over 40k total for the whole things.
Maps are here:
The other lads have covered the main points: Water/refreshments en-route at The GAP/Johnnie Foxs (12k from Shankill). Good bit of road from Bohernabreena reservoir to Military Road but it's quiet. A few twists and turns around Scalp to look out for. Luas/bus at Tallaght, DART/bus at Shankill.
Happy trails!
John J BarryJan 23 2019, 3:34pmI've ran it four times - always from Shankill. It's a good route. Even better now with some rerouting of the road either side of Johnny Foxes. I'll be going some evening in the next couple of weeks (nice night run too)

As said above transport is very handy with Dart out to Shankill or Luas at Tallaght.

From the Shankill side below the Hellfire Club there is one hard turn left (down a steep hill) on a road section but the sign is missing. The sign will be missing too from Tallaght side but its more obvious which way to go.

The tap at Foxes is still there but the palm button is broken off. I had to use a 'rock' to press on the screw head to get water out. The river at Cruagh is another good water source.

I would suspect it's easier from Shankill but that's just my guess. A lot of downhill into Tallaght this way..
Shane O'MalleyJan 23 2019, 5:14pmLove to have a go at that myself.

Would anyone have an up to date GPX of the route.


Gordon PlaceJan 23 2019, 5:48pmHaving gone the Shankill to Tallaght direction, I think I'd prefer to do it the other way around if doing it again, get the Tallaght road bit, and Bohernabreena Roads out of the way earlier. You should be able to download a gpx from this
Peter O'FarrellJan 24 2019, 9:51amTallaght to Shankill is better as the finish is downhill, has decent views over the sea and the clincher, is at a Pub.
Fergus HayesJan 24 2019, 10:02amThanks guys,
Great stuff.
Shane O'MalleyJan 24 2019, 3:00pmThanks Gordon,

Looking to do from the Tallaght direction on Sunday week (Weather permitting) I know alot of the locations on the route but will be good to link them all together.

Pub grub in Shankill and dart back home sounds perfect.
Fergus HayesJan 24 2019, 3:25pmGood luck with the run Shane, maybe you could put a strava/ gpx up on the forum when you are done??
Stephen CollerJan 26 2019, 1:52pmFerg/Shane,
Try this link for box of tallaght to shankill (ignore the last mile-ish it finishes at the pub)
Shane O'MalleyJan 28 2019, 11:20amThanks Stephen, As long as i dont have to keep up your pace.
John J BarryJan 28 2019, 12:40pmFolks,

Logistically, what's the way way to get to Tallaght after dumping a car in Shankill? It's a long way to get a Dart to Town and Luas back out. Any Shorter way?
John J BarryJan 28 2019, 12:40pmFolks,

Logistically, what's the way way to get to Tallaght after dumping a car in Shankill? It's a long way to get a Dart to Town and Luas back out. Any Shorter way?
Stuart ScottJan 28 2019, 12:48pmDart to Dun Laoghaire and then the 75 bus to Tallaght could be an option? You might be quicker running though!

Alternatively could you leave a car at Ticknock and run it out-and-back in two halves?
Stuart ScottJan 28 2019, 12:49pmOr you could leave your car unlocked in Tallaght and it might get to Shankill on its own :-)
Conor O'FarrellJan 28 2019, 12:56pm1. Leave the car in town
2. Get the Luas to Tallaght
3. Run the route
4. DART to town and pick up the car.
That way there's less time on that blimmin 75 bus to Tallaght, it takes hours.
Andrew MendelsonJan 28 2019, 12:56pmI would leave the car in town. That way, you can recover and refuel on the pleasant DART ride from Shankill into town.
John J BarryJan 28 2019, 1:00pmDidn't know about that bus Stuart.. Cheers.

Handy it goes to Dundrum Luas.. That's an option for me..
Half the bus journey...
John J BarryJan 28 2019, 1:01pmDidn't know about that bus Stuart.. Cheers.

Handy it goes to Dundrum Luas.. That's an option for me..
Half the bus journey...
Graham K. BusheFeb 24 2019, 9:14pmIt's probably a bit late, but for what it's worth, I ran the DMW today. Starting from Shankill (and just to be sure, I came back too) On the way past J Foxes I saw the water hydrant has a BOIL notice attached. However on the return, thankfully, I spotted a small push button tap on the right side of the road (approx 10k from Tallaght and another outside tap at GAP (I'm still alive and haven't grown any extra body parts... so far). There is a fair bit of road, the climbs are steep enough in places but not too long. Overall its a good enough route for a run. If you are worried about bus or Luas times etc sure you can always do the double. ;) Graham
Miriam MaherFeb 24 2019, 9:30pmLove it Graham - the understatement of it all:). Brilliant, well done again. The burning question for me is will the dogs get a day off the daybreak run tomorrow??
Shane O'MalleyFeb 25 2019, 8:39amWell done Graham. I never got to do it myself as the snow got in the way that weekend but will have to put it on the todo list.
Will also make sure my lift is waiting for me when i get there :)
Edwin McAreeSep 28 2020, 5:50pmHey,

Thanks for posting route info. Thinking of running this as my DCM virtual attempt in a few weeks to mix it up in the direction of Tallaght to Shankill. Would anyone have info on a competitive time across this route or a time allowance of your own attempt versus a road across same distance? 2 reasons, Logistics and some motivation of a target to aim for.


Gordon PlaceSep 28 2020, 7:29pmHi Edwin, for logistics, I'd say you'd want to give yourself somewhere around 30% over your road time.
Edwin McAreeSep 28 2020, 8:10pmThanks Gordon, have downloaded the gpx you provided before, should be of great help.
Seb SzmSep 28 2020, 11:32pmHi Edwin,

I did the old DMW before the change.A little tip is to buy water/drink in Tibradden forest (by the zip lines). I Also skipped the part that goes by Hell Fire club - when I got to the end (Shankil) I had approximately 40k done with 1047m elevation gain according to strava.
Happy running.
Gareth LittleSep 29 2020, 10:22amHi Edwin,

I have run the DMW twice over the past few months. Once from SH to Tallaght and then from Tallaght to SH. The latter is definitely the best direction as you get a lot of the road sections out of the way early and then you have a lovely long downhill finish into cracking scenery.

I was about ~45 mins off my marathon PB and was unsupported so carried all that I needed which was not that much in the end. I think I went through about 750ml of water and 2 snickers bars although I had some more supplies in my race vest just in case...

The Hellfire section mentioned previously is no longer part of the route btw. I cannot post my .gpx here but if you would like it just shoot me a mail on gar little @ me . com

Best of luck

Chris SiddellSep 29 2020, 1:38pmEdwin, I have ran the first section from Tallaght to Two Rock a few times and always enjoy it, especially on weekdays when it is quieter.

I've always got to Two Rock then dropped down the Wicklow Way to Marley park and back to Tallaght on the road...but definitely want to do the whole thing at some point in the near future so let me know how you get on!
Nigel McCabeOct 12 2020, 10:41amIm looking at this myself in the not too distant future..
Tallaght to Shankill way just wondering can anyone confirm the elevation gain going that way. Need at least 1350m dont mind adding in a hill or two but just to plan accordingly. Thanks.
John J BarryOct 12 2020, 11:28amDublin Mountain Way (hike) Tallaght to Shankill
Distance: 38.59km
Elevation 933m
Gordon PlaceOct 12 2020, 11:36amA Diversion up to Princes Williams Seat along the WW and back down might help? You can head back towards Glencullen for a couple of hundred metres before turing left at the bus stop straight up to fairycastle?
Graham K. BusheOct 12 2020, 12:00pmHi Nigel, looks like John is being a bit hard on you :) My strava was a bit nicer to me and put it around 1030m 24/02/19 (and Gareth's was even nicer to him 1069m 12/07/20) maybe the hills are growing or it might just feel like
Either way, you will need to do a bit of exploring as Gordon suggests
Gordon PlaceOct 12 2020, 12:18pmSorry, you'd be going down to bus stop from Fairycastle and right to PWS up and back, going from Tallaght. Probably still leaves you a bit short of gain, sure you can throw in the hellfire to make it up ;). Probably end up hitting aound 50km though.

Mine made DWM just under 1000m going from Tallaght
Gordon PlaceOct 12 2020, 12:21pmWas looking for similar for the virtual mourne skyline and 5 times up and down to PWS from the gate seems pretty much bang 1350m in 35km, although not too exciting
Eoin KeithOct 12 2020, 1:46pmNigel, the DMW can be > 1350m if you want it to be. You just have to use the correct tool to measure it. That sounds like rubbsh, but its true. It's also the reason you'll get totally inconsistant answers as to the heightgain of the route. That's to be expected.

The only real absolute mesurement on the route would be the difference between the lowest point and highest point. Once you go beyond that the answer you get for height gain will be determined by the resolution / accuracy / sampling frequency of the tool you use to measure, no matter what the tool is (Map, GPS device, very long piece of string). This is because lanscapes are fractal in nature. Similaly height profiles of routes are fractals. The closer you look (or the more often you measure), the greater the height gain you will calculate.

You could follow the pages from this link to get an idea of how this works ... , particularly the bits about measuring the length of a coastline.
John J BarryOct 12 2020, 8:26pmDivert via Kilmashogue, Kellystown Lane and Ticknock should add 400m or maybe reverse of that to ensure you climb Fairy Castle twice and get ~500m!
Robert CostelloOct 12 2020, 9:54pm@Eoin Jasus. So that UTMB Vert could be ten times higher if we measured every mm of an incline? Good to know!
Shane EnrightOct 13 2020, 8:14am@Eoin

Correct, but humans are not ants crawling over every pebble on the landscape. There is a minimally functional sampling interval probably around the length of a human stride.

Otherwise you won't get "totally inconsistant" answers from GPS-based measurements on any A-B route. If measured using similar technology they will tend to bunch together in something very like a normal distribution.

For any given route simply walk it 999 times and measure. The median measurement will be functionally the most useful. I'm not on Strava but with I presume the data is out there for this kind of exercise on frequently-run/walked routes.
RuairĂ­ LongOct 14 2020, 1:34pmHi all,

Interesting to read about the debates of how to add climb to the DMW.

For anyone who is interested in a more "technical" (in very loose terms) variation of the same ish route, have a look at this route that I call the "Dublin Skyline". From Fernhill/ Stepaside to Tallaght over the high hills. Slower going but mixes in some open mountain climbs and descents. And it's all within county Dublin!

If you wanted to add even more vert you could do an out on back on Hellfire, brings it up to around 1500m. This can be seen here:
Stuart ScottOct 14 2020, 2:30pmGreat route Ruairi. I had thought of a similar "Dublin Mountains Way" that follows the county border from Glennasmole to Shankill. The main diffference is that it would veer right to Prince Willies and then from Barnaslingan to Shankill.

Regarding the height gain debate, it's a bit like asking what's the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow!
Alan AylingOct 15 2020, 8:48pmIf you want the added thrill of being chased by some really interesting dogs you could try heading west from Hellfire Club forest in the direction of Piperstown Hill & Glenasmole down through the fields. The pattern of the bites you sustain might possibly be fractal in nature.
Jeff FitzsimonsOct 16 2020, 12:13pmAlan, I'm loving it.

Can I propose a Like button for the forum here or do I need to bring it as a motion to the AGM?
Stuart ScottOct 16 2020, 12:40pmJeff, it might be better if you kept your motions to yourself!
Stuart ScottOct 16 2020, 10:06pmMy apologies Jeff, I've been reliably informed that I had mixed up the word 'motion' with another. Sorry if I sounded unsupportive of your motions!