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Stuart ScottAug 29 2013, 12:14pmHi all,

There's a group of us that go running every Wednesday evening during the winter months. If anyone's interested in joining us, you're more than welcome.

The runs start at 1930 and the routes are generally quite varied. Hard trails like Tibradden do feature, but generally routes are more 'interesting' (like Kippure in the snow). It wouldn't suit someone looking for a training run or speed session, but they are great fun and plenty of opportunities for nav practice should you desire. Last night, seven of us (Daniela, Maike, Kevin, Henrik, Dave, Ger and I) ran from Tibradden carpark along the Glendoo ridge to Knocknagun (about 12k) at a pace best described as 'exploratory'. Incidentally, there's the makings of a really nice summer league route there!

Note, these runs have no connection whatsoever to IMRA and are not organised or led in any way so you need to be self-sufficient and carry appropriate kit (e.g. map, compass, mini first aid kit, headtorch, spare batteries, jacket, hat, emergency food etc.). Having said that, most run in groups and no-one is (deliberately) left on their own unless they prefer to be. Plenty of different speeds are catered for, and in any case, the pace is always slower in darkness so it's suitable for all abilities.

If you're interested, give me a shout on scottst1 A-T- gmail DO-T com and I can add you to the mailing list. Runs are organised by email though so be warned - there are plenty of them!

Stuart ScottAug 29 2022, 4:03pmHi all,

It's that time of the year again! I'm too lazy to write a new message so I thought I'd bump up this old one. If you're interested in joining us please read my previous post (click the link) and get in touch. Just to be clear, these runs have nothing whatever to do with IMRA, there is no insurance, no guides etc. and you're expected to be self-sufficient. But they do provide a nice sociable excuse to get out on dark winter evenings!

Kevin O'RiordanAug 29 2022, 4:38pmThanks Scott.
Alan ConnollySep 11 2022, 11:24pmemail sent