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Croagh Patrick

Martin SweeneyApr 22 2010, 12:22amDon't know if people know the bar at the bottom of Croagh Patrick, Cambells is closed at the moment, Eoghan who used to run it died last year, it being done up at the moment, not sure when it is going to open.
Turlough ConwayApr 22 2010, 2:04pmThanks Martin. Will pass onto, Paddy and Vivian
Zoran SkrbaApr 23 2010, 9:55amI will be driving down to this race on Saturday morning - leaving Dublin around 8, and will be coming back to Dublin on Sunday after Ben Gorm race. Can also collect people in Westport (train station) and bring them to the race. If anyone want to carpool let me know (zoran DOT skrba AT gmail DOT com). (2 seats available)
Turlough ConwayApr 23 2010, 12:39pmDont forget to check the Connaught championship thread (one of them) for information about accommodation deal in Delphi for weekend.
Kieran LynchApr 26 2010, 2:12pmIs this race for elite runners only? would a novice be able to handle it?
Peter O'FarrellApr 26 2010, 2:37pmThis race is for everyone, novices will take a lot longer (and should possibly carry some water) and may find the loose ground of the summit cone difficult to handle but thousands of penitents manage it every year, albeit at a slower pace.
I know I'm courting disaster here but it is almost impossible to go wrong so there are no worries from a navigation viewpoint.
If you are very concerned about taking a long time and discommoding the organisers getting to the pub for the match I'm sure you could start early and record your own time.
There is a fair chance of falling and grazing a knee or elbow but take the descent at your own pace and you should be alright, trying to keep up with faster descenders is what causes falls.
Padraig KeaneApr 28 2010, 9:50amHi, can anybody join in this run? I would like to participate if possible.
Mick HanneyApr 28 2010, 1:05pmYes. If you haven't ran an imra race before you should print off the registration form - see the Form link at end of home page - and have that completed to assist a speedy registration.
Sarah Ni RuaircApr 28 2010, 10:53pmHi,

How far in advance do you require your helpers to report for duty?

erc stewartApr 29 2010, 11:02pmViv, as agreed wil help. E
Brian FureyApr 21 2020, 6:49pmI added a report for this race as part of "your favourite imra memory" competition.