Irish Mountain
Running Association

European Championships

Sunday 4th July, 2010
Climb (m):
Distance (km):
Route Description:
Start is at 725m altitude and highest point on course is 1,030m (960m for junior women).

Long lap is around 3,144m with 190m climb (12% average on uphill).
Junior women lap is around 1,860m with 120m climb (12% average on uphill).
The run in to the start of the lap 1,234m with 115m climb (9%) and the run to the finish is 1,440m with 115m descent (8%).

All course details interpreted from course map.
Junior women: 4.6 km / 235m (1 short lap)
Women / Junior men: 9.0 km / 495m (2 laps)
Men: 12.2 km / 685m (3 laps)

Getting There:
Sapareva Banya South-West Bulgaria (South of Sofia).

Location map

Organisers Instructions:
Event website

Categories: Senior men/women, junior men/women (born 1991-1994)
Teams: 4 to run / 3 to score, junior women is 3 to run / 2 to score
Selection basis: First two in trial races on 13th June with other positions based on trial race and mountain running and cross-country/road performances in 2009/2010. All selection is subject to the athlete being capable of finishing within 10% of the trial winners time and 20% of the international race winners times. Only athletes who meet the criteria will be selected this means that full teams may not be sent.