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Stone Cross to Lug SOLO


Brian FureyJarlath Hynes

Stone Cross to Lug 2022

Stone Cross to Lug 2022

2nd time taking on the SCTL solo event. I came armed with knowing the
route a bit better - and knowing some mistakes not to make nav-wise. I didn't run for 6 to 7 days last week with Covid so wasn't ideal prep but in general training was going well.
I got a lift over to the race from Peter and Orla - and we discussed various routes and bearings and any last minute bits of information that may help.
Early on it's Enda, Dan Morrogh, Michael Dowling, Rosie who is in the relay and myself out front. Enda speeds off a few times only to emerge behind us again a short time later. In general I am climbing well but not so good on the rough downhills or rough ground so its back and forth. I get gapped coming off Kippure as the other 3 fly off the heathery descent shortcut down to the road.
It's still early so I'm not worried. I get some new bottles at the Sally Gap and move onto Carrigvore quickly
enough. I get past Dan and Michael going up here and Brendan Delaney who is starting the Relay Leg 2. I can see Enda way off
in the distance. Run over to Mullaghcleevaun goes well - I find most of the paths across the peaks over to M'cleevaun which quickens it up. It was a different story last year in the mist.

Coming off Mullaghcleevan - visibility is very good and it's one of the first times I'm seeing a clear day in front of me running off towards Barnaculla ridge. I find a decent line but still have some drain jumping to do. There's a strong wind out there.
I get to Stony Top then Tonelagee and Wicklow gap without incident moving steady.
I had meant to take off my long sleeve jumper at Wicklow Gap but forgot. Think I was overheating in it all day with a cycling jersey underneath. I swap more bottles and take on more chocolate bars which I wont be eating lol. Thanks Lilian for the help here -
I got more Coca Cola as well which seems to be my magic fuel.
There's no one around me now. Last year I had John Murray and Gordon as well as Tom Roche around me on the 3rd leg.
This year I'm on my own - I follow the plan - I hit the Communications Hut then follow the path to Lough Firrib - lose the path but get there anyways. The ground is not too bad. I take a bearing to Conavalla and hit it bang on. Straight as a die. The ground was good too, a lot better than direct from Comms hut to Conavalla last year. In a heavy mist Conavalla is one of the most desolate places on earth.
I head directly down the steep valley and up to Table track, some of the roughest lumpiest greenest ground around. Table Track is unmistakeable with the single signpost. From here it's relatively straight forward - follow the windy path to Lugnacoille over Camenabologue and Cannow. I try to run as much as I can even the uphill. Enda is long gone - I can't see him in front of me at all so unless he went drastically wrong - I will be 2nd. I can't see anyone behind me either.

Clear day on top of Lug - I take a bearing for the run off it just in case (I don't want to end up in Slieve Mann). Very unlikely to happen on a clear day - legs are tired and i've been out of water for the last 30 mins too so just about keep ticking over and moving forward and it's mainly downhill. I find all the tracks off Lug so no going through the stones over to the right like I did last year.

Once I get down past Camara hill I keep wondering how long more and see I could go under the 7 hours so I aim to keep a good cadence in the off-chance I can do it. Finally around the corner and Fentons appears and it's over - I manage it in 6.59.43
Good chats afterwards, some 7ups, cokes and refreshments. It's a great day out - and good test of your mountain and navigation skills.

Provisional Results

1. Enda Cloake 6.26.01 (New course record)
2. Brian Furey 6.59.43
3. Michael Dowling 7.30.30
4. Duncan Barrett 7.39.55
5. Liam Vines 7.41.31
6. John Murray 7.42.59
7. Mike Jordan 7.43.52
8. Dan Morrogh 7.57.40
9. Liam Kenny 8.41.44
9. Alan Cottam 8.41.44
11. Sean Forsyth 8.47.40
12. Orla McEvoy 9.06.26 (1st Female)
13. Jim Walsh 9.13.45
14. Derek Hay 9.29.10
15. Gerry McGuinness 9.29.12
16. Declan McInerney 10.33.15
17. Colm Newport 10.42.54
18. Andreas Kusch 10.44.30
18. Peter Doyle 10.44.30