Irish Mountain
Running Association

IMRA Committee Roles

In describing the roles & responsibilities of the committee members, this section deals only with the committee?s responsibilities towards organising races. It excludes any other responsibilities such as international team selection, for example.

There are 12 Committee positions which carry some responsibility towards organising races, including one "in-general" role.

These roles are:

Committee in-general

The responsibilities of the "Committee in-general" with regard to races are to:

Equipment Officer

The responsibilities of the Equipment Officer with regard to races are to:

Race Co-Ordinator

The responsibilities of the Race Co-Ordinator with regard to races are to:

Safety Adviser

The responsibilities of the Safety Adviser with regard to races are to:

Records Secretary

The responsibilities of the Records Secretary with regard to races are to:


  • Webmaster is responsible for providing information to committee that is not readily available without going to database.
  • Webmaster is responsible for updating information on website that is not readily updatable through the content management facilities
  • Webmaster is responsible for technical upkeep of the website, whether that be through personal contributions or sourcing contract work.
  • Webmaster should assist R&R where R&R workload is excessive, for example updating race details on website or uploading race results when R&R secretary is unavailable
  • Webmaster is responsible for answering member queries regarding website/MyIMRA profiles
  • Treasurer

    The responsibilities of the Treasurer with regard to races are to: As a general policy, all race receipts should be banked and expenses incurred by Race Directors reimbursed by cheque.