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Child membership & event entry

Fergal DaltonOct 26 2022, 6:19pmHi, I'd like to purchase an entry for this for my 13yo son. He is not yet a member of IMRA. Can I somehow associate him to my account or do I need to create and maintain a separate account for him?
I've looked around the site for clues to the answer, but either it's staring me in the face or it's not there.
Miriam MaherOct 26 2022, 7:41pmHi Fergal

Your son needs his own account for IMRA membership and a separate email address to yours.

if you read the thread on this link you can work out how to set up an alias email account for your son, which you can then easily link to your own email address for any confirmations etc.

All the best
Fergal DaltonOct 27 2022, 5:45pmThanks Miriam. And when paying for membership & races, can I pay from my own account for us both simultaneously or do I go through separate payments from each account?
Miriam MaherOct 27 2022, 6:43pmHi Fergal

Yes, separate purchases for each of you through each account for membership and any races, using the online shop.

Hope your son enjoys doing the junior races on the hills !