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Planning ahead - Internationals 2023

Miriam MaherOct 7 2022, 8:59pmFollowing up on our post about the pending World Championships in Thailand, we want to highlight the possibilities on the International Front for 2023

This year IMRA invested in sending teams to these International events: Trail de Guerlédan, U18 Youth Cup, European Athletics Off Road Mountain Running Championships, Snowdon and the British & Irish Junior Mountain Running Championships. Most years that would be the extent of the internationals that we would support. As you know we have also decided to support the sending of a small team to Thailand as this was an event we had originally decided to support last year.

Supported by Team Manager and IMRA’s High Performance Officer, Leo Mahon, Sarah McCormack, Zak Hanna and Paddy O’Leary will travel towards the end of October over to Thailand and we wish them every success in the championships

But... looking ahead to next year, we now want to look at putting in place a development squad for 2023’s International Events.

There are 5 international events on the horizon:

U18 Youth Cup - Annecy, France - May
Trail de Guerlédan - Brittany, France - June
World Championships, Austria - June
Snowdon, Wales - July
British & Irish Junior Mountain Running Champions, Scotland - September

We are inviting anyone interested in being part of a development squad for any of these events to email any of the following:

Leo Mahon -
Miriam Maher -
Robbie Williams -

We intend to add all interested parties to a WhatsApp group which we will use for updates on development workshops, training plans, international trial dates and all related updates.

Looking at the performances across the internationals and the master championships this year we know we have a wide pool of talented runners with great potential for development. Our aim is to be in a position to send full junior and senior teams to the Worlds in June, along with all the other international events.

The incoming committee for 2023 will make the decisions on budget and final team selections for these events. What we want to do at this stage is get these events on the radar for those interested in aiming towards the internationals in 2023. We will work with mountain running coaches like Sarah McCormick, local club and regional coaches across Ireland and the IMRA membership to make sure that the development squad gets the opportunity to be part of a connected network for support and training in advance of these events.

Exciting times ahead next year! Contact Leo, Robbie or Miriam if you would like to be part of this update group. We will of course post about trial dates etc on the forum in the usual way.