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Long Lost Jacket?

Dave DochertySep 30 2022, 1:07pmHi folks,

Quick one. I lost a coat at the Nephin race. It was with the race kit for a while. Its a Grey Patagonia hooded jacket. Don't suppose anyone knows where it ended up? Here is a photo of it.


Turlough ConwayOct 3 2022, 10:28amHi Dave. Only spotting this. Good news. Your jacket is alive and well. It was one of a few items that didn't make the gear transfer after the Carlingford weekend. Had hoped to reunite with Leinster kit sooner but circumstances etc.
Send me message at turloughconway at gmail and we can arrange getting it to you
Dave DochertyOct 3 2022, 1:35pmTurlough.
Deadly news.
Thanks for that.