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Leinster League - End of Season BBQ

Lillian DeeganJul 28 2022, 8:02amMorning all,

With the shop now open for the end of league BBQ next Wednesday, I’m reposting Laura’s msg here.

“The end-of-league BBQ tickets will go on sale shortly at €10 which includes food and a drink.

The plan is to distribute the tickets in the form of coloured tokens, one for food and one for drink, at registration so if you’ve bought a ticket, please look out for the collection point for these at registration.

The salads will all be vegetarian. They also do a vegan burger but would like an idea of numbers for these so if you prefer this option please drop me an email once you’ve bought your ticket to“
Lillian DeeganAug 1 2022, 6:08pmEvening all,

I’m on with a little reminder - the shop for the BBQ will close this time tomorrow (Tuesday) evening. And as with all our events, there will be no cash entry options on the night.

To help us get an idea for food orders, may I ask if you are hoping to join us on the night, will you get your ticket purchased before the shop closes - thanks.

We will be doing the Trail League & Leinster League awards at the BBQ. I will get the list of our award winners posted in short.

Thanks all - Lillian
Lillian DeeganAug 1 2022, 6:10pmSorry - forgot to mention - the multiple purchase option is setup for this one in the shop.
Conor NolanAug 1 2022, 9:01pmI intend to be at the BBQ, but won't make the race.
Where should I collect meal ticket?
Anne LyonsAug 1 2022, 9:21pmHi I bought ticket and can you put me down for the vegan option thank you
Lillian DeeganAug 2 2022, 8:33amThanks Anne, food choice noted.

Conor, will you seek me out about Plucks to collect your food and drink token.
Karl WalshAug 2 2022, 4:22pmHi i paid for bbq and would like vegi option karl walsh
Rory BurkeAug 2 2022, 5:45pmHi Lillian, could you add me to the vegan burger list too please
Brenda MurphyAug 2 2022, 9:07pmHi Lillian, could you include me on the veggie burger list too please? Thanks
Lillian DeeganAug 3 2022, 6:19amKarl, Rory and Brenda, thanks. Food choice noted.
Lillian DeeganAug 3 2022, 6:35amLEINSTER LEAGUE PROVISIONAL STANDINGS: 7 Races to score.
1st - Peter Bell.
2nd - Warren Swords.
3rd - Hugh McDowell.

1st - Becky Quinn.
2nd - Sinéad Staunton.
3rd - Hazel Thompson.

M40: Pól O'Murchu. F40: Eimear Deegan.
M45:Mikey Fry. F45: Lindsay Hempenstall.
M50: Tommy Galvin. F50: Hillary Jenkinson.
M55: TBC. F55: Anne Lyons.
M60: Conor Nolan. F60: N/A.
M65: John Molloy. F65: N/A.
M70: Henny Brandsma. F70: Ger Power.
M75: Patsy McCreanor. F75: N/A.

Leinster League standings to be confirmed post Sugar Bowl race - 03/08/22.

TRAIL LEAGUE WINNERS: 3 Races to score.
1st - Rolie Smit.
2nd - Pól O'Murchu.
3rd - Alan Ayling.

1st - Becky Quinn.
2nd - Hazel Thompson.
3rd - Deirdre McGing.

M40: Jim White. F40: Alice Clancy.
M45: Nigel Carroll. F45: N/A.
M50: Philip Morrissey. F50: N/A.
M55: John Shiels. F55: N/A.
M60: N/A. F60: N/A.
M65: John Fitzgearld. F65: N/A.
M70: N/A. F70: Ger Power.
M75:N/A. F75:N/A.

Congratulations and well done to everyone. For both leagues, we have really lovely handcrafted items by Hilary Jenkinson at Crannmor Pottery to award this year. They are pretty special and somewhat practical for everyday use or maybe just for the awards shelf :)
Eamonn HodgeAug 3 2022, 7:41amIf someone can't make it to the bbq and has already purchased a ticket for the bbq would you let me know and I'll buy your burger! I know transfers are not normally allowed but I'm hoping to bend the rules this evening!

Totally missed the multiple reminders to buy a ticket in advance!
Michael MorrisroeAug 3 2022, 12:03pmWe failed to buy tickets to this event from the IMRA shop in advance of Aug. 3rd, any workaround? Bring sandwiches?
Laura FlynnAug 3 2022, 12:51pmYou should be able to buy food in Plucks separate to the bbq Michael. I don’t think they would appreciate us bringing our own sandwiches so I’d ask you not to. They are providing the venue car park etc to us from early on for registration and parking and we have a good relationship with them which I wouldn’t want to damage in any way.
Grace EganAug 3 2022, 4:22pmI bought a ticket for bbq but won’t make it now if anyone else would be able to use it?