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Leo MahonJul 15 2022, 10:31amThe team representing ROI at this year’s Snowden International mountain race
Womens team
Sarah Mc Cormack. Roisin Howley. Alison Armstrong
Mens team
Aaron Mc Grady Luke Mc Mullen Matthew Mc Connell
Vivian O’Gorman
Hope the temperature won’t be as bad as forecast wish them all well especially those making their debut international
Graham K. BusheJul 15 2022, 10:46amGreat team.
Best of luck everyone!
Leo MahonJul 17 2022, 11:25amUnfortunately the start time of the race on one of the hottest days in the year was tough enough but it didn’t bother the Irish runners Matthew O’Connell and Aaron Mc Grady who finished in 14th and 16th great performances
Roisin Howley finished in 9th and Ali Armstrong debut in 18th all bodes well for the future. The heat got to Luke and the Covid still effected Sarah
matthew mcconnellJul 17 2022, 9:25pmJust thought I would drop my race report here,

Thanks for the opportunity and support Leo, Vivian, and everyone at IMRA!