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Wicklow Round attempt on 27 May 22

Maeve O'GradyMay 22 2022, 6:39pmHello.

Just to notify a Wicklow Round attempt on 27 May 22 at 0830hrs by;


Mick HanneyMay 22 2022, 6:47pmBest wishes Maeve and Daniel.
Graham K. BusheMay 22 2022, 6:50pmBest of luck to you both. I hope all goes to plan.
John BellMay 22 2022, 7:30pmBest of Luck Maeve and Dan. We will be watching the dots.
Laura FlynnMay 22 2022, 8:38pmBest of luck to you both Maeve.
First husband and wife tilt at this I think?
Stephen BrennanMay 22 2022, 8:49pmAll the best
Niall GibneyMay 22 2022, 8:55pmGood luck to you both !
Brian FureyMay 22 2022, 9:51pmBest of luck Maeve and Dan
Linda O'ConnorMay 23 2022, 8:32amVery best of luck to you both Maeve and Dan
Stuart ScottMay 23 2022, 11:39amBest of luck Maeve and Dan! After last year's Stone Cross you know the best route off Kippure at least :-)
Róisín McDonnellMay 23 2022, 11:44amBest of luck Maeve and Dan and first wife and husband team !
Avril ChallonerMay 23 2022, 11:56amBest of luck!! I hope the weather is kind to you.
Peter BellMay 23 2022, 12:19pmBrilliant! Looking forward to watchin this one. Is there a husband and wife record? Maybe to return still talking would be a win. Ha. Very best of luck to you both, might see u on route somewhere.
Brendan LawlorMay 23 2022, 12:36pmBest of luck to Maeve and Dan !
Maeve O'GradyMay 23 2022, 5:47pmThanks all! We’re just hoping to get around and still be married by the end;-)
Peter O'FarrellMay 23 2022, 11:06pmBest of luck Maeve and Dan.
Rachel CinnsealachMay 24 2022, 6:53amEnjoy the challenge folks, I'll do some dot watching to see your journey.
Ronan HickeyMay 24 2022, 8:53amBest of luck guys!
Robert CostelloMay 25 2022, 12:19amEnjoy folks
Richard NunanMay 25 2022, 9:54pmTake it easy on Dan, best of luck folks !
Richard NunanMay 25 2022, 9:59pm
Ivana KolaricMay 26 2022, 9:43pmBest of luck Maeve and Daniel. :)
Michael DowlingMay 27 2022, 8:40amBest of luck Daniel and Maeve.... see you there
Daniel MorroghMay 27 2022, 11:59pmI unfortunately had to drop out. Maeve is still flying it though.
Graham K. BusheMay 28 2022, 7:23amHard luck Daniel.
Maeve is nearly there...
Great running.
Brendan LawlorMay 28 2022, 8:09amWell done Maeve..looks like a provisional finish in 23:23 ! Super stuff!

Bad luck Daniel, next time!
John BellMay 28 2022, 8:33amWell done Maeve, that was super running and it looks like a really good route. Hard luck Dan.
Richard NunanMay 28 2022, 9:08amWhoop woop, well done Maeve! Great running! At least Dan can mind the boys now as you recover! Congrats and hard luck Dan.
Rachel CinnsealachMay 28 2022, 9:43amWell done Meave, Fantastic. Hard luck Dan.
Paul MahonMay 28 2022, 11:31amWell done on a successful Round Maeve ;-)
Hard luck Dan but hopefully you recover and will be back in the coming weeks or months for another go.
Peter O'FarrellMay 28 2022, 12:13pmWell done Maeve and hard luck to Dan.
Laura FlynnMay 28 2022, 4:49pmFantastic effort by you both and great to have another woman complete the round. Congratulations Maeve.
Maeve O'GradyMay 29 2022, 7:40amThanks very much for all the well wishes and support from everyone. Tough day out for sure. It seems so straight forward when you watch people on the tracker, but it doesn’t quite tell the story of battling through waist high heather and crawling under gorse bushes around Lough Dan:-) I’m never going to Knocknacloghogue again!! Great to have it done though. Thanks again and see you on the hills.
Maike JürgensMay 29 2022, 9:41amWell done Maeve (and Dan - hard luck). Fourth Woman if i am not mistaken?
Róisín McDonnellMay 29 2022, 11:10amFantastic achievement well done Maeve, and hard luck Dan.
Brian FureyMay 29 2022, 1:02pmWell done Maeve great achievement. Good effort Dan you'll get the next one
Donal McMorlandMay 30 2022, 3:43pmWell done Maeve, fantastic achievement! What was it like crossing the Inchavore river at the mouth? I checked it out on one recce but river was v.high and didn't seem doable.
Maeve O'GradyMay 30 2022, 7:20pm@Donald, the river was just below my waist, but I wasn’t turning around at that stage! The main issue with crossing there is that it is very silty, so my shoes filled up with all that shingle that is on the beach at Lough Dan, which was very abrasive on the feet. I would cross further up the river ideally (and not go crawling though the gorse fields there also!). Reckon I lost 30/40 mins just on that leg so a bit of reccie would be beneficial, or else hit it in the daylight.
Maeve O'GradyMay 30 2022, 7:24pmApologies: ^Donal (autocorrect!)
Donal McMorlandMay 31 2022, 8:32pmThanks Maeve and well done again!
Jim WalshJun 7 2022, 10:23amHard luck Daniel, awesome performance Maeve! Motivation for the next attempt!