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Chip Replacement?

Gerard KeatingMay 3 2022, 9:56pmHi, I dont see an option to buy a replacement chip in the shop. I've done a search on the forum for Chip Replacement options but I don't see a previous topic. Is the option to buy not available online?
Dave DochertyMay 4 2022, 1:56pmGerard. I'm not sure what the policy on this is, but if you are coming to PWS tonight we can get you sorted.

Laura FlynnMay 4 2022, 2:29pmHi Gerard, the policy generally is that your chip and number are to be re-used. The number for the race year is used for the full year. The chip ideally, we would like to see used in following years also.
Replacement numbers and chips cost €5 each and can be purchased on the website only as no money is taken at races. You should bring your confirmation of purchase email then to the registration desk on the night and you’ll be issued with new number and/or chip.
However due to the recent difficulties we’ve been having with the website some items have not been available to purchase. We expect to get that resolved in the next couple of days so for tonight Gerard, if you go along to Dave he’ll get you sorted out.
Gerard KeatingMay 4 2022, 2:38pmThanks Dave and Laura. I'm happy to use a spot on the voucher as payment.