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Eoin KeithApr 14 2022, 2:28pmHello All,

Please note that the online payments pages in the IMRA shop have been changed following the recent restoration of the site. Payment is now a 2 step process, and the format that the phone number is entered has changed to be just a little easier, hopefully.

All should be clear when you use the screens, and the onscreen help text is updated to reflect the new process.

Oh Danny Boy, the pipes are no longer calling!.
Michael McSweeneyApr 14 2022, 8:59pmHi Eoin,
Thanks for the update and all the work.
I've just checked my purchase history and it appears my Glengarra and Ballyhoura Half entries, that I purchased just before somebody broke the Internet, have disappeared. All the older purchases, up to Purple Mountain, are still there.
Just to give you a heads up. Not sure if it has affected other people the same way.
I still have my email confirming purchase of the Ballyhoura Half entry.
Ken CowleyApr 16 2022, 9:43ami'm trying to pay for Belmont race, and keep getting an error message. Any tips?
This is the message i get;
Invalid data in the HPP_CUSTOMER_PHONENUMBER_MOBILE field. Please contact the merchant.
Paul FlynnApr 16 2022, 10:03amI would try a new browser / clear cookies / incognito mode. The old phone number format might be cached in your cookies?
Pól Ó MurchúApr 16 2022, 10:31amThat error is pretty much what it says… “Invalid data in the HPP_CUSTOMER_PHONENUMBER_MOBILE” field…ie you’ve entered the phone number in the wrong format…must be trying to stick a pipe in there? :-) Format clearly outlined on the page. Watch for the auto fill can change the country code part of it…would be 353 for Ireland but should work for whatever country code you have.
Paul FlynnApr 16 2022, 10:44amI mentioned the browser thing because I tried with Safari and it didn't ask me for a phone number at all. Then when I tried with Chrome it did and it worked.
Michael McSweeneyApr 16 2022, 12:53pmI was getting the same error message. Turns out the auto fill was changing the country code 353 to the first three numbers of my phone number 858. Sorted now.
Enda MaguireApr 16 2022, 6:28pmHi
I just bought my annual membership and was sent the email confirming such but my yearly race number was not included like other years. It just says Race Number but no number defined.
The Payment ID is 54804

any guidance would be great
Richard NunanApr 16 2022, 6:35pmWhen you log into IMRA. It will say Hello Enda (race number in brackets)

It should

Enda MaguireApr 16 2022, 7:55pmnice one Rich, cheers
Bram JansenApr 18 2022, 10:00pmJust to add to the weird errors... I changed my email recently, and did that on my IMRA account as well. Then I purchased a membership (5th of April, I do have the email with my race number).

But a good few days later I couldn't login anymore, and I thought it was connected to the website being down. But when others were purchasing entries to the WW Relay I still couldn't log in and just thought he website was still acting up. I just got an HTTP 500 error on login in with no further info. Luckily a teammate got the entry sorted.

I think I have figured out the problem in the meantime, it looks like an old backup has been restored. My new account does not exist anymore, but my old one suddenly works again. So while I have a receipt of my membership and and a race number, none of these are visible on the (old) account that allows me to log in. And I still can't login on my new account. Any suggestions on what to do or who to contact? And should I change my email to my new one again or should I wait?
Brian McCarthyApr 19 2022, 9:57pmI purchased 2022 membership and race entry to Glengarra race probably around the time online payments was an issue. I did get a race No 2043 in the membership confirmation email on 5th April but my payment of 2022 membership and Glengarra entry is not showing up on list of purchases. Is the best option to make membership payment again or will this generate a new race number? I did run in both Glengarra and Craig woods but not listed on results, probably because my race number hasn’t been linked to me? Thanks for your help.
Eoin KeithApr 20 2022, 9:24pmHi All,

Just to note that there have been one or two more minor updates to the Online Payments screens which will hopefully help in ensuring that valid phone numbers are passed to the payments processor. I hope this will cut out some of the problems that a few people have been having.
Olive KELLYApr 23 2022, 4:19pmHi Eoin

I paid registration fee on Thursday. I am hoping to participate in an event tomorrow. The purchase did not show up in my history and no confirmation with race number. I received the message below.....

Your transaction has been successful but there was a problem connecting back to the merchant's web site. Please contact the merchant and advise them that you received this error message.

Would you advise?


Olive KELLYApr 23 2022, 5:33pmHi again Eoin

I made the payment again and got confirmation & race number.

Would you check what happened to the first transaction when you get a chance please?


Diana Whelan PorterApr 25 2022, 9:36pmHello,
I am trying to register for scalp but the website is telling me I need to purchase annual membership- which I already have done a few weeks ago - however it doesn’t seem to be showing on my IMRA account. I have checked my bank account and the payment definitely went through on 1st April.
Richard NunanApr 25 2022, 9:44pmHi Diane,

Can you re-register your membership and sign up for the race.

We will arrange for a refund of your original Membership

Diana Whelan PorterApr 26 2022, 11:25amThanks Richard, I have done so now and paid another €17