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Ukraine - could we organise an Imra run to help?

Kieran CrowleyMar 10 2022, 11:52amHi Not sure if this possible but could we have a fundraiser race on maybe the Friday after Paddy's on the Sugarloaf and pay 10 each and all funds go to Ukraine ?
Lillian DeeganMar 10 2022, 3:57pmHi Kieran,
Options are being considered at the moment. We’ll get an update posted as soon as we’ve a plan finalised.
Damien McDonnellMar 10 2022, 4:40pmHi At knockmealdowns on Sat they are organising a collection befote and aftet race
Stuart ScottMar 11 2022, 5:20pmThanks Lillian, I think a standalone race is a good suggestion provided there are enough volunteers willing to organise it and without adding to your considerable workload! I'd be happy to help organise it if a suitable date can be found.
Richard NunanMar 18 2022, 12:40pmAs most of you know the International Red Cross teams are currently helping in a variety of ways, including delivering food and hygiene parcels to families fleeing from Ukraine. They are Providing first aid training for thousands of people sheltering in metro stations and bomb shelters in Ukraine.

There will be a Bucket at the Wicklow Half, Maurice Mullins Ultra for donations and all fees from the Belmont race will be added to our donation to the Red cross. Please support.