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Circuit of Avonbeg

Lillian DeeganMar 8 2022, 12:57pm.
Andy KeelingApr 13 2022, 6:33amIs it still looking like this date will be a Leinster champs race do you think?
Andy KeelingApr 13 2022, 7:28amAh thanks Lillian. Good to see the return of the great navigation comedy race of the year. I'll set my compass now.
Lillian DeeganApr 13 2022, 12:05pmHi Andy, Tonlagee and the surrounds are no go areas for us to race about for the foreseeable.

For April 24th, our 1st LC of this year will now be the Circuit of Avonbeg.

Paul MahonApr 16 2022, 10:26pmJust checking if the start time for this race should be 11.00 for the main start and 10.00 for the early start and not the 12.00 as currently listed? ?

I suspect cutoff at 13.45 is geared towards a 11.00 start as otherwise I am suspect there are likely to be a lot of folk short coursed!
John McCannApr 17 2022, 6:51pmHi Paul, thank you for spotting that. I have asked for this to be changed along with the forum topic. I wouldn’t want anyone showing up to Tonelagee by mistake!
Paul MahonApr 17 2022, 7:52pmTks John.

Cu in Ballinafunshogue next Sunday hopefully.

Guessing anyone that can't find the start should not be doing this race ;-)
John McCannApr 18 2022, 10:02amHi All, we are working on getting entries open as soon as possible. I will post here once it is a go.
In the meantime, it would be great to get a few more volunteers signed up. I would like to have a summit Marshall for Arts Lough and a couple of people to help with registration and the finish line. Thanks in advance and thanks to those who have already stepped forward.
Hilary JenkinsonApr 18 2022, 11:12amHi John I am happy to do summit marshal at Arts Lough.
John McCannApr 18 2022, 11:41amThanks Hilary, that's great. See you Sunday!
John McCannApr 18 2022, 12:30pmThis race is Open for entry now folks
Alistair HodgettApr 18 2022, 1:14pmAre vouchers accepted or is a pre-purchase required? Asking for a friend.....
Mick HanneyApr 18 2022, 1:35pmNo reason why vouchers shouldn't be accepted Alistair. Event details need to be updated on that score.
Bill HallidenApr 18 2022, 8:55pmHi John I can help out wherever you need soemone
John McCannApr 18 2022, 11:02pmHi Bill, thanks a million. See you Sunday!
Sean ForsythApr 21 2022, 12:55pmHi John,

What time does registration close at on Sunday?

John McCannApr 21 2022, 1:45pmHey Sean,
We will keep it open till about 10.45 as the start is close to the registration
Sean ForsythApr 21 2022, 2:55pmThanks John
David MulrooneyApr 21 2022, 3:29pmHi John, I've entered and just wanted to state my intention to go as an early starter if that's still an option.
Mick HanneyApr 21 2022, 5:40pmJust a reminder that early starts are intended for those that are typically 160% or more of winning time in IMRA races.
John McCannApr 21 2022, 7:17pmHi David, sorry I should have said that registration will open at 9.30 to accommodate early starters who will be starting at 10am. As Mick has said this is intended for people who expect to be over 160% of the winning time. Look forward to seeing you on Sunday
Patrick Devine-WrightApr 22 2022, 5:36pmHello - would anyone be able to give me a lift down to the race on Sunday? I am based near Dunlaoghaire, but could bike to the N11 if that was easier - say the Cherrywood bus stop on the way south. Have a mask and been vaccinated. Thanks, Patrick Devine-Wright
John McCannApr 22 2022, 6:40pmHi All, just a few notes for Sunday

Ballinafunshogue has a very small carpark which will be shared with other mountain users. We ask runners to make every effort to carpool to the race. If you are a single occupancy car we'll ask you to carpool from Barravore. Please arrive in good time so we can get cars parked before the start. We'll try and facilitate runners registering first then moving cars to Barravore. Be advised if you plan to park at Glenmalure Lodge there is now a parking charge in operation. If you absolutely have to park along the road please take care not to impede the movement of other road users and make sure you are not blocking access to farms/property.

If any of the runners are free to arrive early and help with car parking it would be much appreciated,

The weather looks good but please note that you still need to carry the mandatory Kit. This will be checked at registration so please have it ready for inspection to avoid delays.

If anyone missed the registration with the website being down, there should be a few vouchers around. I have a few and I’m sure there will be others. However, we will not be taking cash on the day.
John McCannApr 22 2022, 9:19pmHi All, Entry has been reopened till tomorrow evening due to the website being down this morning.
Roelie SmitApr 22 2022, 9:54pmJust put myself up as a volunteer. Not sure if any emails have gone out about volunteer info. Happy to do anything - car parking, registration or up in the hills if required up there.
John McCannApr 22 2022, 10:32pmHi Roelie, thank you. I will amend the volunteer email tomorrow and Resend. See you on Sunday!
Sean CollierApr 22 2022, 11:33pmHi, is it possible to buy a map at or near the start.
John McCannApr 23 2022, 12:37amHi Sean, no maps available at the start. The only thing I could suggest is picking one up in either 53 Degrees North or Eason's on Saturday unless anyone else knows of a place nearer.
Brendan LawlorApr 23 2022, 7:48amHi Sean, Ronan Mullen has an outdoor shop in Laragh.. look up

I’d say they would have a map and might be open on Sunday morning as you head to the race start
Joe LalorApr 23 2022, 8:19amHi Sean, will bring spare map.
David MulrooneyApr 23 2022, 8:37amHi John, I'm not going to be able to race tomorrow, sorry for the late notice. I'm a close contact of a work colleague and would sooner not risk it.
Sean CollierApr 23 2022, 12:26pmThanks guys
John McCannApr 23 2022, 5:34pm@Volunteers, amended email was sent this morning. if you did not receive can you check your Spam folder. Thanks,
Alistair HodgettApr 23 2022, 8:56pmPatrick, did you get sorted for a carpool? If not I have added a carpool....
John McCannApr 24 2022, 7:24pmHi All,
Just wanted to say a massive thanks to a great team of volunteers, Mick, Hilary, Bill, Stephen and Roelie for making todays race such an enjoyable experience. Thankfully all 38 runners got down from the mountains in one piece and the weather definitely played a part in making it such a great day. Congrats to the winners Ruari and Becky and thanks to everyone else for coming. I will sort the results in the next few hours.
Graham K. BusheApr 24 2022, 7:56pmHuge thanks to John and the great crew of helpers. Once again, your volunteering let us "enjoy" ourselves in the hills. Great race, great weather (most of the time) Well done Ruairí and Becky, and all the other runners.
David PowerApr 24 2022, 8:21pmThanks to the IMRA volunteers who are so generous with their time to make these events possible. A memorable day. Here are my thoughts (not a full race report):
The devil's in the detail. Doing a mountain race with a map and compass is fun and challenging. You inevitably make a mistake, but hindsight is a great thing.
Throw in 7 peaks over 25km and 1,400m of climbing and you have a good day out the Wicklow Mountains.
I made a mess of the final descent, bushwhacking my way down a steep dry river gorge through branches, bushes and gorse. Arriving arseways into the finish. Anyway 5th after a good battle with Gavin and John B on the way back. Simple fun, thanks IMRA
Ironically I bought the proper Eastwest Mapping Lug map with 1:25,000 detail after. I'll never forget that little Miners Path turn next time. Happy days
Peter BellApr 24 2022, 8:57pmMassive thanks to John and his crew for giving up your whole day so we can race, appreciate it. What a race that was, so much fun.
James H CahillApr 24 2022, 9:54pmWhat a great day! Any day above ground is a good day but this was a great day.

Thank you John, Mick, Hilary, Bill, Stephen and Roelie for giving up your day so we could have fun in the hills and most of it was type 1 (fun at the time!)

Well done Ruairi and Becky and everyone who toed the start line.
Maggie LawlerApr 24 2022, 10:02pmThanks John and all the volunteers for giving up your Sunday and making it such an enjoyable day out.
Brían O'MearaApr 24 2022, 10:33pmThanks John and the lads. The coke and brownie at the finish were just what the doctor ordered…
Sean ForsythApr 25 2022, 9:14amThanks to John and all the volunteers, that was a great race. I really enjoyed it and the company along the way. Definitely appreciated the coke at the finish
Alistair HodgettApr 25 2022, 9:18amA big thank you to the volunteers who made this possible. Despite limping home as a DNF, there were some cracking views and varied to condition to enjoy on the hills.
John McCannApr 25 2022, 9:23amLOST PROPERTY: Anyone missing a pair of sunglasses please let me know
John MurrayApr 25 2022, 9:35amThanks to John and all the volunteers for a great day yesterday. Nice chilled and relaxed atmosphere and plenty of banter. Very enjoyable day out.

Congrats to Ruairi and Becky on great runs.

Am I right in thinking Ruairi has set a new course record?
Paul MahonApr 25 2022, 9:44amMany thanks to John, Mick, Hilary, Bill, Stephen and Roelie for their time and voluntary efforts at the race yesterday.
The weather played ball, a merry group assembled and away with us for one of the most enjoyable races on the calendar. Scene was set as Gavin did the first "shortcut" into the felled forest and several other attempts at shortcuts then followed with great opportunities to engage in mutual slagging and banter up to Art's lough.
Lug in the mist claimed a few "somewhat astray" victims but in general it was the long way round or the more adventurous shortcut option choices.
This culminated in the final descent off Mullacor which led to mixed results and plenty of post race discussion and route comparison in the sun with the fine array of goodies including Mick's delish brownies.
Great day, place n people :-).
Gareth LittleApr 25 2022, 11:15amHi John, sunglasses are mine I think. Can you text me and we can discuss. O87 957 321 six

Separately, thanks a lot for organising and thanks to all your volunteers. It’s a cracker of a route. The coke and cake in the sun afterwards topped off a memorably day in the hills.

I’ll do up a report this week and post it here.

Nora LalorApr 25 2022, 11:47amIn fairness the brownies were made by John's daughter, a star Baker & they were delicious. Them & listening to the stories in the sun made yesterdays finish a great place to hang out.
Lillian DeeganApr 25 2022, 12:05pmHat tip to RD John and his race crew. It's really lovely seeing all the positive msgs come in. It sure sounds like ye all had a fabulous outing, volunteers and runners alike. So a massive high five goes your way John & Co.

I know a few runners would like to have had the chance to hit the Slieveblooms event too. With the SEL event having to move dates, we ended up with a clash. Next year, we'll try and work round this better if we can.
Paul MahonApr 25 2022, 12:21pmApologies to the Star Baker John's daughter :-)
Maybe Mick will manage some brownies at whatever races he next volunteers at as he certainly has filled every other volunteer role available pretty much every year :-)
Mick HanneyApr 25 2022, 1:07pm@John - the record for the route belongs to Colm Hill - see event history, with the previous year's finishing time by Peter O'Farrell not far behind.

The route must be tougher these days :-)

Great event from a volunteer perspective and well done John on a super RD job.

Mind you, I still think I smell of smoke from the campfires burning in our vicinity :-(
Paul DalyApr 25 2022, 1:49pmI just want to say big thanks to John and his merry crew of volunteers for yesterday.
The coke and chocolate cake at the finish line were the icing on the cake and the buzz and banter afterwards was brilliant.
Hopefully the weather is as good for the Glacier lakes race!
John MurrayApr 25 2022, 1:54pm@Mick - I saw that, but it's showing Ruairi's finishing time 37secs faster than Colm's time so presumed it was a new course record.
Mick HanneyApr 25 2022, 2:56pmThanks for pointing that out John.

Fair play Ruairi!
Ruairí LongApr 25 2022, 3:22pm@Mick and @ John,

Always a funny one when thinking about CRs at IMRA races- I'm sure some savage times were put down on some of these races before the age of Garmins/Strava/Websites......

My elapsed time from Strava (Via a Garmin) was 2:36:48, with my result saying 2:35:56.

That puts myself and Colm very close together.... perhaps too close to make a judgement without word from the man himself. If I had known it had been that close maybe I would have taken the straight line off Mullacor.......

Regardless, a great day out in the hills, all with the authentic zero viz on Lug and a stiff Wicklow breeze. Thanks to all for the hard work :)
Thomas RocheApr 25 2022, 5:01pmgreat weather, race and chats, thanks to all the volunteers for giving up their time
Patrick Devine-WrightApr 26 2022, 7:37pmJust to add my thanks to the RD and volunteers for a great day out in the hills. Thanks also to Alistair for the lift to and from. Well done all ....
Gareth LittleApr 26 2022, 11:22pmI stuck up a race report just now