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Lillian DeeganFeb 26 2022, 7:48amMorning everyone,

With a few queries raised with committee recently, we have made plans for a race director training evening.

Date & Venue: March 22nd from 19:30 at the Goat Bar & Grill. 14 Lower Kilmacud Rd, Mountanville, Dublin, D14 PY56.

Brendan and Vivian have kindly agreed to run the session once again for us - advance thanks to both gentlemen.

All new RDs (plus anyone who would like to do a refresher) are strongly encouraged to attend this trainer evening. It is an informative and fun session and provides a checklist for organising yourself in the weeks leading up to your race.

We are planning for a group of 10 to 15 members attending. IMRA will provide a bit to eat on the evening.

If you are interested and/or have any queries, please email me at
Brendan LawlorMar 3 2022, 9:28amMorning everyone

Hopefully a few of you have signed up for this already. If you are on the fence and a bit concerned about taking the plunge , don't worry

- Race Directing is easier than it looks (Mikey Fry always makes it look far too easy !)

- The RD Training will cover all the key areas you need to look out for before, during and after your race

- You will get great support and help from more experienced IMRA members.. getting an experienced Race Director to sign up as your Deputy can make your first go far less daunting (and it is usually very easy to get someone)

- Being an RD is a super way to get to know the inner workings of IMRA and what goes on behind the scenes

-RD's usually get rewarded with a snazzy Jacket or similar at the end of the year !

Anyone who has signed up already will find a great deal of RD related information on the Volunteering tab of the site.. we are not short of guidelines!!

So give it a go, take the plunge, and you won't regret it !
Conor McElroyMar 4 2022, 5:30pmThanks for running the RD training, it sounds excellent.

Is there any prospect that you could livestream the course for March 22nd on Zoom for those of us down in Munster.

I appreciate this may be a long shot but I feel it would be very helpful to listen in atleast.


Brendan LawlorMar 8 2022, 1:20pmHi Conor

We did an online Zoom version last year and while it was ok, it was very hard to give people a proper feel for certain aspects of race directing (the race gear used, how to set up registration etc)

The plan at the moment is to run the March RD Training as an in person only event . We can run another online Zoom version in April if we get some interest. Hope that helps



We did an online Zoom version last year and while it was ok, it was very hard to give people a proper feel for certain aspects of race directing (the race gear used, how to set up registration etc)
Lillian DeeganMar 10 2022, 2:57pmAfternoon all,

We have 13 members in for the upcoming RD trainer session, which is really great. Thanks a lot for the interest folks. Brendan is in the process of getting info. together to share with you by email in advance of the trainer evening.

With 2 spaces left, I’m on with a final reminder on the off chance anyone was/is on the fence ahead of March 22nd. If your interested in joining us, can you contact me by email -

Conor McElroyMar 10 2022, 5:20pmHi Brendan

Thanks for the explanation,

I'll look out for the next RD course.


Brendan LawlorMar 11 2022, 8:23amMorning everyone

Our Race Director training course is now full. Please email Lillian if you missed out and we can include you on a reserve list or keep you in mind for the next course

The great news is we'll have several new and very keen Race Directors for 2022 and beyond! Thank you all for signing up !
Gaelan ElliffeMar 14 2022, 9:11pmThank you for running RD training. I appreciate a lot of work goes into delivering this information session.

I have just spotted this and have read the previous posts. If there is another session being delivered online I would also be keen to avail of this method.