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Mike LongJan 31 2022, 3:49pmDear All
It is still a few weeks off (19th Feb.) but just putting a call out for some volunteers for Trooperstown. In particular for a laptop operator.
The race doubles as the College Champs so we may need a few more volunteers than usual.
Thanks to those who have volunteered already
Mike LongFeb 11 2022, 4:54pmDear All
Trooperstown is now only 1 week away.
We are a bit light on volunteers.
It would be great to have some more either run or no run. Anyone welcome
Brendan LawlorFeb 15 2022, 1:15pmHi all

Mike will be doing the prizegiving for both races at the finish line on Saturday

Anyone looking for some light refreshment , post race banter and possibly pints are welcome to visit Kavanaghs Bar in Roundwood after the race, but this is not part of the official IMRA event.
Mick HanneyFeb 15 2022, 2:48pm@Mike - I'm happy to marshall or do whatever role you need.
Mike LongFeb 15 2022, 4:12pmMick
That is fantastic. Thanks. I think we need 3 marshals (i) where the fire road comes out on to the tarmac road (also same point where juniors will turn back), (ii) at the bottom of Trooperstown and (iii) near Boots.
Would you be willing to do one of these
PS Thanks so much to all the volunteers. I will be in contact tomorrow.
Mick HanneyFeb 15 2022, 5:59pmWherever you wish Mike.
Mike LongFeb 15 2022, 9:28pmDear All
A reminder that if you are running the College Champs please enter the College Champs race (different tab). If you have made a mistake and entered the regular Trooperstown race don't worry, we will sort it. Both races will start together at the same time.
Apologes for any confusion.
Aideen BurkeFeb 18 2022, 11:45amHi there

Is there any chance I could leave a small bag at start/finish line? I have a lift out with one person and a lift back with someone else and I’m guessing a change of clothes might come in handy after all the mud!


Andrew HanneyFeb 18 2022, 2:16pmHi Aideen,
It's pretty common for people to leave bits and pieces at the start line to collect after. If you need something safer, I'm sure you could just ask another participant can you store your stuff in their car. If leaving at the line, I'd recommend a dry bag, weather looks damp for tomorrow!

Aideen BurkeFeb 18 2022, 2:29pmHi Andy

Great, thanks a mill… a dry bag does sound sensible!

Andy McGeadyFeb 18 2022, 3:43pmAny snow up there yet?
Brendan LawlorFeb 18 2022, 4:40pmA few snow flurries in Roundwood and some snow up on the side of Djouce so I'd expect we might have some snow on the route tomorrow, but access roads should be clear and safe
Mike LongFeb 19 2022, 9:02amGreetings from Trooperstown
Nice conditions here
Be careful in Roundwood
Sean ForsythFeb 19 2022, 1:03pmThanks to everyone for the race today, especially the marshals out on the trail, couldn't have been pleasent.

Race was an absolute belter, Also hope the guy in the blue jacket that had the fall on the descent was okay.
James H CahillFeb 19 2022, 1:22pmThank you Mike and all the volunteers for a great morning in the hills. Trooperstown has it all and today it had it all with wind on top. Super race, thanks all.
Mike LongFeb 19 2022, 1:37pmThanks to all who turned up to race today
You all seemed to have fun!
Thanks especially to the great team of volunteers
We really appreciate the support of Mountain Rescue for use of their great Centre
Sorry we could not sort all the race prizes but we gave precedence to the College Champs We will be in touch with the prize winners over the next few races
Andy McGeadyFeb 19 2022, 2:38pm*raises hand* yes blue jacket faller guy here

@Sean cheers for checking - all good mate. Not how you fall, it's how you get back up :-)

Thanks to the organisers - that course had a bit of everything. Those downhills were brilliant.
Andrew HanneyFeb 19 2022, 4:05pmThanks Mike and volunteers, great event with a bit of everything.
Sean ForsythFeb 19 2022, 4:33pmGood to hear Andy, was an impressive get up from it, wouldn't have looked outta place in the A Team
Laura FlynnFeb 19 2022, 5:34pmThanks Mike and everyone who helped out today. Not an easy one in that weather. Well done everyone who took part and congratulations to the new College Champions.
Mick HanneyFeb 19 2022, 6:04pmPhotos up. Get tagging if you wish.
Peter O'FarrellFeb 19 2022, 7:57pmThanks Mike and all the volunteers for a great event today. It pretty much had it all, the view across to the snow capped mountains on the other side was fantastic.
Brian FureyFeb 19 2022, 9:42pmReport added
Clare KeeleyFeb 19 2022, 10:53pmThank you so much to Mike and all the volunteers for putting on a great race today! The wind on our backs and the views of the snow capped mountains was heaven, the strong wind in our faces and massive muddy puddles were not heaven!! Great morning out!
Roman PupatoFeb 20 2022, 1:37pmHello All,
I wonder why Luciano Canosa(1766) and me(1765) are not appearing in the results of the race.I know we where the last two ones, but I'd like to appear anyway in the results anyway. Can we check the results and see why we are not appearing?
Thanks in advance, Román Pupato
Brendan LawlorFeb 20 2022, 2:05pmHi Roman

The results for this race have not been published yet, give it a little while

Thank you to Mike and all volunteers for a great windy, wet run yesterday. Glad it wasn't on today !

Thank you to Mountain Rescue for the use of their base for registration, and to Kavanaghs pub for facilitating us after the race
Karl BourneFeb 20 2022, 2:21pmThanks to Mike and all the volunteers for organising a great race. Thoroughly enjoyed it, particularly the views of Glendalough and the technical descent coming off Trooperstown Hill. Great fun
Roman PupatoFeb 20 2022, 4:24pmThank you for the update.
Conor O'FarrellFeb 20 2022, 4:34pmHi All

Results are now up. Apologies for the delay, I was on the slopes of Chamonix for the past week and I only got back to my desk this morning (not bragging, I promise ;-) ).

For any queries, please email

Mick HanneyFeb 20 2022, 9:12pmHi,

An observation on the results. Shouldn't the Trooperstown race results be all the runners of the main race (led by Enda), and the College race results be a subset of same?

Otherwise anyone who is just in the College results isn't given credit for their result in the Winter League which is unfair.


Roelie SmitFeb 21 2022, 9:27amThanks to Mike for putting that together.
Thanks to parking/tetris crew.
Thanks to all the volunteers and marshals out on the route in those conditions an taking the snaps. Although thankfully not needed myself, well done to Lillian who seemed to have her hands full. Hopefully all the injured have recovered.
Now just to get the smell of those shoes out the house .............
Warren SwordsFeb 21 2022, 10:59amThanks to Mike and all the volunteers for a great morning of winter racing. No matter how many times I've ran it, I always forget the very last kick up to the summit.

Also thanks to Lillian for patching me up at the end after I took a spill on the descent.
Conor O'FarrellFeb 27 2022, 4:41pmThe College results will be added into the main Trooperstown results shortly. Don't fret!

As usual, please send such queries to