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Wicklow Way Half

Ian ConroyJan 21 2022, 1:31pmWill this race be reverting to it's traditional point to point or will it be staying as an out and back? Thanks
Mick HanneyJan 21 2022, 3:16pmHi Ian, same route as last couple of years, out and back from Lough Tay to Crone wood. Easier for a training run ;-) Cheers, Mick
Aubrey O'NeillJan 21 2022, 5:08pmHi Mick, the big big question is... will there be a mug!?
Aubrey O'NeillJan 21 2022, 5:08pmAsking for a friend...
Laura FlynnJan 21 2022, 6:00pmWe haven’t made a decision on this yet Aubrey as we’re looking at some options.
Killian MooneyJan 21 2022, 7:03pmI would also like to add to what Ian said regarding the previous course route for Wicklow Way Half. I think it would be great to see this race revert to the point to point route finishing in Glencullen, if this is in any way possible. It would be a shame for such a good and challenging course not to be continued into the future I appreciate difficulties in organising logistics for such a route but it would be sad to see it go.
Killian MooneyJan 21 2022, 7:04pmThank you
Richard NunanJan 21 2022, 7:15pmThanks Killian, Glencullen is unfortunately no longer feasible due to safety concerns on what has now become a busy road.

The new route is alot closer to Trail running in that we have removed the 6km of Road from the Trail race. The new route is all trail.

It also removes the requirements for Buses and additional parking in the surrounding areas which have been a hinderance to the locals of Glencullen in terms of funerals, GAA events etc as well as clogging up the Ballinastoe Mountain biking car park.

The new route has received alot of positive feedback and i feel it may be around for a while yet.
Killian MooneyJan 22 2022, 10:14pmThanks for the response Richard, that is all very understandable. Still looking forward to the new course!
Mick HanneyJan 24 2022, 5:57pmWe plan to open registration from 1st Feb.
Leo MahonJan 27 2022, 3:03pmThe Wicklow Way Half will also be the trial race for the
Trail du Guerledan in Brittany on Saturday June 4th 2022
Selection Criteria
First two across line men and women, 2 wild cards
that have done 3 IMRA races
Mick HanneyFeb 1 2022, 6:54pmEntries open just in case some of you weren't aware.
Owen KennedyFeb 13 2022, 7:47pmHi, Big N Tall runner here! How hilly is this route?? Is there spots to gather oneself and go again??
Deirdre DeeganFeb 15 2022, 12:54pmHI, Im not even sure if this is the right place to ask but I am having issues signing up. Can anyone help or take a payment over the phone? I cant see any contact us details hence me posting here. Thanks
Deirdre DeeganFeb 15 2022, 1:39pmOk, Revolut worked for me. If anyone wants to advise if it is/isnt ok to post here with similar issue though for future reference. Cheers.
Mick HanneyFeb 15 2022, 2:30pmHi,

There is a separate forum thread on membership on a similar topic and the issue of payment crops up on many race events. I won't repeat the advice here but that advice seems to work for people.

A News item that 'sticks' on the home page with FAQs on the payment issue might address this, but I daresay people will continue to post questions race by race :-)


Deirdre DeeganFeb 15 2022, 8:33pmCheers Mick, appreciate the reply. It was definitely a rigmarole. My bank card was blocked in the end by my bank.
Anyway I'm in now.
See yous all on the day!
Mick HanneyFeb 16 2022, 7:54amAnd just like that we are sold out. Looking forward to seeing you all on the day.
Deirdre CollinsFeb 16 2022, 9:15amHi Mick, if there are any cancellations can you let me know so I can enter? I went online to register this morning and as you just posted, it's sold out! Would really love to race this one. Thanks!
Cormac RyanFeb 17 2022, 9:59pmWow ,that was quick ,same myself was only looking at this couple evenings ago .If there are any cancellations also I'll take one please . ! Thanks
Seán FilanFeb 18 2022, 9:28amsame here! missed the boat on this one. my e-mail is thanks
Mick HanneyFeb 18 2022, 10:53amHi,

Can webmaster help here please?

To facilitate demand I increased cap slightly (to 275) but I don't see it taking effect? I would have expected to see the event move from sold out to back available in shop, but this hasn't happened.


Mick HanneyFeb 20 2022, 5:27pmHi,
Shout out in advance for a laptop operator for this race.
Mick HanneyFeb 20 2022, 6:01pmThanks Conor for fixing the entries shop item.
@Sean, @Cormac, should be ok to buy there now.
Joey MessayehFeb 24 2022, 9:27pmAlso looking for a ticket if anyone looking to offload theirs
Mick HanneyFeb 24 2022, 10:05pmSorry but transfer of an entry is not allowed
Emily GlenFeb 26 2022, 11:21pmHas any decision on the Cup been made yet?
Richard NunanFeb 26 2022, 11:28pmNo mugs at half, hats this year!
Alex GleesonFeb 27 2022, 8:49pmHi,
No mugs for half? Ah thats a real shame as I am trying to collect a set. Even if meant paying little extra, would be delighted to. Any race nowadays has a hat or a buff but the mugs took a pride of place in our house..
Richard NunanFeb 27 2022, 9:36pmHi Alex,

The wicklow way mugs were given for the Ultra for the last 8 years. This year we are going with a change.

We had the wicklow way half Buff last year


Ciaran DineenMar 2 2022, 2:44pmHello,

I am registered to run this race, but recently found out I have a stress fracture on my leg so I obviously can't take part.

Is there a refund available?
Or even transfer to somebody who missed the deadline and wants to take my registration.

I 100% will not be taking part.

Eoin FarrellMar 2 2022, 3:51pmHi Ciaran

Sorry to hear about the injury.

I’m not sure not sure if possible, but happy to take your spot if we can find a way? Only returning from injury myself and didn’t expect to make it back for this.

Paul SmythMar 2 2022, 4:27pmOrganising and running a race like this is a significant amount of work and IMRA (in my view, rightly) doesn't provide transfers, or refunds, because it would add a massive amount of extra work. People would be chopping and changing, left, right, and centre, if given the option, and it would be chaos from an organisational point of view. If IMRA ran only a few races a year then it might be doable, but we don't, we run 80+ events per year.
Laura FlynnMar 2 2022, 6:41pmThanks Paul. Yes, that’s correct, we don’t allow transfers and don’t give refunds unfortunately.
The cost of entry to our events is relatively low and the main reason we can do this is because we are entirely volunteer run. To operate a transfer and/or refund system would add significantly to their work-load.
We did offer refunds in the exceptional
circumstances of the last couple of years when we couldn’t actually go ahead with some of our races.
Mick HanneyMar 2 2022, 9:20pmThanks to those who have volunteered so far to help. I have enough volunteers with the exception of a laptop person. If someone can help with that role it would be greatly appreciated.
Tim MackeyMar 4 2022, 4:01pmGutted I missed the registration for this race. If there is a cancellation i would be delighted to be included. timmer3 at gmail com
Mick HanneyMar 4 2022, 5:49pmNo cancellations / transfers, sorry.
Mick HanneyMar 7 2022, 11:58amShout out again please for help with laptop / chip timing for this race.
nicola clearyMar 7 2022, 1:27pmHi Mick, if I would be of any use, I can help?
Mick HanneyMar 7 2022, 2:38pmHi Nicola,
Thanks for the offer. Not sure how familiar you are with it? Need someone used to the rigmarole as its likely to be quite busy with a chunk of new runners / chip registration as well. Then there is the finish line / results aspect.
nicola clearyMar 7 2022, 3:59pmHi Mick, I wouldn't be familiar at all. If there's anything else I can help with, please let me know.
Mick HanneyMar 7 2022, 9:34pmThanks Nicola.

And on another positive note my car park guy confirms we will have the coffee facility back again. Good news for volunteers and runners alike.
Elizabeth WheelerMar 8 2022, 10:23amI am wondering whether a lovely, friendly, dog lover would let my lovely, friendly doggie, Renzo, out of the car for half an hour or so while I am racing and take him on a little walk? Payment in wine and chocolate offered :)
Mick HanneyMar 8 2022, 11:16amI'm sure we can do that Elizabeth. A new IMRA volunteer role in the making.
Avril ChallonerMar 8 2022, 11:16amHi Elizabeth, I'm volunteering and if viable will be bringing my own dog so I can walk her before/after my volunteering duties. Pending where Mick needs me as a volunteer i'd be happy to bring Renzo out (separate to my own dog if that's best), no wine/chocolate required.
Mick HanneyMar 8 2022, 11:59amTime-table for race day morning. I'll email volunteers with a race day plan and roles.

8am Waiting to confirm Car park will open for 8, assuming this won't be an issue. If you are running please don't arrive before 8.

8.15am Start of registration for early starters. Please allow early starters to register first, as they will be first away in the race.

8.45am Registration for main race starters

8.55am Race briefing for early starters

9.00am Early start

9.20am Race registration closes

9.25am Race briefing for main race starters

9.30am Main race start

11.10am First finishers expected
Mick HanneyMar 9 2022, 7:02pmThanks to Miriam for stepping in to help with laptop. Event is good for volunteers now. Cheers.
Mick HanneyMar 10 2022, 11:22amNote re: Water at crone.
We will have water in containers/large bottles at Crone. Runners should have their own bottle/cup for filling. We want to avoid use of once off plastic cups etc. as much as possible.
Mick HanneyMar 13 2022, 8:30pmHi,

Looking forward to next Saturday.

Car park opens at 8. It'll take us at least 15 mins to get set up for registration.

Please be kind to your race volunteers who are giving up their morning so that you can run this race.

The first half of registration will focus on the early starters. The early start takes place 30 mins before the main race start. It is intended for runners who are normally > 160% of a winners time. If faster runners take the early start the race director reserves the right to adjust their time back to 160%.

Registration will be very busy so bear with us.

If you already ran in 2022 you will already have your race no..
We will tick off your name on the entry list, and indicate early start or not..

Assuming we have the chip timing up and running, if you have a chip it will be registered for the race. If you don't have a chip, you can be given one.

If this is your first race this year you will be given your race no.

Don't forget your jacket, which is mandatory. You should also have a water bottle/cup. (if you typically need water for this kind of distance).
Leo will have water bottles for refill at Crone. Only take what you need.

The race itself follows the signposted Wicklow way all the way to Crone wood - no short cuts. Touch the yellow barrier (from car park into the forest) and return the way you came.

After recent weather the boardwalk and around Djouce is liable to be slippy. Trail shoes are strongly recommended if you want to stay upright!

At the finish line make sure your race no. is visible. If you availed of the early start, let the finish line know you are an early starter.

If you drop out of the race for any reason please let us know at the finish line. We need to account for all the runners who signed in.

The IMRA emergency phone no., on the back of your race no. will ring through to my phone on race day. Phone calls only, no texts.

Once you cross the line you'll receive your Wicklow Way Half hat and you can swap your race stories with your pals.

See you all next Saturday.
Mick HanneyMar 15 2022, 1:13pm

Pin for Bru Coffee who set up in the car park.
Mick HanneyMar 16 2022, 9:37pmThe forecast for Saturday is looking pretty good. Carry water if you need it and don't forget your jacket.
Mick HanneyMar 18 2022, 1:37pmJust echoing Richard's post there. We'll have a collection box at the race tomorrow for donations for the Red Cross for their work in Ukraine.
Dave DochertyMar 19 2022, 2:17pmGreat craic today. A well run event with perfect weather. Massive thanks to Mick and crew for a memorable day.
Richard KieranMar 19 2022, 2:36pmThanks Mick and all the team - great course, great day, great to be able to join such friendly events in our beautiful county :)
Brendan LawlorMar 19 2022, 3:17pmBig thanks to Mick and all his volunteers for a great Wicklow Way Trail race today. Thank you also to Peter Kennedy who lets us use the car park.

Conditions couldn’t have been better. And the WW Trail hats are great !
Stephanie McKeownMar 19 2022, 3:51pmAs mentioned above thank you for a great race the route was beautiful and conditions perfect.

I had to stop a couple of times my knee was playing up and without fail someone, no matter how fast they'd been flying along, stopped to check I was ok. Massive thank you to everyone and it's great to have such a community that looks out for each other.
Richard FoxMar 19 2022, 4:13pmThanks to Mick and all volunteers for a fantastic few hours in the hills. I hope the young lady who had a spill on the boardwalk on the way home is ok. Cheers and thanks so much again foxy
Mick HanneyMar 19 2022, 4:16pmHi,

Well done to all runners today. We had a great event and the sun shone, which is always a good thing. We had circa 190 runners for our race today across the early and main start.

Particular congratulations to the leading men and women. Some very impressive performances today. Bravo Barry McEvoy and Isobel Oakes.

There were a couple of trips and falls en route today. Speedy recovery to those runners.

Thank you to the volunteers who made todays race possible.
Clare for the first aid.
Miriam, Conor and Anne on laptop and results.
Henny, Vivian, Avril and John for registration, marshalling and finish line help.
Leo for manning the half-way point at Crone.
Liam for doing tail runner on the race and sweeping the course to make sure all got home safe.
Karl for help in the car park and also on the route helping a faller get back to first aid.
Richard for sorting out the hats.

A mention to for Peter Kennedy from Roundwood who gives us access to use the car park which is a great resource for us.

Lots of happy faces at the finish line.

See you on the hills again soon.

Mick HanneyMar 19 2022, 4:17pmP.S. Reports. We want reports. Barry, Isobel, anyone :-)
Conor O'FarrellMar 19 2022, 5:03pmHi All

Result are now up. Please send ay queries to

Hannah KerrMar 19 2022, 6:21pmThanks to all the volunteers for a great race, and to the very lovely people who helped me hobble down after I took a spill on the boardwalk, especially Clare for coming to patch me up. feeling very appreciative of the kindness of strangers:)
Ray Chambers CurtinMar 19 2022, 6:32pmgreat race. Thanks to all. Just a question about the results. why do some people not have an age category but only a gender and does this effect the category results?
Mick HanneyMar 19 2022, 6:35pmAge Categories only apply for Masters runners i.e. 35 and over.
Derek O'BrienMar 19 2022, 6:58pmThanks to all the volunteers for putting on a great race and special thanks to Clare for her first aid skills and patching me up
James H CahillMar 19 2022, 8:51pmThank you Mick and all the volunteers for a great day in the hills, which were looking their very best on this magnificent day (unlike myself at the end of the race!). Speedy recoveries to the injured and well done to thr winners.
Peter BellMar 19 2022, 9:16pmThanks Mick and all your crew for a great race today. Really enjoyable to be out racing in the sunshine again.
Clare KeeleyMar 20 2022, 9:39amWell done to Mick for putting on a brilliantly organised race yesterday. Congratulations to the male and female winners, its great to be on the other side volunteering to see everyone in action on such a gorgeous day! A special mention to Hannah to who had a fall on the boardwalk and ended up with a very serious wound, Hannah was so calm and courageous while she made her way back, she really was amazing as was her dad Philip. I want to wish her all the best in her recovery :)
Karl RichardsMar 20 2022, 11:15amWell done to all the racers and to MICK and team for making it possible. Yesterday was an example of how important first aid is and also looking after each other. Staying calm and thinking is the first part of dealing with a an incident. There were so many offers of help from racers too.

Hannah you were the epitome of clam as you hobbled off the mountain. Speedy recovery to Hannah, Colin and anyone else who was bitten by djoice. Looking forward to the Maurice Mullins ultra next week.
John Garry MooreMar 21 2022, 10:53amHey

great race, any chance I can get my finish time corrected? Finished 49th but results has me at 107th?? I was told i was probably marked down for an early start but I started at the main time of 9:30am as I only arrived at ten past and was then waiting in line to get my chip registered and my race number as it was my first IMRA race this year (race number 1206) much appreciated and thanks in advance.
Andrew HanneyMar 21 2022, 12:04pmresult queries need to go to
Mary CollinsMar 21 2022, 7:23pmThanks Mick and all your volunteers for superbly well organised Wicklow Half event.
Barry McEvoyMar 23 2022, 4:01pmHi Guys,

I put up a report for the race as requested. Longish read!!

Thanks for a great day out.
Mick HanneyMar 23 2022, 6:50pmA great read!
Edward O connorMar 24 2022, 10:51amBrilliant read Baz . You really captured the whole story in that one post . It's Brilliant to hear about all the emotions that we're felt when you had both hands on finishing first. Congratulations again . You deserve it.
Roisin HowleyMar 24 2022, 11:53amSuper report Barry! You have a great way with words :)

I'm still in Wicklow Way running mode following last week's galavanting :)
Go raibh mile maith agat to Mick and the great crew in making this event happen! :)
David DunneMar 24 2022, 10:22pmFantastic report Barry, well done on the win.