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Niamh KellyJan 5 2022, 4:52pmHello all,

It is getting close to the first race for the SEL for 2022 and we are looking forward to seeing you all come race day.

I am delighted to have Cormac Mac Donnell come on board as RD and has a good team of volunteers already, but we still need a first aid officer if anyone can help that would be great as without a first aid volunteer, we can not let the event go ahead.

We are holding off on opening online entries till closer to the event as we are awaiting confirmation from the discovery center, please watch this space for more information.

Simon LoughnaneJan 10 2022, 3:13pmAny update as to whether it's going ahead?
Niamh KellyJan 10 2022, 4:45pmHi Simon

yes race is going ahead
Simon LoughnaneJan 10 2022, 5:12pmGreat. Thanks Niamh
Mark GommJan 11 2022, 1:21pmHi, I'm trying to purchase annual membership and entry for the Castlecomer race but I can't complete the transaction - I keep getting a pop up that my phone number is incorrect to support the transaction and to contact the merchant. I checked with my bank and my account is set-up OK for credit card payments and all appears to be OK from their end. I checked my IMRA profile and my correct phone number is also there. I note that phone numbers can be problematic for IMRA online entries - when inputting my number I'm using the following format: 353/87*******. Can anybody help? Anybody else having issues with online entries/membership? Thanks in advance.
Dara O'BrienJan 11 2022, 1:36pmHI Mark,

The format should be 353|87***

(a straight line as opposed to a forward slash) it stumped me a bit too!
Mark GommJan 11 2022, 4:10pmThanks Dara - that did the trick!
Niamh KellyJan 13 2022, 10:28amHello
Just to let you all know registration will close tomorrow at 6 pm
so if you plan on running make sure you have registered in time

Thank you
Niamh KellyJan 13 2022, 10:36amCall for volunteers :
If anyone is able to help out on Sunday that would be great, Cormac could do with one or two more helpers
Thank you
John GreeneJan 13 2022, 12:56pmhi Niamh, i added myself as a helper. i can marshal on a hill somewhere and take photos if suits? or whatever you need. thanks
Cormac MacDonnellJan 14 2022, 7:55amHi Folks - Just a note to say there is another event happening in Castlecomer Discovery Park ( CDP) on Sunday morning and parking space at in the main car park is likely to be taken so I recommend people park up in the village ( only 500mts away) and walk/Jog down to register, warm up and then run.
There are toilet facilities in the Discovery building.
Finally, trails will be very muddy so mud claws or similar might be best on the footwear front.
Richard CooperJan 15 2022, 11:28amHi there, I missed the entry cut off. Is there any chance I can still enter? Thanks
Annetoinette Gleeson-MillsJan 15 2022, 4:50pmCan I kindly request if you are trying out trail running and this is your first time, I just have regular runners is this going to be problematic? Thank you.
Pól Ó MurchúJan 15 2022, 6:19pmHi Annetoinette, As your first run you’d probably be ok with normal runners although would be at a disadvantage against those with trail runners. Most people trying out trail running for the first time would be in the same boat and I’d guess we all turned up to our first few races in whatever runners we had at the time. It will likely be slippy in places but there’s not as much climb in this one as some of the races so that should make it a little less difficult. I’d go with the grippiest normal runners you have.
Michael BligheJan 16 2022, 3:41pmCongratulations to all the organisers and volunteers for a great event today. Really enjoyed it.
Wayne LeeJan 16 2022, 6:19pmHi lads I got the wrong number today at the race i got 560 instead of 590. What do I do about it?
Raymond CumminsJan 16 2022, 7:24pmThanks to everyone who enabled us to have a fine experience in Castlecomer today. :-) It was great especially considering that there was so much else going on at the same time in the past. :-)
Raymond CumminsJan 16 2022, 7:24pm"in the park" not in the "in the past".:-)
Pól Ó MurchúJan 16 2022, 7:28pm@Wayne. Keep that number. I’ll swap it with the rightful owner… :-) you should now see 560 new n your race profile.
Pól Ó MurchúJan 16 2022, 7:30pmThanks Cormac and all volunteers today. Great day out.
Wayne LeeJan 16 2022, 7:31pmOK Pol thank you
Niamh KellyJan 16 2022, 8:29pmWell done to Cormac our RD for today's race and all the volunteers and thank you for helping today it is really appreciated.

Well done to all our runners, it was great to see some old and new faces with a great turnout keep up the hard work and See you at the next one

Shauna RouseJan 17 2022, 4:25pmHi All, Thanks very much to all the organisers and volunteers for a fantastic event. However, I fear there may have been a mix up with my time (Shauna Rouse, Race No.:965), as I crossed the finish line in around 0:46:20 as I ran beside my partner (Adrian O'Connor, Race No.: 693) and we finished together. I really do wish it was me in 13th position and the first lady home but I'm not there just yet! Congratulations to whoever did finish in this time though and well done to all the runners. Hopefully I'll see you on the trails again soon. Thanks.
Steven PettigrewJan 17 2022, 5:17pmCongrats on a great event, folks! Everyone loved it.
I have a couple of queries on the results. Two of our guys are yet to be added to the results page and I just wanted to flag it.
The runners are;
Barry Brosnan (race no. 942)
Martin Keogh (race no 73)

Thanks again!
Niamh KellyJan 17 2022, 5:26pmHi Steven,

we will check that out and update the results
Steven PettigrewJan 17 2022, 6:03pmThanks a mil, Niamh.

Didn't mean to jump ahead of Shauna there with her query!
Seán BatesJan 17 2022, 6:59pmHi Niamh
Big thanks to everyone who organised yesterday
I don’t see my number in the results. I’m no 734
Finished in 47.05 per my garmin
Sarah WhelanJan 17 2022, 7:55pmCormac MacDonnell
Hi Cormac, I ran yesterday in Castlecomer. My number was 384 I had already collected my number at Bweeng trail. My results are not up. I ran 44.20, 7.79k on my garmin I can send picture on if need it. I’m over 40 female category. Can you check the results please as I will have done well in my age category. Thank you, Sarah Whelan.
Conor O'FarrellJan 19 2022, 9:48amHi All

I've gone through the results and corrected them, beyond a few typos and misread results, there wasn't much to sort.

For any further results related queries, please email Do not post on the forum as I will not be checking it regularly.

Niamh KellyJan 19 2022, 9:52amThank Conor
Owen ConnollyJan 25 2022, 11:00pmHi ya, thanks very much for a super race.
I am down as coming 5th in the race whereas I actually came 6th and Paddy Bowden was 5th.
Thanks again.