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IMRA 40th Anniversary Celebrations

Laura FlynnOct 31 2021, 1:29pmTickets for our 40th Anniversary Dinner and Awards Night on the 27th of November are now on sale.
The ticket cost of €20 will include a 3-course meal with wine, generously sponsored by Richard Moriarty, and some other extras on the night. The cost of the evening is also being subsided by IMRA so you will be getting get value for your €20!
Friends, partners and former and current IMRA members are all welcome to celebrate this milestone.
Laura FlynnNov 1 2021, 9:22amI should have added that, currently, the venue will require vaccination certificates and ID from anyone attending on the 27th.
If you have any queries on this you’re best to contact the Merry Ploughboy directly.
Laura FlynnNov 7 2021, 7:18pmFor anyone interested in the history there’s a forum post started by Gerry Brady in 2009, 16th of February, as we were approaching our 30th Anniversary.
Our in-house historian Caitlin Bent was even able to provide a list of runners who completed the inaugural race at Three Rock on the 22nd of May 1980.
Mick HanneyNov 7 2021, 9:22pmLink here:

Surprised Alan Ayling wasn't there ;-).
Laura FlynnNov 7 2021, 9:41pmThanks Mick. Caitlin also wrote a nice piece for the 2009 Annual if any of you out there have it and have the IT skills to share it would be great. I can take a screen-shot and send if that would help.
Lindie NaughtonNov 7 2021, 10:04pmI have a CD of historic IMRA results given to me by the one and only Joe Lalor...
Lillian DeeganNov 11 2021, 10:53amOn with a msg relating to food choices for the dinner. For those who we have been in touch with and for those who have bought a ticket - Might you let me know if you are opting for a vegetarian meal. No need to get in touch if your not a veggie - thanks.

Please email:
Laura FlynnNov 19 2021, 7:39pmI’m sure it won’t come as a surprise to you all that we have made the difficult decision to postpone our 40th Anniversary celebrations which were due to be held next Saturday at The Merry Ploughboy.
The plan is to reschedule the event in the new year when we have a clearer picture of how things are. We’ve already put a lot of work in which we’re determined won’t go to waste and we’ll get to celebrate this great occasion in style in 2022.
The Kilmacanogue Running Festival is still going ahead next weekend and we hope to see you all there.
Gavan DohertyNov 19 2021, 9:46pmHi Laura,

Not an easy decision, particularly in light of what seems like mixed messages from the authorities (who don't seem to be having an easy time).

Once more the committee has spent time organising, planning, then considering, re-organising, re-planning. Not easy, especially when you're making decisions for several hundred people.

Looking forward to the rescheduled event sometime in the future - if the committee still has the energy to organise!

Thank you.
Pól Ó MurchúNov 22 2021, 10:41pmJust a quick message to let all know that refunds for tickets purchased have now been processed and should be credited back to the account where purchased from originally. Hopefully see ye all at the event in 2022.