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Navigation, NAVs and Orienteering

Paul SmythAug 31 2021, 7:31pmOn Sunday we were treated to a great NAV course planned by Joe Lawlor. Many thanks to Joe and his team for that.

I always feel it's a great pity that more people don't do these races, or at least try them. They offer everything to be found in normal IMRA races, and much more. The inclusion of a short course in recent years also makes them more accessible for people new to this type of race. Anyway, if you want to give it a go, there is one more NAV race on Sunday, Sept. 19th. You will need your own copy of the Wicklow East map (published by East-West Mapping), to take part.

Also, if you are looking for something to do over the winter, then the orienteering season is just starting, (a great way to learn some navigation). There is an event in Fauna this Sunday (entries close at midnight this Friday). Details at and/or Note that I am not affiliated with this club or it's event.

If anyone wants to find out more about orienteering, email me at orienteerpaul at If a few people were interested I could arrange a Zoom session to cover some basics.
Mick HanneyAug 31 2021, 8:09pmHear hear. The navs are great fun. Whether doing or helping out or directing one, its a great day out and a nice social event. Hearing the stories after is a big part of it - what (usually) went wrong, what they would do different next time etc. Always something to learn from the experts. And very accomodating for new entrants and those of all abilities. They are also a great way of seeing other parts of the Dublin and Wicklow hills that we don't normally see in other IMRA races.
Andrew HanneySep 1 2021, 11:18amAgree that NAV challenges are a great event. If you're new to navigating, just team up with somebody there is no issue there.
Moire O'SullivanSep 1 2021, 1:25pmMight I be so bold as to suggest that anyone looking to learn how to navigate for events such as NAV challenges would do well to look no further than Wicklow-based Paul Nolan who runs

He is one of Ireland's top orienteers and mountain runners, and would have no problem teaching you how to plot grid references, determine route choice, navigate to indistinct features and to basically complete such a challenge with confidence. Highly recommended.