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Glendalough Tucker Trail

Greg ByrneJul 26 2021, 10:03pmRace Entries for the 2021 Glendalough Tucker Trail 80km Race will open this Saturday 1st August @ 9 am and close on Saturday 7th August.

Race limit is 100 runners.

The Entry Fee will be €35.

Slight change to the start loop, but otherwise the same course as previous years. Further details to be updated on the event page in the coming days as we get the race pack sorted out.

All volunteers are most welcome and will receive a credit balance towards post-pandemic 'thank you' hugs.
Eoin KellyJul 28 2021, 8:44amJust a quick question on this one - are there any qualifying criteria for this race? Thinking of signing up but don't have any prior long distance race experience. I've run 50km on the wicklow way recently but not in any official race capacity. I've also run a lot of the course in the past too. Cheers.
Greg ByrneJul 28 2021, 9:36pmEoin, there is no specific entry requirements for this race.

We do suggest people have completed a 50k race in the hills.

This is principally to ensure that the majority of the field understand the magnitude of running for 5+ hours in the hills.

Also most runners will take 10-12 hours to complete the GTT, so understanding your pacing at the start and not racing from the gun can be important.

All the best with the training, and hopefully we will see you in Glendalough.
Eoin KellyJul 29 2021, 9:11amThanks Greg,
Negotiating permission slips at home at present. Hopefully be there to at least give it a good go.
Greg ByrneJul 30 2021, 10:27pmApologies, the initial post should have read entries open on SUNDAY, 1st AUGUST, not Saturday.
Ronan O'GradyAug 1 2021, 9:42amHi, is the Tucker trail event sold out? I see entries disabled
Phil behanAug 1 2021, 10:00amDoubt it’s sold out that quick. I can imagine it might open later today.
Kazimierz PawelczakAug 1 2021, 11:19amI don't think Ronan, in the morning around 7 am I checked before running and it was not possible to sign up yet
Ronan O'GradyAug 1 2021, 11:20amThanks lads. Will keep eye on it during the day
Greg ByrneAug 1 2021, 1:22pmThe race is not sold out.

The system just seems to be saying that entries are disabled at the moment. Don't know why, but I've contacted the people who know more about these things.

We will post an update here when we hear that entries have been enabled.
Greg ByrneAug 1 2021, 3:14pmEntries for the Glendalough Tucker Trail are now available to purchase.

Thanks to Jason for the help in sorting it out...
Greg ByrneAug 5 2021, 10:49amJust a reminder the entries for the 2021 GTT 80km will close this Saturday, 07 August.
Greg ByrneAug 8 2021, 7:41amThe following entries have been received for the 2021 Glendalough Tucker Trail.

200 - Phil Behan (M35)
565 - Steven Byrne (M35)
1979 - Rory Campbell (M50)
354 - Avril Challoner (F35)
495 - Barry Drennan (M45)
211 - Paul Duggan (M50)
1347 - Adolfo Garcia (M45)
1032 - Eoghan Hughes (M)
258 - Donatas Jocius (M35)
1765 - Eoin Keith (M50)
453 - Eoin Kelly (M40)
1412 - Brian McFlynn (M)
180 - Ronan O'Grady (M45)
1942 - Conor O'Keeffe (M)
288 - Shane O'Malley (M50)
1459 - Kazimierz Pawelczak (M45)
1965 - Julien Prigent (M)
535 - Karl Richards (M50)
675 - Thomas Roche (M40)
720 - Roelie Smit (M45)
1986 - Peter Thompson (M)
1719 - Liam Vines (M45)

We plan to host a short 30 min zoom call for participants on Thursday 12th @ 9pm. Those wishing to join can contact me at the email address in the race booklet for details.
Eoin KellyAug 9 2021, 10:13amNow that my name is on the list I'm wondering if it was such a good idea to get signed up!

Really looking forward to getting going. Actually can't wait, in a nervously apprehensive sort of way.
Shane O'MalleyAug 11 2021, 2:44pmHi Guys,

Are we using the trackers this year and is there a link for people to follow.


Greg ByrneAug 11 2021, 3:30pmThat plan is to use GPS trackers from primal tracking and a link will be posted on Friday. Greg
Greg ByrneAug 13 2021, 7:51amThe tracking website for this event will be:
Vivian O'GormanAug 14 2021, 7:22pmA very enjoyable day today despite the midges and the rain!!

Well done to all the runners and to Greg for great organising...
Phil behanAug 14 2021, 9:00pmThank you to all the volunteers today for a huge commitment being out in that rain and those midgies. An incredibly well run event and a brilliant race. Much appreciated Greg. Well done to all who competed.
Karl RichardsAug 14 2021, 9:25pmThank you to everyone who made today’s race possible. It was faultless from start to finish thanks to the hard work of the whole team. It was really enjoyable and a real test of endurance. Thank you all and I hope the participants all have a speedy recovery.
Eoin KellyAug 14 2021, 10:23pmWow, that was fun. The organisation was amazing. My first imra race and first ultra race. Thanks to all the volunteers who stood out in the rain and braved midgemageddon so we could run around the beautiful hills of Wicklow in safety. To the Marshall at the foood station near Lough Dan I thank you especially as I was in a bad way when I got to you. The water, banana and choccy bar fired me up to continue and complete the race.
When my quads forgive me for the pain inflicted in the last leg I'll definitely be back for more.
Thomas RocheAug 14 2021, 10:56pmThanks to all the organisers and volunteers today for another faultless event.
Conor O'KeeffeAug 14 2021, 11:58pmThank you to all the volunteers and runners after my fall today. A real show of sportsmanship!
Thomas RocheAug 15 2021, 9:24amHope everything is OK Conor, it was a nasty fall in the worst possible place
Avril ChallonerAug 15 2021, 9:25amThanks to Greg and all who volunteered for putting on a fantastic race yesterday, organisation was flawless.

Speedy recovery to everyone who ran and hope to see you all again soon!
Shane O'MalleyAug 15 2021, 9:42amWell done everyone who raced but huge thanks to the always smiling volunteers who had to put up with large periods of waiting around while being slowly eaten. Organisation was perfect as usual and will aim for the full race next year.


Roelie SmitAug 15 2021, 6:30pmThanks to Greg and his team for making my first Ultra the experience it was ….
Al the volunteers giving up their day to stand in the rain and midges.
Thanks to fellow runners for encouragement along the way - Avril, Eoin Kelly, Phill and Karl, keeping me going in and out of transitions and at Glenmalure. Mick at Glenmalure - thanks.
Great day out.
Eoin KellyAug 23 2021, 12:11pmHi all, Just stuck a race report for this up on the event page. It's a beginners perspective so anyone thinking of giving it a go in the future might take heart from it and sign up. Fantastic event.
James H CahillAug 23 2021, 5:42pmGreat report Eoin and well done!
Julien PrigentAug 25 2021, 2:39pmIs there any plan for this race to be qualifying for the UTMB? Thanks to the all volunteers for such a wonderful event! Cheers!
James TuckerAug 26 2021, 8:21pmHi Julien, you've probably seen Pól's post about this by now ( but just to clear it up - yes this race will give you 3 ITRA points which you can use towards a UTMB entry. I see the race details are up on the ITRA website now but the results will probably take another couple of weeks before they're on there.
James TuckerAug 26 2021, 8:39pmEoin - thanks for sharing your great report. One thing my Dad always loved was a good race report and for yours to be about your experience of making your ultra debut at his race makes the reading all the better! Well done on a great run and delighted to see you already eyeing up bigger and bolder challenges...
James TuckerAug 26 2021, 9:26pmFinally, with the dust settled on another Glendalough Tucker Trail, I just wanted to say thanks on behalf of the Tucker family to everyone who made the race happen for another great year.

It gives us great joy every year to head down to the Glendalough Upper Lake and watch Adrian's legacy live on through the race he put so much time and enthusiasm into planning and organizing for its inaugural 'run' back in 2017. And while he put in the groundwork, the race wouldn't have continued with the success it has without everybody else involved each year. From the IMRA committee who have helped with the chopping and changing of race calendars and worked to get permits in place, to the volunteers on the day who regardless of the size of the field have to put in just as much work and give up their entire day (and more!) each year.

A special mention of thanks to RD Greg whose fantastic planning and attention to the finest detail would be second only to Adrian's himself! I would also like to say a special thanks to John McDonnell who very kindly provided the wonderful winners' trophies for this year.

And lastly, thanks of course to all the runners who toed the start line - it was great to see the range, from uber experienced to ultra newbie and follow the ups and downs (both physically and mentally) throughout the day. Hopefully we might see some of you back for another crack in 2022!