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Credit Card Payments Issue

Jason DowlingJul 2 2021, 8:27amHi All,

We are currently experiencing issues with our credit card payment system. At the moment, cards issued by Bank of Ireland are not being accepted, though that may expand across other banks over time.

We have identified the underlying issue and are working on a solution to get this resolved as soon as possible. In the mean-time, your patience is appreciated.

Kind Regards,
IMRA Committee
Eric OrtizJul 2 2021, 12:34pmHi there,

I had this issue yesterday evening. Please let us know when this is sorted out so we can sign up.

Many thanks,
Richard NunanJul 3 2021, 7:24amHi Folks,

We are still Working on this issue.Tt requires an update to tHe current payment system.

We will have to close purchases until Monday when we hope to have the issue resolved.

Thanks for your patience.

Richard NunanJul 5 2021, 5:15pmApologies folks, continued delays here, almost there.

Please bear with us and we hope to have a further update this evening.


Barry O'NeillJul 5 2021, 6:11pmI’m having trouble purchasing an entry for the Glenmacnass race. Are we still having card issues?
Roelie SmitJul 5 2021, 6:21pmDebit cards seem to work
Barry O'NeillJul 5 2021, 6:24pmI’m trying both a debit and credit cards and neither working.
Barry O'NeillJul 5 2021, 6:30pmJust got my debit card to work there now.
Emma HandJul 5 2021, 7:01pmHi,
I can't manage to purchase tickets for glenmacnass or ballyhoura ultra. I'm concerned about ballyhoura because they're closing the entries tomorrow
Andy owensJul 5 2021, 7:09pmSame problem here,wont except Visa card.
Conor O'FarrellJul 5 2021, 7:50pmOnce the issue is resolved, I’m sure that there will be an extension on race entries, if at all possible.
Richard NunanJul 5 2021, 10:46pmEvening,

Just some last minute tidying to be done tonight. Online purchases will be available in tge morning.

Thanks for your patience.

Dominic ManningJul 6 2021, 9:25pmHaving the issue here, tried AIB debit and credit cards.
Laura FlynnJul 6 2021, 9:43pmWhat race are you trying to enter Dominic?
Stephen BrennanJul 6 2021, 10:30pmI've made several attempts to enter Circuit of Glenmacnass with different cards all through AIB.
Jason DowlingJul 6 2021, 11:13pmHi All,

A number of people have contacted us saying they are getting an error similar to:


You cannot use this service from there
Please contact the merchant

If this happen to you, could you post to this forum thread and just let us know the name of the financial institution that issued your card?

We have raised a support ticket with our card processor asking them the reasons why this error has occurred so hopefully we will be in a position to update tomorrow.

Thank you for your patience while we try and iron out the issues with the new credit card payment process.

Kind regards,
The Committee
Gordon PlaceJul 6 2021, 11:16pmBOI debit working ok after a couple of tries with different address format. I think I needed to delete the house number and/or only include Dublin rather than local area that i usually use, in case you are trying that.
Helen O'CallaghanJul 7 2021, 9:21amI had trouble with AIB credit card for Bansha but debit card has been accepted. Still not sure if it has gone through for my son as no email returned though the same confirmation message was there.
Conor O'FarrellJul 7 2021, 9:43am@Helen. Both you and Joey are entered for Bansha.

Can you confirm if the payment appears in your "Purchase History"?
Warren SwordsJul 7 2021, 10:16amFair play Jason, trojan work.
Robbie WilliamsJul 7 2021, 10:22amConor,

My payment came out of bank after a few attempts last night.
It still was saying that the payment failed on system.

So the only way i can think that I am entered is because of my bank statement.

The problem is that its not in my Purchase History.
I dont appear on the entries list either.
The only thing I have is a statement that says I paid €7 to imra, but obviously the bank statement doesnt say what for.
Kevin O BrienJul 7 2021, 10:27amI paid my membership last night and I've been charged twice for it. I also paid for the Bansha race but didn't receive a confirmation email. How do I get a refund for the membership and am I registered for the race?
Niall CorriganJul 7 2021, 10:29amSame here. I purchased a replacement chip. I have a debit on my CC but no mention in my purchase history yet.
Stephen BrennanJul 7 2021, 11:16amPayment worked this time
Thomas PhelanJul 7 2021, 12:14pmSimilar story, I purchased entry for Coiltte Crone Caper and while my bank account has been debited, I have not received a receipt nor is it listed in my purchase history. Can I still turn up this evening? Thanks Tom
Gerard DoreJul 7 2021, 2:47pmSame here, error 111
Tried visa debit and MasterCard with BOI, neither worked! Trying to book Ballyhoura Moonlight half marathon, any suggestion? Not sure if many places left!
Kieran DalyJul 7 2021, 3:27pmHi Jason

If you need some help let me know I run a small website design company so can help or get one of my team to help - is my email

No charge of course.
Ailis O DeaJul 7 2021, 9:06pmI have been trying to purchase a ticket for the Ballyhoura half on the 24th with my Permanent TSB debit but to no avail! :( was able to pay my €10 membership last week.
Robbie WilliamsJul 7 2021, 9:29pmCould not purchase last night on bank of Ireland card

Used Revolut and it went through straight away
Emma HandJul 7 2021, 11:58pmI'm trying to purchase an antry for the circuit of glenmacnass with my Permanent TSB card and can't.
Mick HanneyJul 8 2021, 7:44pmPayment with my debit card worked fine. And the new feature to scan card details worked a treat.
Brian O MurchuJul 8 2021, 8:32pmCan I pay in bitcoin?
Connie DottinoJul 8 2021, 8:57pmI tried several times to purchase Djouce with a PTSB visa debit and got error 111 each time. Has Djouce been taken off the shop or is it sold out?
Mick HanneyJul 8 2021, 9:12pmIt was in shop and I purchased soon after 6. Did you check your Purchase History to see if it went through despite the error?
Connie DottinoJul 8 2021, 9:30pmIt's back on! Just tried again but same error. I checked my purchase history and it hasn't gone through :(
Connie DottinoJul 8 2021, 9:47pmTried again with N26 and it went through.
Larry MahonyJul 8 2021, 10:09pmGetting the 111 error with 2 Boi cards. Bought imra membership for 10 but can't buy race entry for 40.
Richard NunanJul 8 2021, 11:09pmHi Larry, we are still having issues with BOI transactions over 30 euro. If you can use an AIB or revolut it works. We are working to resolve this.
Kevin O BrienJul 8 2021, 11:46pmI Still haven't received a confirmation email after I paid 7 euro for the Bansha race. It isn't showing on my purchase history but the money has been taken from my current account. Can I still show up for the race or what do I need to do next?
Richard NunanJul 9 2021, 9:21amHi Kevin,

Let us have a look and i will revert back


Eric OrtizJul 9 2021, 9:32amHi there,

I only use BOI and still not working, I wanted to sign up for the Ballyhoura Marathon and the entries will close today. Will it be another solution or way to go or will I assume that I could not make it?

Thanks for your work anyway!
Richard NunanJul 9 2021, 10:14amHi Kevin,

You will get an email this evening to say you are confirmed. You are entered for the race. Thank you.


Your entry is over 30euro, so it will not work. You can use an alternative card - AIB, Revolout or N26 - We are still working on the payments issue - so keep an eye on tis post for an alternative solution
Ailis O DeaJul 9 2021, 11:24amI ordered a Revolut card but won’t have it in time for the deadline of the Ballyhoura half trail run. Is it possible to still purchase a ticket late if there is still availability? No worries if not.
Kevin O BrienJul 9 2021, 5:30pmThanks Richard
Donal O'DonoghueJul 9 2021, 5:49pmToday, Friday, I got an an Post Currency Card at the local Post Office, which is like a pre-paid MasterCard.

But now I see the Ballyhoura entries have already closed ??

Are race entry deadlines going to be extended for people who had all this trouble with online entries ?
Aidan HoganJul 9 2021, 6:13pmNo joy for me with Bansha. Tried PTSB and Bunq cards. Errors on both.
Richard NunanJul 9 2021, 6:55pmHi Donal,
For people encountering card issues purchasing an entry for this event please email:

brian <dot> flannelly <at> imra <dot> ie

with specific race details and contact phone number before 5pm close. Expect to be contacted then tonight"
Richard NunanJul 9 2021, 7:00pmHi Aidan,

We have had successful purchase for under 30 euro today - can you please tell us what error you are getting with the PSTB card and what time. Bansha closed at 5:00pm

@Ailis - did you get sorted. There was a post on Ballyhoura & Payment problems posted today at 1:00pm
Donal O'DonoghueJul 9 2021, 7:20pmToday was able to book Bansha okay - as a standalone item
But not able to book the more expensive Ballyhoura race.
In each case, using same Bank of Ireland VISA-Debit card.
The Ballyhoura purchase gave me a "111" error always (never saw the "110" error)
There was a problem processing your Credit Card (111). The transaction could not be completed.
Richard NunanJul 9 2021, 7:33pmThanks Donal, we are still having issues with payments over 30 euro. If you go the Ballyhoura Payments forum post. You will see Brian's email address. Please email him and he will process your entry.
Aidan HoganJul 9 2021, 8:54pmDon’t worry about it Richard. I thought the deadline was 6pm so it was about 5:50pm (last minute as usual!) when I was trying to pay. Can’t remember the exact error code tbh.
Richard NunanJul 15 2021, 9:24pmHi Folks,

We still have a number of people having issues with Payments and receiving a "110" issue. You are more than likely in this case using your ipad or phone.

Can please update your mobile app. There latest update that all banks have released will enable 3D Secure 2 on your app.