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Mangerton Munster Championship

Sean CaseyJun 30 2021, 10:23amCan someone please tell me if I must i have completed previous races to be allowed compete in the Mangerton Munster Championship race? Thank you
Tom McloughlinJun 30 2021, 10:31amAs far as I can make out Sean experience with open mountain running and ability to navigate if required are necessities - but I don't think there is any requirement to have run previous specific races. I hope not anyway!! :)
Robbie WilliamsJun 30 2021, 12:11pmCorrect

No necessary races as such.
Just to know the route is not marked as with most championship races
Sean CaseyJun 30 2021, 12:15pmThank you very much for your help. Appreciated.
Colette O' DonoghueJul 2 2021, 7:39pmJust wondering if there will be an info email/text sent out to those helping out on Sunday? An idea of jobs, time to be there etc? The Kingdom should take some organising tips from the Rebels ;)
David ToomeyJul 2 2021, 10:31pmHi Colette can you be there for 11ish for registration and we have you down for time keeping aswell if that OK with you. See you Sunday
Patrick KissaneJul 2 2021, 10:54pmThere's plenty of parking AROUND THE BACK of the killarney oaks Hotel if anyone wants to carpool from there.
Frank CoughlanJul 3 2021, 10:07amHi, where does this run start from and is there parking there or close by ?
Mike MullinsJul 3 2021, 10:20am
Frank CoughlanJul 3 2021, 11:19amThanks.
Robbie WilliamsJul 3 2021, 1:54pmRemember mandatory Kit:

Jacket and face cover for first 100m and in finish area.

Any runners not carrying there will be Disqualified
Tom McloughlinJul 4 2021, 11:55amHi, that Google maps link doesn't seem to work for me... Could someone drop a pin and post it?
Patrick KissaneJul 4 2021, 12:04pmGoogle maps mangerton walk start

It's near muckross Park Hotel.
Conor O'FarrellJul 4 2021, 11:19pmHi All

Sounds like another good race by the the Munster crew. Results are now up. Please email any queries to

Barry WalshJul 5 2021, 2:56pmThanks to all volunteers, race director and everyone involved in yesterdays event. Great race in a great place and as always, smoothly run.

A pleasant jog up and down the mountain for all.