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Lillian DeeganJun 7 2021, 11:08am2nd race of the season in Leinster. I’m RD seeking - we have a super well tuned race marker lined up. Anyone willing to hop in and lead the race day team?
Vivian O'GormanJun 10 2021, 7:06pmHi Folks,

Just a short note for the moment. I will put up more information
next week..

I am looking for a Laptop Person - Volunteers and Marshalls -
the more the merrier!!

And yes there will be a Junior course and probably an Early Start -
depending on how many Volunteers I have...

Online race registration will open on Tuesday or Wednesday. Keep an eye
on the forum...

And as I said morel info later...
Roelie SmitJun 14 2021, 11:20amEntries open 18:00 on 16/06/2021. Is this intentional to spread the races amongst everyone? It's round about the time some folk will be in Belmont.
Mark RaleighJun 14 2021, 1:39pmHi Vivian, I'm happy to volunteer. Mark
Laura FlynnJun 14 2021, 3:16pmThe entry for this race will now open on Thursday the 17th of June at 12 noon.
Mark RaleighJun 14 2021, 8:04pmGot my dates wrong, apologies, can't volunteer for PWS
Vivian O'GormanJun 15 2021, 11:22amHi All,

Thank you to all who have Volunteered so far.
But I still need some more including a Laptop Person...
Vivian O'GormanJun 17 2021, 10:30amDon't forget online entries open today at 12pm.

Best of luck!!
Owen FletcherJun 17 2021, 11:32amGiven that this race isn't fully marked this year, it's worth noting that the map shown differs from the plotaroute (the link of which is broken, it should be I assume the plotaroute is correct although even it differs from last years route if I'm not mistaken (as it was changed to avoid some deforestation?).
Owen FletcherJun 17 2021, 11:33amor just tree felling, not necessarily deforestation ha
Stephen BrennanJun 17 2021, 12:16pmI assumed all along this was on Wednesday evening, just noticed it's Saturday morning! Luckily I can make it! Really looking forward to it.

I still haven't collected my first timing chip. Will I be able to pick up one there at registration?
Alan AylingJun 17 2021, 2:15pmOwen,
The map on the maps page is correct, the Plotaroute is an old version, since which the RD has revised the route for this year. I will ask the webmaster to remove the Plotaroute. Thanks for pointing this out.
Owen FletcherJun 17 2021, 2:37pm@Alan
Thanks for the clarification
Ger PowerJun 17 2021, 6:30pmFo you need anymore running volunteers
Paul SmythJun 18 2021, 12:31am@Alan,
At the split on the way out, do we go left or right?
Vivian O'GormanJun 18 2021, 9:09am@Ger - thanks for the offer Ger but I am fine for volunteers now.
Dave DochertyJun 18 2021, 9:42amMorning All. I assume 10am is the race start time. What time will race registration open at? Thanks
Vivian O'GormanJun 18 2021, 9:57amHi Folks - more info...

Race registration is opening at 8.45am and will close at 9.45am

Face covering must be worn at sign in - start and finish areas
and the first 200 metres of the race...

The Early Start is at 9.30am...

The Junior course is about 4k...

There will be no sign in sheet. Your name will be ticked off the list at the registration table...

Race numbers and chip timing can be collected in the morning...

If you ran in Belmount last Wednesday bring that race number and chip
with you. You will be using these for the rest of the season...

The Mandatory Kit is: A Rain Jacket and Face Covering...
The Jacket must be worn or carried in the race...

Car Parking is in the usual field and thanks to IMRA for covering
the cost of this....

And finally please follow directions from the Volunteers...

So see you all tomorrow bright and early!!!...
Eiviltas Evan RadaviciusJun 18 2021, 12:18pmHi All,

Any chance anyone has the link to Google Maps for meeting point and perhaps a mapped course on Garmin Connect?

Paul SmythJun 18 2021, 9:31pmHi Vivian,

The event pages details says:

"The race route can be viewed on"

The link given goes to a page not found error message.

The map shown on the map page is mostly fine but it does not indicate the direction. Where the route splits on the outward leg do we go left or right? That is do we traverse the loop clockwise or anti-clockwise?
Justin ReaJun 18 2021, 10:00pm@Paul the route goes anti clockwise. You turn right at the split.
Justin ReaJun 18 2021, 10:07pm@Evan. Try pasting "53.206356 -6.207628" into Google Maps for the field where we are parking
Stephen BrennanJun 19 2021, 12:48pmBrilliant race. I loved the course and the marking.

Need to work on my technical descending (as usual).

My time should be 1:03:59.

It's great to be back racing. Thanks to everyone involved.
Donatas JociusJun 19 2021, 1:00pm770 I think was early starter
Conor O'FarrellJun 19 2021, 1:09pmGreat race. Thanks to Vivian and his team for a great event. I wasn’t expecting that second uphill on to the Wicklow Way. It fairly knocked me for six.

Results are now up. Please send any queries to
Derek O KeaneJun 19 2021, 1:10pmReally enjoyed the race this morning thanks a mill guys
My result is missing from the results page
Race number 624
Shane O'MalleyJun 19 2021, 1:21pmWe had issues with the timing mat so going through the manual sheets shortly to correct some of the times.

Will let conor know of any changes.


Vivian O'GormanJun 19 2021, 2:40pmThanks to ALL the Volunteers this morning. They had to work

Unfortunately after the race was gone the chjp timing started to answer us back!! So we went old school - pen and paper!!

The results are up. If you have any queries please send them to results
James H CahillJun 19 2021, 2:51pmThanks Vivian and all the volunteers for a great morning in the hills. The steep and unexpected climb to Raven's Rock was a deeply unpleasant and hurtful experience. Justin Rea your Schadenfreude is noted! Great route. The marking was a sight to behold a combination of fluttering tape, mini flags and encouraging Marshalls. Great hour (or so!) in the hills. Thank you all
Laura FlynnJun 19 2021, 3:10pmAdding my few words of thanks here to Vivian and all his team for putting on a great race today. Hats off to Shane O’Malley for getting results up so quickly and for stepping into the role as it’s always a difficult one to fill.
The route was a perfect combination of fire-road, trail and technical climbs and descents. Well done to Justin and, I think, Alan for devising it and especially to Justin for the background work he did with local landowners and Coillte.
Henny BrandsmaJun 19 2021, 3:20pmGreat race today on a magnificent new course, wel done to Vivian and al his helpers, enjoyed really to be out today.
Barry MinnockJun 19 2021, 3:58pmThank you and well done Vivian, Justin, Shane and all the crew. Only fabulous to be back racing. Great route. Nice to get a win also kindly assisted by an orienteer being used to maps rather than flags :)
Minor corrections needed to results released early starters - expected when manual.
Richard FoxJun 19 2021, 4:30pmThanks to everyone for the organisation for this mornings race. So enjoyable and lovely to be out on such a wonderful course. My number is 721 and my time should be 1:04:32. Thanks again
paddy CorriganJun 19 2021, 4:41pmHi lads
I'm 770 . I was early starter. As good as it looks seeing my name on top.
Ger PowerJun 19 2021, 7:11pmHi I did the long course I was an early starter and my time was1.17.37 can you please adjust the results. Thanks Ger
Peter BellJun 19 2021, 10:41pmSome photos up from today. It was another great event run by Vivian. Well done to all racing. Nice day for it. Its great to be back!
Conor O'FarrellJun 20 2021, 6:39pmHi All

I am aware of a few incorrect times, due to early starters not being correctly assigned (my bad). I will get them updated shortly, please bare with me. In the meantime, any further queries should go to Note that I cannot track the forum to corrections, so please use the email address.

Alan AylingJun 20 2021, 10:20pmHmmmm... "bare with me"... typo or obscure reference to a naked warrior dance?
Sarah BradyJun 20 2021, 10:41pmPics are great! Thanks so much to Vivian and team for a lovely morning out yesterday, so good to be back racing. :)
Ellie O'DonoghueJun 21 2021, 11:45amBig thanks to VIvian and team for Saturday. Great to get back to out after such a long break. Ellie very much enjoyed her first race and seeing what really happens when I disappear into the hills for a run. ("Dad just goes into the forest and eats jellies").
Mick HanneyJun 21 2021, 8:04pmHmm. Entries still on sale for this race? :-)
Eiviltas Evan RadaviciusJun 21 2021, 8:32pmThanks all for organising the race on Saturday.
Enjoyed it as my first race :)