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Robbie WilliamsJun 5 2021, 3:43pmHi All,

This race will open for entries from 5pm today Saturday 5th June.

At first we will take 100 entries.

Please do not register if you have not been pre-approved (information in details page of event).

Please remember there are no refunds or transfers allowed. This includes if you register without approval !

The reason for the for pre approval is to ensure runners have sufficient experience to race on such a course.

Note :

I am handling the camping for IMRA runners staying over in Cronins Yard as it will be separated from the regular camping area. Camping is €8 per person but there is a limit to how many can stay.

If you wish to camp, please mail me at:

Thank you.

Runners will have a gps tracker for race and runners will also receive a commemorative race singlet.

Thank you
Robert CostelloJun 5 2021, 5:11pmHi Committee and RDs,
Can you please ensure notice is given for race entries? With limited entries to these races and pent up demand as we come out of Covid restrictions it's fair to give people a reasonable amount of notice before a race is open.
Robbie WilliamsJun 5 2021, 5:26pmWe only finalised the calendar last week so not much time for that I’m afraid. We needed to wait on official stance from powers that be.

It’s open now for Skyline (with ore approval).

Classic will open shortly.

Robbie WilliamsJun 5 2021, 5:32pmSkyliners.....

One quick thing.... there will be a race singlet for Skyline only. So can you make sure in your imra profile that your T-shirt size is correct. Sometimes it appears a blank so we just order medium but better if ye can just double check.

Robbie WilliamsJun 7 2021, 9:01pmRunners are still registering for Skyline WITHOUT pre approval..

Please don’t do this as it means a lot of emailing unnecessarily.

Once again send in via the mail provided:

Please send in links to races you have done that are similar. Trail races regardless of distance are not open mountain races. Also open mountain races that are low level with no huge height gain/exposure are not acceptable.

What is recommended:
Previous Reeks Skyline, Carrauntohill IC, Seven Sisters etc.

What is not;
Sli Gaeltacht, UTMB, Parkrun
Robert JankowskiJun 17 2021, 11:31pmHi Robbie, could you include direction we are going to run the course?
Mícheál O'MullainJun 18 2021, 1:38amRobert,

I will of course defer to Robbie but the normal route is from Cronin’s Yard up to Cruach Mhór and then over to Carrauntoohil. Then over to Caher. Over to Caher West. Down to lake. Up to Beenkearagh. Over to Carrauntoohil. Down by zig zags to Cronins.

That is usual route but obviously subject to Robbie as RD confirmation
Robbie WilliamsJun 18 2021, 6:05amCorrect

Thanks Micheal
Darren CroweJun 18 2021, 11:56amHi, just a query regarding qualifying races. I won't be entering this year due to a date clash but would definitely have been on the radar. Would the Galtee 7's or the Galty Crossing be considered sufficient? This will help with race selection next year!
Robbie WilliamsJun 18 2021, 6:36pmTHe 7s would be a good one in terms of difficulty but you would really want some exposure on that style of open exposed ridge.
I would try to get down there yourself on the ridges and get some idea of it before next year Darren