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First Aid Officer training

Alan AylingMay 20 2021, 9:21pmWe are please to offer training for the First Aid Officer role as follows.

• Training will be provided by Immediate Care Training, with a clear focus on First Aid understanding and skills relevant to the IMRA race environment
• A single session of approx 4 - 5 hours to take place in the upstairs of Lamb Doyles on FRIDAY 4th JUNE. It's the bank holiday weekend but we hope that won’t inconvenience people too much. With many Covid restrictions still in place, sure what else would you be doing of a Friday evening? ;-) Aiming to start 5 pm.
• Places will be limited to 12 for social distancing reasons
• Pre-course reading and some questions will be sent to participants in advance, to get you familiar with a lot of the basics, which can then be recapped at the face to face session. Rest of F2F session will be spent on the parts that need practical demonstration etc.
• All masks, sanitisation equipment etc. will be provided
• We're hoping to arrange some food for participants, to be confirmed depending on what the venue can allow.
• Participants will receive a certificate on completion.
• Prior First Aid experience/qualifications not strictly necessary, but participants should have some experience of IMRA and foresee themselves doing some First Aid Officer duty. We will look for a commitment from each participant to take on First Aid Officer role for at least 2 races in the 2 years following the training.

To register interest, please contact me at alan dot ayling at imra dot ie – I will then revert in the coming days to confirm if you have a place. It would be helpful if you could include brief details of previous FA training/experience/qualifications.

Any questions just reply on here.
Rachel CinnsealachMay 20 2021, 10:17pmAlan, Count me in.
Mick HanneyMay 21 2021, 11:59amHi Alan, I'll need to get a refresher, so count me in please.
Linda RowdenMay 21 2021, 7:55pmHi Alan, count me in too please
Alan AylingMay 22 2021, 9:58pmCool - Rachel, Mick and Linda - you're all in.
Still places left, who else wants to sign up and do their bit for the sport and the organisation we all love so much?
louise croftonMay 22 2021, 10:14pmThrow me down too
Rich CostelloeMay 23 2021, 11:39amHi there, please save me a seat, thank you!
Alan AylingMay 23 2021, 1:51pmLouise & Rich - you're in.
That's the 12 places filled now.
Anyone else interested you can let me know, but we'll have to start the first waiting_list of 2021
John CostiganMay 25 2021, 1:54pmIf anyone drops out I would like to join. I have REC3 First Aid, but a refresher would be useful for volunteering.
Leo MahonMay 26 2021, 8:27amI completed a first aid course about two years ago volunteered a few times but no incidents to deal with
If you’ve any cancellations put me in please
Leo mahon
Laura FlynnMay 26 2021, 6:16pmThanks Alan for putting this together over the past few weeks and thanks to all of you who’ve signed up including the reserves.
The first-aid role is crucial to our events so it really important for us to have a trained pool to draw from.
I expect there will be a nice a social aspect to the evening as we intend organising some food and refreshments for you all.
Alan AylingJun 1 2021, 10:19am***IMPORTANT UPDATE - DATE CHANGE! ***

Unfortunately we've run into a problem with dates - the FAO training will now take place on FRIDAY 11th JUNE at 5 pm, i.e. moved back by one week. Venue is still Lamb Doyles, rest of details unchanged.

Can everyone who I confirmed had a place on the course please confirm that you are good for Friday 11th, either on here or email me <alan dot ayling at imra dot ie> ?

Apologies for the inconvenience.
Mick HanneyJun 1 2021, 11:12amok by me.
Alan AylingJun 3 2021, 9:59pm@Louise Crofton
@Rich Costelloe
Since you both reserved your places here on the forum and I don't have email address or phone no for either of you, can you both please confirm if you are or aren't available for the 11th?
Rich CostelloeJun 7 2021, 12:14pmHi Alan, I emailed you last week, but no worries. Yes I'm still available for this. Thanks!
Alan AylingJun 8 2021, 4:54pmThanks Rich! I don't seem to have received that email, checked the spam folder and everything! Could you text me your email address to 0 eight seven 0 five 197 two 3 ?
Alan AylingJun 9 2021, 9:25pmA place has become available on the course for Friday. Anyone interested in taking it, please let me know ASAP. First come first served.
John CostiganJun 12 2021, 7:13amThanks for organising, Alan! It was a really good, worthwhile session.