Irish Mountain
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Wicklow Round

Jim WalshMay 20 2021, 2:12pmHi,
My name is Jim Walsh and I'll be attempting the round on 28th May. Kick off at 0200. Wish me luck!
Graham K. BusheMay 20 2021, 2:36pmBest of luck Jim. I hope it goes well for you and that the weather behaves itself!
Jim WalshMay 20 2021, 3:23pmThanks Graham, long range weather forecast looks good so far so fingers crossed!
Stephen BrennanMay 20 2021, 6:13pmAll the best Jim.
Brían O'MearaMay 20 2021, 7:21pmEnjoy it Jim, you’ve the training done, you just need the Weather Gods to smile on you now..
Jim WalshMay 20 2021, 7:29pmApologies folks, newbie error. I should have posted on behalf of myself and Brian Murphy as we’ll be doing it together. Hope this doesn’t cause a problem.
Brian KitsonMay 20 2021, 7:34pmBeen a while since there’s been a team effort. G’luck lads.
Brían O'MearaMay 20 2021, 7:34pmHe’s trying to get rid of you already Brian! :) The very best of luck lads!
Peter BellMay 20 2021, 8:11pmBest of luck Jim and Brian. Looking forward to following your progress.
Jp ByrneMay 20 2021, 11:12pmVery best of luck lads, hopefully da weather picks up very soon.
Barry BreslinMay 22 2021, 6:18amBest of luck lads. Enjoy
Michael DowlingMay 24 2021, 9:06pmThe very best of luck lads... we will all be watching... good weekend forecasted
Niamh O'CeallaighMay 26 2021, 1:16pmBest of luck Brian and Jim. Weather looks great. Enjoy
Thomas RocheMay 26 2021, 2:19pmGood luck lads
Laura FlynnMay 26 2021, 5:32pmJim and Brian, best of luck to you both.
Stephen BrennanMay 29 2021, 12:34pmCongratulations! That some epic accomplishment. Inspiring!
Richard NunanMay 29 2021, 12:51pmGreat effort Jim, more importantly we'll done in raising over 11k for focus Ireland in your attempt of the wicklow Round.
Nicola RiceMay 29 2021, 1:12pmMassive congratulations Jim.
Great to bump into you this morning. You were looking really strong considering conditions underfoot. Really inspiring.
Ken CowleyMay 29 2021, 1:22pmJim, great to run in to you and your crew this morning at Crone, and congratulations. It was a beautiful morning, but I know you got some awful weather yesterday, must be hard when you're wet from the start! Great fundraising achievement too
John CostiganMay 29 2021, 1:26pmWell done lads!!!
Brian KitsonMay 29 2021, 1:46pmThat second night can’t have been easy. Pleased that you got such a nice morning for the finish. Exceptional fundraising effort. Well played.
John J BarryMay 29 2021, 3:42pmFabulous achievement Jim to complete your round especially when it included two nights. Some mental strength shown there. Relax now and enjoy the limelight. You're part of a small Unique group now
Conor KeaneMay 29 2021, 6:51pmUnbelievable
Graham K. BusheMay 29 2021, 8:02pmWhat an achievement. Physically and mentally. You had to put up with some very difficult conditions with the sodden ground and miserable weather.
Well done for seeing it though. And all the better having raised so much for charity.
Rest well.
Peter BellMay 29 2021, 10:05pmWell done to you both, thats a massive amount of money raised aswell. Good on yas!
Jim WalshMay 29 2021, 11:20pmThanks folks. I have to say, blown away by the support from the IMRA community. Our support team couldn’t get over the way people came out to support.

Best of luck to all with their attempts. Hats off to those of you that have managed it!
Laura FlynnMay 31 2021, 8:39amWell done Jim , fantastic achievement all round.
Linda O'ConnorJun 2 2021, 8:24amWell done Jim, great running.