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Dean NooneyFeb 14 2021, 8:02pmHi ,as I am new to mountain running and as far have really only ran trails and some basic mountain runs on my own ,I am planning on trying as much as possible when all the restrictions lift ,I have been reading about all the other people's favourite races and it has only encouraged me more and hopefully I will have some stories to tell in a couple of years saying that starting mountain running at 46 is either going to be the death of me or the making of me but by all the stories I read on this forum I think I might get a lot of help when needed ,so the question I have and I. Not sure if its a silly one or not but a some of the races require you to be able to navigate on your own something I have never done so is the and course's you can do this to learn how yo do it properly or is it self learning, sorry for such lead into the question ,thanks I advance, dean
Laura FlynnFeb 14 2021, 8:29pmWelcome to IMRA Dean. As a newcomer your best bet is to start with some Leinster League races, if you’re in the Dublin/Wicklow/Leinster area, which don’t need navigation skills as they are fully marked. The longer unmarked races definitely need those skills and experience but you’ll find plenty of help and advice within the IMRA community if you reach out for it.
Keep an eye on the website for when the calendar goes up for 2021 and membership opens, once restrictions are lifted.
Dean NooneyFeb 14 2021, 9:17pmThank you, I live in sligo so not sure if there is many races around my way but I. More than willing to travel anyway
Deirdre GalvinFeb 15 2021, 1:01pmHi Dean,

Not sure what part of Sligo, but if it is the southern end of the county, and you are within touching distance of North Mayo, it's worth you checking out Trail Loopers on Facebook. Just a group that organises casual training runs, especially over the winter season. I train a lot on Nephin, so again if you are within some proximity, just say, and I will send you on contact details. You are welcome to join us on a weekend. There are a small handful of mountain races this direction, but it is worth a spin for the IMRA ones, both Leinster and Munster. You just need to clear the calendar for the weekend. I hope this helps.
Dean NooneyFeb 15 2021, 8:05pmThat’s great , thanks very much I will definitely be in contact soon as the restrictions lift
Eoin O'NeillFeb 16 2021, 9:22amHi Dean,

until everything opens up again, there's some good online content to start learning navigation on the OSI and websites:
If you want to push on after that I'd recommend looking at the Mountain skills courses, there should be some providers in your area.

And finally, I'd recommend investing in some good maps, Barry Dalby in eastwest mapping has some really nice 1:25000 scale maps -
Dean NooneyFeb 16 2021, 12:06pmThats great, I will look them up today ,thank you for the advice,