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Brendan LawlorJan 22 2021, 1:28pmHi

Hope everyone is doing the best they can in these difficult times.

Looking for some advice on Sports Watches.. I have the Suunto Ambit 3 at present, but the Heart Rate strap is not working. How accurate are the wrist HR watches ? And any particular recommendations on brands or makes ?
Shane O'MalleyJan 22 2021, 1:51pmRegarding the wrist HR monitor it depends on what you are using it for. On shorter runs, colder runs it tends to be fine but for me it tends to go wrong after about 30 min which i believe is the build up of sweat behind the sensor. I will be going along at 140bpm and then jump 15 or 20 beats. That never happens when i am using my HR strap.

I am using a Garmin Fenix 6 and same thing happened with the Fenix 3. At times it will go to a HR i am not capable of but if i wipe the sensor it goes back down.

In short, dont trust it if using it to train by HR.

I have heard the Suunto is good but has the same problem. Garmin admin that it will be inaccurate for weightlifting or games like tennis due to the bending of the wrist.
Mark QuigleyJan 22 2021, 2:00pmI have the Suunto9 Baro and the wrist heart rate monitor is useless. The ambit3 is a great watch.  You should try to get a replacement chest strap for the ambit3 if you can.
Val JonesJan 22 2021, 3:28pmHi Brendan
I have an Ambit 3. I've never used the heart rate monitor. I'll send you the strap if you want. email me on valjone at gmail
Brian FureyJan 23 2021, 1:01pmWrist heart rate monitor aren't accurate Brendan. I have one and don't use.

I have the ambit 3 and find the chest strap accurate when initial spike at start of run comes down.
You have to clean the heart rate strap after runs as build up of sweat film on it happens. This can cause it not to record property. Also ensure battery replaced when running low.
I had same problem you have with a Garmin heart rate strap (soft strap) and it was combination of needing new battery and needing to clean strap on regular basis with hot water and suds if possible.
Dylan WhelanJan 24 2021, 10:51am

I am using this Amazfit Stratos 2, a lot cheaper then most and has loads of features. I paid €180 but have seen a lot cheaper now, or there might be a new version?
You can also store plenty of music direct on the watch and connect via Bluetooth to headphones.

I have mine 3yrs now and still working perfect, I wear it all day in work (Construction) and only has 1 minor scratch on the gorilla glass lens
Samuel FoxJan 24 2021, 8:56pmI purchased a Coros Apex last February when upgrading my old Garmin 310xt. Coros are newer to the market, and don't have quite all the bells and whistles that Garmin have, but still does all the multi-sport functions I need. The main selling point is their battery - I charge mine about every 3 weeks and use it for 45-60 mins in GPS most days. It can do 100 mile races no problem. So on that front its great if you run ultras. Like with all other watches I have had - the chest strap has always been more accurate for me. The Coros can jump around a bit, especially if not tight and on the upper part of my wrist. They are about 300 euro.