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Eoin Mac MahonJan 6 2021, 10:46pmHello, I am just starting out mountain running and I am struggling to find information about routes. I was wondering is there a website that shows routes around Ireland. The events page on this website is returning an error message for me. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Eoin Mac
Brendan LawlorJan 7 2021, 7:38amHi Eoin

I think a lot of the information you are after is on this site and should be available again once the Events and Results page glitches are fixed

There is also an unofficial IMRA Facebook page, but that doesn't really have route information readily available. Strava is your other option
Martin BagnallJan 7 2021, 9:49amAs Brendan has said, the information you are looking for may be found on the Events and Results pages - individual events include route info.

Ahead of it being fixed, you can work around that glitch by going directly to the events page for a given year, e.g.
Eoin Mac MahonJan 7 2021, 11:22amExcellent thanks a million that is exactly what I was looking for.