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Connacht region

Francis KellyNov 9 2020, 11:17amGood day all.

Just reading through the IMRA Constitution and it's refers regional (provinces) committees. Is there a committee for Connacht?

I'm interested in putting on an IMRA event in Co Galway.

Lillian DeeganNov 10 2020, 3:06amHi Francis,

We don’t have a sitting committee in all 4 provinces. If you want to send me an email with detail of what you have in mind for the West event wise, fire away.
I’m on :

Paul SweeneyNov 10 2020, 11:24pmHi Francis,

I'm in Galway and if any more events were to materialize in the west, I'd happily help out.

Colm MurphyNov 11 2020, 11:22amI too am in Galway Francis and would love to see a bit more going on here, happy to help out in anyway too.

Francis KellyNov 11 2020, 8:13pmThanks Lillian. I'll email you to discuss.

Thanks Colm and Paul, we should meet up and give one or 2 of the courses I have in mind a go. I'll message you my email and we can take it from there.

Francis KellyNov 11 2020, 8:17pmColm and Paul, I thought I could message you through the forum, but I can't. If you email me on galwayfrancis(@) We'll hit the maroon trails and see what we find.

Anyone else based in Galway, send me a quick email and we can set up a little mountain running group
Owen HarneyNov 12 2020, 9:56amHi all,

I'm based in Galway as well. I would also love to see an event held in the area, and would be happy to help out. Francis, I'll email you re. potentially setting up a running group. We had a crew of 6 or 7 from the Galway Bay Brewery Running Club do their first IMRA event at the Ballyhoura midnight half-marathon back in January, and would probably have kicked on from there if it wasn't for covid, so there's definitely potential for a mountain/trail group here.

All the best,
Pádraig KingNov 12 2020, 1:36pmHi Francis, sent you an email, would love to see this happen.
Marcas Mag RiallghuisNov 12 2020, 2:08pm+1 for Galway. I'm the organizer of the GBBRC offshoot group Owen mentioned. It'd be lovely to have events here in the wesht.
Rory TierneyNov 14 2020, 9:52pmHi All,
I would be very interested in this. It seems crazy we have all these mountains in connamera and no real running group. I do alot by myself currently but it has restrictions with safety etc. I would be interested in some runs in the maumturks as I wouldn't know the area very well if we could get a group set up. Looking forward too it. Francis I'll drop you a mail.