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SAVE THE DATE – AGM Saturday 28th Nov 2020 4.00pm

Richard NunanNov 7 2020, 9:48pmDear IMRA Members,

This is notice that this year our AGM will take place on Saturday 28th November, at 4:00pm via Zoom.

Please note that the AGM is for ALL current members. The AGM helps to shape the future of the IMRA so all input and feedback is welcome. I greatly encourage your attendance and look forward to seeing you there (virtually!).

Motions, including amendments to the Constitution, must be received by the Secretary at least 14 days before the date of the AGM 28th November (which means we need them by the 14th of November). The names of the proposer and seconder of a motion must be submitted with the motion, and one of these must be present to speak to the motion at the AGM.

Motions may only be proposed and seconded by members who will have full voting rights at the AGM. Amendments to motions can be taken in accordance with the Standing Orders agreed at the AGM. Motions passed at an AGM come into effect at the end of the AGM.

Also, all Committee roles are open for nomination and election at the AGM. We welcome nominations for all committee roles. If you would like to put yourself forward for election to the Committee please do not hesitate to reach out to Laura at laura dot flynn at imra dot ie or Richard at richard dot nunan at imra dot ie Nominations for committee roles should be received by the 20th of November.

The process for nomination for a Committee Role and for submitting a motion for the AGM is set out in the Constitution, which is available here:

Registration for the AGM will be for members via the following link Zoom login details, final agenda and any proposed motions will be emailed ahead of the meeting. I look forward to seeing you all logged in!
Richard NunanNov 21 2020, 8:54pmHi Folks,

Registration closes tomorrow for the AGM, Agenda will be posted on Tuesday


Caitlin BentNov 23 2020, 7:59pmhi Richard. Trying to register for AGM. Help!
Richard NunanNov 23 2020, 8:30pmClick here

Mary CollinsNov 26 2020, 1:35pmApologies Richard and Committee members.
Had been trying to register for the AGM earlier this week and again today with no luck and only just realised there was a closing date for registration Nov 22nd. Guilty of not keeping a closer and more frequent eye on forum these days. Thanks for all the committee work during 2020.
Stuart ScottNov 27 2020, 10:53amJust to be pedantic, the closing date wasn't mentioned in the initial forum post and as far as I can see, it was only mentioned last Saturday with less than 24 hours notice. However I appreciate the extra admin difficulties in setting up the online meeting so a cutoff is sensible. Could I propose a naked dance list for those who missed out?

On a related matter, have the login details been emailed yet? I haven't received anything.

Anyway, many thanks and a massive well done to the Committee. It's been an extremely trying year with all the cancelled races and missing the traditional 'rest' season. You all went above and beyond so thank you all!
Laura FlynnNov 27 2020, 1:39pmThat's a fair point Stuart. The email hasn't been sent yet as we are trying to finalise a few things. We hope to get it out later today. In the meantime Mary, and any other members who would like to attend can you send an email directly to me at by 5pm today.
Many thanks for your interest and kind words.
Niamh O'CeallaighNov 28 2020, 8:57pmSorry to have missed this today. Completely forgot it was coming up. Hope it all went well. Niamh
Laura FlynnNov 28 2020, 10:16pmApology noted Niamh with thanks. All went well today. A new committee elected and looking forward optimistically to the year ahead. Thanks for your help during the year.
niall flynnNov 30 2020, 1:11pmWas there much hinted at the AGM on what kind of race calendar we can expect in 2021?
Lillian DeeganNov 30 2020, 3:09pmHi Niall, the retiring committee had agreed to run with the 2020 calendar for ‘21. With the NY elected group now in place, we will run through dated events and look to finalise the calendar as best possible at our next meeting.

At the AGM, Robbie noted Munster won’t hold the Slí events nor any event that entails bus transfers owing to possible covid related concerns next year.

Once we are in a position to publish dates, we will do so and hope that we get a better run at a race year than we did this year.