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Revised Calendar V0.? (I forget at this stage)

Lillian DeeganSep 28 2020, 10:33pmHello everyone,
On to note we've a few non ultra events added in for the coming weekends in the Leinster area. These will kick off from this Saturday with the Devils Glen. Sorrell Hill is in for Oct. 11th and Brockagh for Oct. 24th.

We had to drop the Nav. Challenges - sorry to those who were looking forward to getting one or two in before YE. Our NC lead man is working on a plan where much fewer race day items are shared ahead of 2021.

With Niamh and Vivian kindly offering to do last minute RD jobs, I am looking for someone to offer to take on Brockagh for us. Any takers - fire away and stick your name in there for me and ill follow up with you - thanks.