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Jenny Uí ShéSep 16 2020, 7:01pmHi Liam
I would be happy to volunteer- I could do first aid.
Liam BoweSep 16 2020, 7:37pmThat's great Jenny - thank you
Colm O'NeillSep 28 2020, 12:07pmHi,
I'm looking forwards to registering for this race, refreshed the page at 12.00noon today when the page indicated that registrations would be open but the button went from
'Registrations open at 2020-09-28 - 12:00'
'Entries disabled' at 12.00 precisely.

Would anybody know if this is a malfunction ?

Thank you very much,

Liam BoweSep 28 2020, 1:07pmHi all,
Entries open there now for Mount Leinster.
Just go of 'Membership / Shop / Online Entries' on the top tab to access and it will be available to purchase.
Jenny Uí ShéSep 28 2020, 3:09pmHi Liam
I’m sorry I won’t be able to
Help out on Sunday .
Hope it goes well
Liam BoweSep 28 2020, 3:44pmThat's ok Jenny.

Would there be anyone else in a position to volunteer for First Aid Officer next Sunday?
Niamh KellySep 28 2020, 10:18pmIf anyone is available to help out and most importantly we need someone for first aid for Sunday race it would be greatly appreciated.
We are a little light on help.

Thanks in advance
Mary SteedSep 30 2020, 8:44pmHi there, I've registered to do the Mount Leinster run on Sunday. This will be my first trail race. I see I need to bring a jacket. Does it need to be waterproof or will windproof do? Will there be a water station or do I need to carry my own? Is there any other mandatory equipment for this race? Is it okay to run in shorts? I've done plenty road races and training on trails, but I don't know the usual requirements at trail runs. Thanks in advance. Mary
Niamh KellySep 30 2020, 9:55pmHi Mary,

I would wear what you normally wear on trails shorts are fine as well, you do need a waterproof jacket and I would bring some water with you. unfortuetly we wont have any with us because of Covid. other than that you come up to register and if you need to collect your number we will have it for you.

see you on Sunday

Mary SteedOct 1 2020, 6:14amThanks Niamh, see you Sunday
Eadaoin QuinnOct 1 2020, 7:24amHi Niamh you can put me down as a running volunteer.
Liam BoweOct 1 2020, 10:50amThanks for the offer of help Eadaoin but we have cover for registration and parking. If anyone can't make it I will let you know but expect you will be fine just to turn up and be prepared to run.

We do not have a first aid officer. This is an 'essential' role and the race can't proceed without one, so if someone can volunteer it would be greatly appreciated by all.

Newcomers to IMRA (and there are a few entered) should be aware that a jacket and face covering are now requirements. Please read the Covid guidelines before Sunday (face covering must be worn at parking/registration/finish area and will be required for the first 200m of the race until racers begin to disperse).

I also advise to be prepared for a bit of weather as rain is forecast. The wind/rain all becomes a little colder over 600m OD and a hat, buff and gloves (as well as the required jacket) might make your first IMRA race a more pleasant experience.

There are fresh water bathing facilities (local stream) c.100m from the finish so it might be an idea to bring a towel as well to freshen up a bit before the journey home.
Miriam O'ConnorOct 1 2020, 10:11pmHappy to help out on Sunday. Have registered but reading the forum, I see you’re in need of support - let me know if I can help and run or volunteer & not run?
Liam BoweOct 2 2020, 3:58pmThanks Miriam,
I think we're good for volunteers now so just turn up ready to run and enjoy the day.
Miriam O'ConnorOct 2 2020, 6:26pmThat’s great to hear Liam... see you Sunday and sure if you do need a volunteer, I’ll come prepared to run or help out
patrick RoweOct 3 2020, 11:03pmBest of luck everyone
Bill BarryOct 4 2020, 5:23pmThanks Liam and the marshalls for standing out in those conditions. Unfortunately the weather was out of your control. But enjoyed the day out nonetheless.
Jarlath HynesOct 4 2020, 5:37pmTwas a bit windy out there today & views weren't great but still relatively good fun.

Thanks to Liam & all involved (especially Frank the summit marshall, who we didn't get to say 'Thanks' to).

So 'Thanks, Frank'.
Brian FarrenOct 4 2020, 6:43pmThanks Liam and crew for putting on this race despite the weather. Enjoyed it.
Vivian O'GormanOct 4 2020, 7:07pmThank you to Liam and all his volunteers for today's race. I must admit
it was a bit of an adventure!

Thank you especially to the volunteers who
went up the mountain and brought me back down. Despite hardly
saying a word to any of them - I was totally wrecked - I was delighted
to see them. Unfortunately I don't know their names!!
But thank you ALL.

And yes Paul I had the leftovers when I got home!!
Raymond CumminsOct 4 2020, 7:29pmWell done to everyone involved today especially the lads and ladies who waited patiently in shocking conditions. To Paul, Niamh and everyone else Thank You!!!!

Well done to whoever made the decision to cut it short. I was still 2.5KM from the top but was happy to go back down. It was not a day for any heroics. ;-)

I have been up Mt Leinster many times over the past 15 years but not with that combination of mist, wind and rain.
Miriam O'ConnorOct 4 2020, 7:43pmThanks to Liam, Niamh & Paul & all the other volunteers for today. Refreshing that it wasn’t covid that impacted on the race. Glad to have done as much as I did even if I now realise that I could have turned sooner. Hope everyone has dried off & warmed up
Niamh KellyOct 4 2020, 7:54pmWhat a day it turned out to be it just shows how things can change very quickly on the mountains and why we always need to be prepared for anything.

Well done to all our runners who turned out today I'm sorry the race did not go as planned and I hope you will all be back next year.

Well done to our juniors great running from them today

A huge well done and thank you to RD Liam Bowe and all his volunteers you were all amazing today going above and beyond to make sure we had everyone back safely and accounted for.

Bill BarryOct 4 2020, 8:19pmWell done Niamh, Paul, Liam, Frank, Eddie, Peter, Shaughs, Kevin. Ye made sure everyone got home safe. Massive respect.
Eadaoin QuinnOct 4 2020, 9:00pmThanks to organisers and volunteers. I enjoyed the kms I did. Was glad to turn around too
Paul KellyOct 4 2020, 9:01pmWell what a difference a day makes......... From a windy summers day yesterday to today!!! From the reports of some of the runners it was biblical up there.
Massive thanks and kudo's to Liam and his crew of volunteers who went above and beyond to ensure everyone made it home safely.
From Niamh and myself we'd like to thank all the directors, helpers and runners who helped us have an enjoyable league this year, even though the weather was crap today.

@ Vivian - Glad to hear you got warmed up but can't believe that you only got leftovers!! Even after your good wife was trying to get you stripped off in the back of the car........ haha
Liam BoweOct 4 2020, 9:37pmWell done to everyone who participated today for getting home safe and sound.
Special thanks to my Racing 795 clubmates (Frank Burke, Adrian Wanczyk, Peter Breen, Eddie Wall, Kevin Moran and Brian O'Shaughnessy) who brought volunteering to a new level with their efforts.
Michelle KilleenOct 5 2020, 7:32amThanks so much to all involved yesterday - my kids ran in the junior race and despite the wind and rain they really enjoyed themselves! Thank you :-)
Liam LenehanOct 5 2020, 12:17pmThanks all involved yesterday. My third time travelling over from Kilkenny for this race and it is always a great day out whatever the weather.
Damien MaloneOct 5 2020, 2:11pmThanks Liam and all the volunteers. Great job on the road signposting, parking, route marking and marshalling. Very well organised.
Laura FlynnOct 7 2020, 6:20pmOn behalf of the committee and our members, I’d like to express my thanks to Liam, Niamh and the entire team of volunteers at last Sunday’s race for their management of the events in the appalling weather conditions that they were faced with. The absolute correct decisions were made and made under some pressure by all accounts, which is always difficult.
Thanks too to all the participants who did their bit and especially the lead group who made the wise choice to turn around and gave the correct message to the following runners.
In the circumstances, the race results will not be recorded nor any prizes given and we thank you for your understanding of this position. Well done to you all.