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Thomas DonohoeJul 27 2020, 2:11pmHi

I recently moved back to Dublin from London and am looking forward to joining the IMRA community.

It seems that remaining races for 2020 are booked out. If this is not the case, could someone explain how I could enter a race remaining in the year?

I am an experienced runner and am open to volunteering at upcoming events if that is a means of being able to take part in other events?

Thanks in advance for the replies.

Warren SwordsJul 27 2020, 2:21pmRaces only open for entry about a week in advance.

Maurice Mullins race sold out earlier in the year so no entries available for rescheduled date.

Ballyhoura races are open.

The Scalp race opens on Wedneday at 9am. If you click on events and then a race, it'll state when races open. So plenty of races coming over next few weeks, such as Scalp, Drumgoff, . Given limit of 100, they tend to sell out in a couple of hours.
Thomas DonohoeJul 27 2020, 2:31pmthats great news - thanks Warren!
Graham K. BusheJul 27 2020, 2:38pmHi Thomas,
welcome, it's always great to see new people joining the community.
Due to the restrictions etc, there is a bit of a mixed bag in what races lay ahead.
For example, the Maurice Mullins races were supposed to take place in March, and being very popular, were sold out well in advance. Hovever due to the Government restrictions, they were then postponed to 05 and 19 Sep. Existing entries were retained and no extra spaces are available.

On the other hand, The Scalp race scheduled for 05 Aug has not yet opened for entries, which will be online only.

So, your best bet is to check the details page of the event, and also read through the forum associated with it. This can sometimes be a long task, but the information is there.