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Vivian O'GormanJul 20 2020, 5:41pmHi All - I'm looking for a few volunteers.

Laptop Operator - First Aid Person and a couple Summit Marshals - Galty
Beg and Galtymore...
Registration and finish as well...

Also please be aware that entry for this race is ONLINE ONLY. Vouchers and/or money will NOT be accepted. The event page will be updated shortly.

There will be no waiting list or transfers so please make sure you are free to run the race before you enter.

More details later...
Remi DelilleJul 21 2020, 11:16amHi Vivian, I'm going to sign up to volunteer for the race...would really like to summit marshal either Galtymore or Galtybeg (I manned Cush last year).
John HayesJul 21 2020, 11:19amHi Vivian, I can do summit marshal - don't mind which one Remi can have his pick. I did summit marshal for Galtymore last year. John
Deirdre O GormanJul 22 2020, 8:44amI can do first aid, I'll add myself to the event.
Vivian O'GormanJul 27 2020, 9:49pmHi Folks,

A few notes for Saturday:

The race will start at 12pm with the Early Start at 11am. Just let me know if you are doing the Early Start at Registration.

Race Registration will open at 10.15am and close at 11.30am. Anyone collecting a new 2020 Race number can do so. Volunteers will direct you.

If you need a replacement number please purchase one BEFORE Saturday. Just go to the shop link through myimra. It cannot be done on race day. NO money or vouchers will be accepted...

The usual Social Distancing protocols will apply. Everyone will have a face covering in the sign in area, the start line and the first 200 meters of the race - bearing in mind that this is uphill phew!! Also when you pass through the finish line please remember to keep your distance and use your facemask/buff...

See the New Race Guidlines in the News section of this website...

The Kit required is: Longsleeved windproof jacket - hat - gloves - map - compass - whistle and facemask/buff. Mobile phone is optional. Make sure its charged. The mobile phone number on the back of your race number will ring my phone...

Prizegiving will be at the finish line. 1st - 2nd - 3rd Men and Women. Unfortunately there won't be category prizes, spots or tea/pint. Hopefully this will all come back soon...

Finally please be aware of Ticks! They are about. I will remind you on Saturday...

I will be in touch with the Volunteers in a day or so...
Vivian O'GormanJul 28 2020, 1:15pmHi Folks,

Just wondering if there is a First Aid Person that could go
up to Galty Beg on Saturday. With 100 runners on the mountain
it might be no harm to have someone up there...
Bernard HealyJul 28 2020, 1:56pmHi Vivian, I'm going to have to pull out of the race on Saturday. I'm after injuring my back and my physio is saying it's best to avoid running for a few weeks. My race number 788. Sorry the inconvenience and taking someone's place. All the best to everyone taking part.
Kristen O'SullivanJul 28 2020, 2:07pmI was hoping to take part in galtymore with a few other members of beara ac, unfortunately was too slow and missed out, wondering if I could take your place?
Vivian O'GormanJul 28 2020, 8:54pmSorry to hear that Bernard and thanks for letting me know...

Kristen sorry but there are no transfers...
Kristen O'SullivanJul 28 2020, 9:14pmOk, thank you. New to this, will be quicker next time!
david yelvertonJul 29 2020, 10:51amHi Vivian.
I can do 1st aid at galty beg. I'll change my role on the event page.
Regards David
Colm O'NeillJul 30 2020, 8:32amHi all, really looking forwards to this race, it will be my first IMRA event. Wondering if anyone would have a GPS/gpx file for the route from a previous year? The image of the map on the event page is great but I enjoy studying the route before if I can.

Thanks all and looking forwards to getting my 2020 bib on Sat.

All the best!
Darren HeaphyJul 30 2020, 11:52amColm, here’s the route I created on Komoot (you can download the GPX file from there)

It’s not the official route, just recreated myself!
Conor O'FarrellJul 30 2020, 12:34pmJust a gentle reminder. This is a purely map & compass type race. You may use GPX/GPS to recce or plot your route beforehand, but you are expected to use the map and compass to navigate on the day. If you do use your GPS watch/tech to navigate (for good or for bad), you should declare it to the Race Director at the finish line.
John CondonJul 30 2020, 5:36pmNot sure what your experience is Colm but this race is suitable for experienced mountain runners only. As a first IMRA race, I wouldn't recommend. If you are experienced then apologies.

"The route is not marked. Runners must be capable of navigating the route individually. The field is likely to spread out quickly, so following the runner in front will not be an option."
Colm O'NeillJul 30 2020, 10:55pmHi all, thanks for the comments, I'm very happy to be navigating by map and compass during the race, I was just looking for a file to study terrain using software tools in advance.

It is my first IMRA race but I have run plenty of mountain and trail runs in the past, mostly in the Alps, before I came back to Ireland. Thanks for the notes, I appreciate the way in which these events are organised and runners needing to be able to navigate alone.

Thanks again all !
Vivian O'GormanJul 31 2020, 8:45amHi Folks,

Last few messages!

Remember the Social Distancing Guidelines. Two meters apart especially in the registration and finish areas and your face mask/buff....

The weather is looking good.But that doesn't mean there won't be a few showers and mist. So bring the full kit as listed above and we will decide in the morning what to use for the race...

I won't have water for everybody so bring your own. We can't share bottles and cups...

Car Parking will be at a premium. So please follow the volunteers instructions...

Here is to a good day in the mountains tomorrow!!

See you all then...
Vivian O'GormanJul 31 2020, 7:36pmHi Folks,

I have just been told that the car park on the left nearest
the race start is a no entry area and is therefore out of bounds!!

I would suggest therefore that you carpool from the Caravancery Bar
which is literally just down the road. Remembering to wear your
face mask while in the car...

There will also be a lot of walkers out tomorrow as well...
Darren HeaphyJul 31 2020, 9:08pm:( I can't make it, if there's a naked warrior dance then someone can take my slot, sorry. Have a good race
niall flynnJul 31 2020, 9:29pmWhere exactly is that pub for the parking?
Vivian O'GormanJul 31 2020, 10:36pmThe pub is on the road from Rossadrehid. On the right hand side. About one
and a half kilometers from the race...
Darren HeaphyAug 1 2020, 8:53amWow, when I wrote "naked warrior dance" I meant naked warrior dance! I have no idea how my phone changed it :-D Good luck today
John CondonAug 1 2020, 8:15pmMany thanks Vivian and volunteers for a great race. I could have sworn ye added a few more metres to Galtybeg ;)
Conor MurphyAug 1 2020, 9:14pmThanks so much to Vivian and all who helped out today. Lots of runners, lots of cars, but all went like clockwork. And as ever Vivian set us all off with smiles on our faces...
Peter BellAug 2 2020, 12:33pmBig thanks to Vivian and his helpers. That was a tough tough race. It was a perfect day on the hills for it. Loved it.
Robbie WilliamsAug 2 2020, 1:12pmThank You Vivian and all the volunteers for yesterday

Baptism of fire race for 2020

Great to have everybody out running in the hills again
Anthony CornforthAug 2 2020, 3:29pmThanks Vivian and all the Marshall's, helpers and photographers for making this great race happen in the most testing of times.
Christopher MurnaneAug 2 2020, 6:04pmThanks to all the volunteers, great organization and tough race.....can't wait to come back
Alice ClancyAug 2 2020, 10:37pmThank you Vivian and the team of Galtymore volunteers. That was such a brilliant race! So hard and so much fun! Also the new raffle format was excellent. Everyone won a prize ;-)
Vivian O'GormanAug 3 2020, 10:12amThank you to everyone who turned out on Sunday. It has to be one of our toughest races. And the weather turned up!! We could see you all galloping up Galty Beg!!

Thanks to all my volunteers from the summits down. It just doesn't happen without them...

Congratulations to Killian Mooney and Ciara Largey on their wins...

Results will be up during the week....
Conor O'FarrellAug 3 2020, 7:35pmSounds like it was a great day out on Saturday with some fine weather to reduce the pressure on the nav aspect of the race. Looks like it was a nice easy jog.

Congrats to the winners, Killian and Ciara.

Results are now up, please send any queries to