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Wicklow Round 21st June

Greg CLARKEJun 18 2020, 9:35amHi All,

I will be having a crack at the Wicklow Round this Sunday starting at 2am.

I have not managed to arrange a tracker yet and if anyone has the know how on how to do that I would be most appreciative!

Many Thanks,
Graham K. BusheJun 18 2020, 10:09amBest of luck Greg. Hope it goes well.
Greg CLARKEJun 18 2020, 11:41amCheers Graham! Hope the weather is kind to us!
Brendan LawlorJun 18 2020, 12:18pmWicklow Round attempts are like busses .. none for ages then two come along together...

Best of luck to my auld mucker Greg on his attempt.. if you get a tracker I'll try get out to say hello and cheer you on

Stay socially distant now you two !!
Richard NunanJun 18 2020, 12:24pm

Trackers organised
Stephen BrennanJun 18 2020, 1:50pmAll the best Greg!
Rachel CinnsealachJun 18 2020, 5:18pmEnjoy the hills Greg, as I know you will.
Thomas RocheJun 18 2020, 10:03pmBest of luck Greg
Greg CLARKEJun 19 2020, 11:57amThanks all! Really appreciate the community and the support! Roll on Sunday! Cheers! :)
Alistair HodgettJun 19 2020, 1:16pmGood luck and steady running!
Graham K. BusheJun 19 2020, 2:12pmVery best of luck Greg.
I hope thet weather out there is kind to you and everything goes to plan. fingers crossed.
Laurence ColleranJun 19 2020, 3:17pmBest of luck Greg.
Jeff FitzsimonsJun 20 2020, 10:15amBest of luck Greg. Great to see the activity kicking off!
Richard NunanJun 22 2020, 9:59amJust to say a huge well done to Greg Clarke, the 36th person to complete the Wicklow Round in a time of 19hours and 23 Minutes

I have a feeling we will have our 40th person by the end of the summer !
Greg CLARKEJun 23 2020, 12:24pmHi All,

Just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone for all the kind words, encouragement, support and sharing of the enthusiasm.
Special mention to Richard Nunan for putting in a huge weekend with the two attempts. Greatly appreciated his support and that of all the IMRA community who came out. Telling of the excitement within!

Was chuffed with how the day turned out after a reasonably challenging start. My support crew Anthony and Rob were a force of nature as I met them along the way and they turned me around in moments without ever having a thing to worry about.

Again, Thanks to the whole community for sharing the vision and buzz for long days in the hills.

See you in the hills,
Greg CLARKEJun 23 2020, 12:37pmI put a few words and pictures in here if anyone is interested.