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Trial for World Long Distance Championship

Robbie WilliamsJun 14 2020, 8:29amHello all..

The current status is that the World Long Distance Championship is going ahead in Lanzarote on 14th November.

With this in mind I am planning the trial race for same. The aim is to have it in Ballyhoura on 8th August. Of course this is all subject to Covid opening up the restrictions.

Can all interested male & female athletes please forward me the following via email:

Mobile contact number
A list of recent (last few years) races and results that would show your running form, over a number of distance. Please include the links for each result .

Thank You Guys


Robbie WilliamsJun 17 2020, 4:50pmThank you those that have sent in your details.

The course we hope to use is the same as last years trial.

10.5km loop x 4 times.
This gives an aid station every 10km
It will probably be live tracking.
The course is approx 420m per lap giving 1680m ascent total over 42km. Mixture of fire road and pieces of single track. All very runnable.

I will update with more details soon.

Thank You
Robert CostelloJun 21 2020, 11:34pmRobbie,
What are the criteria to apply? Is there a required finish time?
Would be great to get more detail given the date is so close.
Robert CostelloJun 24 2020, 11:48pmBumping this up. Can someone on the committee reply please? Thanks
Leo MahonJun 25 2020, 9:25amQualifying times for selection for World long distance for 2019 on same coarse was 3hrs 20mins men
3hrs 30mins women our secretary posted a time of 4hrs 12 mins
Robbie has asked for details be sent to him for this year race to gauge interest in the trial race Because of Covid19 and the shortage of races at marathon distance
Robbie WilliamsJun 25 2020, 4:51pmHi Lads

Yes if the race is trial only, then it will be those who have potential for Irish Squad send letter of intent with some recent results history

As Leo says the mens target is 3:20 over this course, so I would reckon a road marathon time of sun 2:45 would want to be in the bag as a comparison.

With the level of athletes applying, it certainly will be a hotly contested affair .

But, here’s hoping we get to make it an open race for all to enjoy, we will limit to 100 runners
Robert CostelloJun 27 2020, 7:06pmSo are ye saying anyone can run up to the 100 cap or are ye saying that you have to have a 2:45 Marathon time to be eligible? Of what way does it work. Some clarity would be great. Thanks
Robbie WilliamsJun 27 2020, 9:06pm1. If the race is not an open race : ie: Trial only , then I would reckon you would want a pretty high standard of ability to partake. That being , the goal of making an international Irish Team.

2. If it is an open race (have to receive conformation from Coillte re permits etc, then anybody who wants to enter can enter. There will however be certain cut off times for very slow runners so that we are not keeping marshals on the hill for too long.

3. We hope (our goal) is that it will be an open race. But we cannot make a decision on same, as do not have the necessary go ahead from relevant parties but will provide update and gladly open for sale on site if this happens, as soon as it happens.
Richard NunanJun 27 2020, 9:59pmAs with every year - the race is open to anyone that feels they can make the Team, as per the Criteria.

While we have gov guidelines we are wanting to validate the entries so that those who could make the team will get a chance to Trial as places could be limited.

Last year we had 11, one would hope it would be ok,

However with the lack of Marathons on the Calendar, we wouldn't want people to be looking at the Trials as a replacement for a canceled Marathon - so therefore we are taking necessary precautions to avoid that. If you think you could make the team you should be there !
Christopher MurnaneJul 24 2020, 11:17amHi, just wondering if you have any update on this and if it's going ahead? Thanks
Shane KennyJul 24 2020, 4:12pmHi was wondering the same thing, just trying to prepare for the event thanks
Robbie WilliamsJul 24 2020, 11:42pmHi Lads

We should have open in next 48hrs
Leo MahonJul 29 2020, 8:50pmEntry is now open for the WLDMRC trial race in Ballyhoura on the 8th August
For athletes unable to get to the trial because of Covid19 travel restrictions Please drop an email to ie and let us know of any races pre Covid you did Please read the selection criteria on the IMRA event page Times for mountain races in 2019 will be taken into account