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Adventuring Within a Tight Circumference.

Brian KitsonJun 7 2020, 8:03pmWith no races to report on and on the eve of our world about to get a whole lot bigger, here's a piece that I wrote about adventuring and adventurers within a tight circumference.

Apologies for the link, i didn't know where else to post.
Brendan LawlorJun 8 2020, 8:28amThats a great read Brian
Jeff SwordsJun 8 2020, 1:01pmNice read Brian. John O’Donohue's thoughts about never looking at a place the same way again has always rang true with me.

You can miss lots by not bring the interest you bring with you outside of familiar surroundings back home with you.
Grace EganJun 8 2020, 2:16pmEnjoyed that Brian, it’s so true we have all been forced to explore and find new routes within our radius.
Samuel FoxJun 9 2020, 11:48amThanks for that Brian, three nice short pieces of writing. I have also explored the roads of Moate during this lockdown and now think I know them all, the beautiful small backroads around many farms here! If only I had some trails!
Miriam MaherJun 9 2020, 12:22pmNice read Brian thanks for that.

I've valued the memories of my past ultras over the last couple months, knowing that I had got to have those experiences was something all by itself. I've re-visited my first local running routes endlessly since late March and even found some new ones. Will be happy to venture further in approx. 20 days all the same :)
Seán O'Neill ClareJun 14 2020, 1:22pmHello Brian!!
Enjoyed reading your article!
The town John O'Donohue is writing about is Murnau - about 30 km south of Munich with views of Alps to south.
A really interesting programme can be heard on Radio Kerry every Saturday morning from 9 to 11 am.
All things Kerry (only!) are discussed.
Every week they feature a (Kerry!) person describe their Local 2 km.
Worth listening to!