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Caitlin BentMay 31 2020, 12:40pmHi, I bought my 2020 Membership on line on 30/5,
but have not received the usual text details re Race No.
I read a Forum enquiry some days ago from a girl who has the same query, and there was a reply but I cannot find them on Forum now. Is it me or the gremlins?:)
Pól Ó MurchúMay 31 2020, 1:50pmHi Caitlin, your 2020 number is 2611 so it would appear that you are registered ok. You should also be able to see this in your profile and also your purchase history should show the purchase but all looks good this end.
Caitlin BentMay 31 2020, 10:49pmGo raibh maith agat Pól.