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Lockdown training

niall flynnApr 9 2020, 8:56amWhat is everyone doing to continue training during this lockdown?

Some of us are lucky enough to live in runnable areas, maybe even next to some trails. What about everyone else?
Shane O'MalleyApr 9 2020, 10:39amBeen struggling with motivation but have setup virtual group runs with my club which are definitely helping. Aim is just to get out and post a pic of somewhere on jour run, copy of your watch screen or just a comment about how it went to give everyone a feeling that they were part of a group activity.

Everyone has different abilities so distance and pace not important.

Would kill for a hill but know they are not going anywhere.
John J BarryApr 9 2020, 2:54pmAlas no off road trails within my 2km limit and I'm staying with the 2km limit.

This week I set a mini target of running 10 miles a day for 7 days. This morning I visited a nearby hill where I did 1500m repeats on the hill. Managed to get in 350m of climb doing it.

Yesterday I did 10km doing 600m repeats on a farm track near me. I dragged out the other half for a slow 6km run afterwards to make my 16km. Her Tennis and Aerobic classes are closed so she doing a little bit of slow running with me..
Emily GlenApr 10 2020, 11:08amStruggling with motivation so if there is any club activities or groups, I'd be well up for that!
Anne-Marie FlahertyApr 10 2020, 5:00pmMotivation has been the big problem for me too.

Westport was built in a hole, so can get plenty of hills in within my 2km, but to be honest I've been sticking to a fairly flat loop just to get out and do something.

I'm full of admiration for people getting out and doing massive runs in such small areas!
niall flynnApr 11 2020, 7:44pmI'm lucky enough to have managed an 10-hour week (more than usual) between cycling and running loops near me--including finding some new roads/trails that I wouldn't have come across otherwise.

I'm sticking to mostly low intensity. I think this is a good opportunity, as this season's goals have been swept away, to focus on building the aerobic engine.
Andrew HanneyApr 11 2020, 10:58pmIn our AC we have a video conference each Monday in Microsoft Teams where the coach goes through the program for the week. For this weekend he added a two mile time trial to give people something to aim for. It’s been fun, generates banter between us gives those who want it an opportunity to push themselves in the absence of races.
Graham ChampApr 12 2020, 6:40pmI can't go outside for any running during this whole thing so I have been working my treadmill hard. Today it broke suddenly in mid session so I changed to hill repeats on my stairs. Ran up & down 100 times after seeing the idea on
It is harder than I thought.