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Rogaine ireland 2020 postponed

Paul KevilleMar 26 2020, 11:14amHello all. Setanta orienteers have taken the decision to postpone the rogaine this year. We are uncertain on a date as of yet. We suspect late summer or early autumn.


We hope this virus clears up soon and we can get back to normal soon


Setanta orienteers
Mike JordanMar 26 2020, 2:12pmUnderstandable decision. At the very least it wouldn't be feasible for planners to get out on the hills in the coming weeks to design the course.
Thanks Setanta!

Later in the year = less daylight = more challenge = more fun?!
John MurrayMar 26 2020, 6:23pmI've wanted to do this for the last few years but it always clashed with something else, so later in the year might actually be a good thing for me! :)

Plus I like the way Mike is thinking! lol