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Bag of chips

Justin ReaMar 6 2020, 9:44amI now have multiple chips accumulated over last few years. I always try and use the same chip for the whole year, but does this matter as long as I get it scanned before race and linked with my number?

I have a couple of different shoes I use, so it would be handy to not have to transfer a single chip between them.
Stuart ScottMar 6 2020, 9:48amJustin, this is the most disappointing and misleading forum title ever! I thought the post-race sangwiches were going for an 'upgrade'!
Andrew HanneyMar 6 2020, 2:13pmDo you know I'm more likely to attend IMRA races that allow me to pass to Roundwood to collect my bag of chips. I defintiely don't let them accumulate for any longer than 5 minutes though. You've accumulated yours for years in your shoes? Jeez!
Jeff SwordsMar 7 2020, 11:12amI'm with the lads, Roundwood have the best post race chips.
Kevin O'RiordanMar 7 2020, 11:42amIn all seriousness though, that would create a lot of extra work for the registration team if people use different chip every week.
Conor O'FarrellMar 7 2020, 5:50pmIt would be best if anyone had old chips, that the hand them back for recirculation. Using multiple chips on separate shoes only slows down the reg process, if we have to reprogram a chip every time someone changes their shoes. We can only have one chip registered per user at any one time.
Peter BellMar 7 2020, 7:53pmThe chips in Beshoffs we great today, think they might beat Roundwoods.
Conor O'FarrellMar 7 2020, 8:50pmKina reminds me of this forum post: