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Wicklow Glacier Lakes (solo)

John BellMar 2 2020, 2:10pmRoll up, roll up. All those who enjoy the open mountains, one of the highlights of the IMRA calendar is coming up soon. A proper mountain marathon!.

Note that we are introducing a cut-off time at 2pm for starting Leg 3. This should sufficient under normal circumstances for all to do. If in doubt there is an early start option. Anyone missing this cut-off time can skip Leg 3 and continue to Leg 4 to complete a 'short course' if they wish.
John MurrayMar 4 2020, 5:56pmGutted to be missing this Race this year! :(

Probably my favourite and definitely one of the best open mountain races on the calendar. Lots of route choices so get out and recce as much as you can. It's all about finding that sweet line! :)
Sarah BradyJul 15 2020, 2:19pmHey! This event says entries closed. Just wondering will it be opening again for entries at some point or is it all full up with people who entered for the previous date? Thanks. :)
Conor O'FarrellJul 15 2020, 2:27pmHi Sarah

Entries will open closer the date, probably 2 weeks out from the event.

Sarah BradyJul 15 2020, 3:03pmAh great. Thanks, Conor.
Sarah BradySep 17 2020, 4:52pmHi there. Just wondering if there is still any hope of this race going ahead? I had been recceing it the last few weeks hoping that it would still go ahead on October 10 if restrictions allowed but I've heard from a couple of people in the last few days that it won't ... I still have one leg to recce, which I was going to do this weekend but don't want to waste time if I should be looking at an alternative race. Not meaning to put anyone under pressure. I know the committee can't say more than a few days in advance if a race is definitely happening. I'm more just wondering is it definitely NOT happening. Thanks. :)
Lillian DeeganSep 17 2020, 7:22pmHi Sarah,

I am not in a position to say whether it’s in or out just yet, sorry. Laura and I are reviewing odd events to see what might be a possible location wise over the next few weeks. We’d be hoping to get some news up next week all going well.
Sarah BradySep 17 2020, 7:33pmHi Lillian, ok, thanks for your response! I’ll keep an eye on the forum so and hope for the best. :)
Michael O'RourkeSep 22 2020, 9:44pmSarah, I think it was mentioned some weeks ago that Stone Cross to Lug was to replace WGL on 10 October and that date for SCL was confirmed this week (not sure why the events page still had WGL on for 10th).
Lillian DeeganSep 22 2020, 9:51pmSorry Michael, the announcement on the Glaciers and Stone Cross was only confirmed yesterday by me. The calendar was amended at the same time to reflect the change. I’m not sure which events calendar you are looking at but the detail showing for 10.10.20 is as it should be.