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Aileen FieldFeb 18 2020, 4:08pmIs there somewhere safe to lock up/put a bike at the heritage centre?
Mariusz LuczakFeb 18 2020, 9:12pmAileen, I think you can safely leave your bike inside. One of the volunteers will be in Heritage Centre at all time during the race.
Mags CoughlanFeb 27 2020, 3:20pmHi there - is it possible for dogs (on lead?) to do the Bweeng trail run this weekend?

Laura FlynnFeb 27 2020, 3:33pmFor safety reasons we cannot allow dogs Mags.
Mags CoughlanFeb 27 2020, 9:18pmOK - thanks!
Bernard YoreFeb 29 2020, 12:32amHi just successfully entered for my son in the juvenile however missed the the online entry deadline for myself . Wondering is there anyway left to enter.
Mariusz LuczakFeb 29 2020, 9:00amBernard, entries should be reopened soon. Sorry for your problems, it was a glitch on website due to leap year.
Bernard YoreFeb 29 2020, 9:03amthank you that would be great.
Mariusz LuczakFeb 29 2020, 9:44amEntries are reopen now. Please use "Shop/online entries" from main menu, because race website still shows "Entries Closed". Working to get that sorted as well.
Rory O DonovanFeb 29 2020, 10:11amHi,

Do you need to register beforehand for the kids race?


Mariusz LuczakFeb 29 2020, 10:16amBoth ways to enter the race are working now.
Mariusz LuczakFeb 29 2020, 10:18amRory, kids race is free and no need to register, but we ask for an parent/guardian to accompany each child.
Bernard YoreFeb 29 2020, 10:30amThanks again was able to Enter the race
Rory O DonovanFeb 29 2020, 10:45amThanks Mariusz
Gerard DownFeb 29 2020, 2:05pmWhere is the registration ?
Gerard DownFeb 29 2020, 2:08pmOk, I checked Google link, !!!At the Cross Roads !
Mariusz LuczakFeb 29 2020, 5:17pmGerard, registration and parking will be in Laharn Heritage Centre. It's 900m from the crossroads. There will be no parking in start/finish area at the crossroads.
Michael O sullivanFeb 29 2020, 8:01pmHey there. I can't seem to purchase entry?
I thought I could still do it till midnight or am I doing something wrong.
Ross orourkeFeb 29 2020, 8:24pmIs it still possible to entry the race? I can't find it in the shop
Róisín BurkeFeb 29 2020, 8:26pmHey, I am attempting to enter the race for tomorrow but i am getting an invalid message display when I click purchase race entry?
Is it full?

Michael O sullivanFeb 29 2020, 8:37pmI have purchased vouchers now so can I just turn up in the morning with proof instead.
Stephen O KeeffeFeb 29 2020, 8:40pmHi Roisin. I think the closing time was 6pm.

But if you want to enter i can give you one of my vouchers if thats allowed

I had 10 races picked out but i missed bansha so have a spare

Mariusz LuczakFeb 29 2020, 8:45pmYes, registration is closed now. The only remaining option is voucher.
Róisín BurkeFeb 29 2020, 8:47pmHey Stephen,

Oops! I am heading down with friends so would very much like to complete the race! Whats the story with vouchers can I buy one or use yours?
Mariusz LuczakFeb 29 2020, 8:47pmMichael, you can turn up with proof of purchasing voucher. I can see your name on vouchers list.
Michael O sullivanFeb 29 2020, 8:51pmThanks.
Róisín BurkeFeb 29 2020, 8:52pmHey Mariusz,

Am I okay to use Stephen's voucher? I have a race number?
I am only getting into moutain running so there is no value in me purchasing a voucher myself

Let me know,


Róisín BurkeFeb 29 2020, 8:52pmHey Mariusz,

Am I okay to use Stephen's voucher? I have a race number?
I am only getting into mountain running so there is no value in me purchasing a voucher myself

Let me know,


Stephen O KeeffeFeb 29 2020, 8:55pmRoisin you can buy a book of 10 in the online shop for €50
and then just turn up tomorrow with proof of purchase or
If its allowed you can use one of mine, i really dont mind.

If you have vouchers you can just turn up on day and register
they are handy.

Róisín BurkeFeb 29 2020, 8:57pmThanks Stephen, I had a look there, I am unlikely to get the benefit of a vouchers booklet so would appreciate if I could use yours if possible, not sure how that works, but fingers crossed its an option!

Stephen O KeeffeFeb 29 2020, 9:03pmYeah if its allowed you can use one of mine no problem Roisin
Róisín BurkeFeb 29 2020, 9:26pmHey Stephen, I was onto Bweeng Trail Blazers, I think I have the all clear to race under your voucher, what do I need tomorrow to sign up?

Thanks a lot for helping me out

Stephen O KeeffeFeb 29 2020, 9:32pmIm new to this but I think we just need to register at the same time and then they punch my voucher twice and thats it!!!

Ah your welcome Roisin.

Im aiming to be there at around 10 - 10.15.

Róisín BurkeFeb 29 2020, 9:34pmNice one!! Perfect, so my email is, if you send me a mail we can arrange to meet tomorrow,

Epic, thanks a lot!

Excited now, it's my second ever mountain race... I hope I win! (joking)

Mariusz LuczakFeb 29 2020, 10:20pmStephen, thanks for your help. Yes, you can punch one voucher for Roisin and one for yourself.
Stephen O KeeffeFeb 29 2020, 10:45pmThanks Mariusz.
Stephen O KeeffeMar 1 2020, 6:45pmThanks Mariusz and all the volunteers for a great race today. Challenging course, loved the long muddy section but the stairway to heaven not so much!!! Also thanks to the man who left us park in his house down the road from the heritage centre.
Brian FlannellyMar 1 2020, 8:33pmResults are now up for this event - any questions/queries on them, please email:
brian <dot> flannelly <at> imra <dot> ie
Mariusz LuczakMar 1 2020, 9:33pmHappy to hear that Stephen. Hope you'll come back next year.
Fran SextonMar 2 2020, 8:16amHi, I ran yesterday with a hand written number. My no. is 1547 but I do not see it recorded in results section? Thanks for a great day.
Barry MurrayMar 2 2020, 10:02amBrilliant race at Bweeng yesterday !

first one of the year, report now up !
Robbie WilliamsMar 2 2020, 10:33amThis is what hill running is all about.
What a great race put on by a great group of local lads.

Lovely feel to the whole morning. Beautiful weather, great views, a course that has everything and great runners to run with.

Congratulations on a very successful race and Long may it last.

This is definitely my new favorite race :)

Well done to Mariuz and all the helpers that made it happen!!
Ross orourkeMar 2 2020, 10:40amHey guys, didnt mange to enter the event in time. Is it possible to run the route outside of this event or was it set out as only a event route?
James LongMar 2 2020, 11:04amHey guys, I also had a hand-written number for yesterdays race and don't appear on the results page? Is it possible to send you my Garmin data. Thank you
Mariusz LuczakMar 2 2020, 12:53pmFran, I'll check that at the evening. Can you tell me if you know what time you ran?
Mariusz LuczakMar 2 2020, 12:54pmJames, can you also tell me what time you ran on your Garmin?
James LongMar 2 2020, 1:16pmHi Mariusz, my race number is 1334 and my time was 47:51 per my watch
Fran SextonMar 2 2020, 2:34pmThanks a million. I didn't clock it but think I came in around the 1 hr mark. Maybe between 1 and 1.01. Much appreciated.
Paul TwomeyMar 2 2020, 4:27pm@Ross O Rourke yes it is possible to run this route outside of the race day. The route is used almost daily by Bweeng Trail Blazers and many more. Feel free to go use and explore the mountain. Route is now de marked post race. Details of route on details page
Christopher MurnaneMar 2 2020, 5:58pmGreat race and spread afterwards, congrats to all involved and looking forward to next year!!
Mariusz LuczakMar 2 2020, 10:10pmFran and James, all sorted, results will be updated soon. Sorry for the mistake.
Mariusz LuczakMar 2 2020, 10:28pmWe have 2 photo albums from the race:

One more album is in making at the moment and all these photos will be added to IMRA website so you can tag yourself and friends. Enjoy.