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Owen HarneyFeb 12 2020, 8:51pmHi all,

I've never climbed Carrauntoohil, so I'd love to do this event. I notice it's listed as an unmarked route. Are nav skills needed for this one? If so, I'd do a course (I likely will anyway) but just wondering if it's necessary for this event?

John J BarryFeb 12 2020, 9:30pmOwen,

Since your asking it probably indicates this event is not for you. Navigation skills are essential and doing a course will not be enough to get you through the day if the weather / visibility is poor
Gordon PlaceFeb 12 2020, 9:35pmHi Owen, I think yes for most if not all unmarked races, in case it gets misty, and you don't know the route. Even if you think you do, it's easy to get turned around, plus people get spread out, so following someone isn't easy. GPS track following is not allowed either unless you need to use it to get back home, and then declare yourself a dnf
Gordon PlaceFeb 12 2020, 9:38pmPlenty of time to do your course, and get out practicing between now and race date
Owen HarneyFeb 12 2020, 10:30pmThanks for the responses. That's fairly clear so. I'll get some navigation experience and keep this race on the to-do list!
Gerard DownFeb 12 2020, 11:34pmHi Owen,
The route from Cronin's Yard is in terms of navigation and terrain a bit easier or at least more straightforward than from Glencar - at least in my own experience having the races from both Glencar and Cronin's Yard.
Robbie WilliamsFeb 13 2020, 11:13amHi Owen

I’m RD for the Classic, 19th July from Cronins Yard

As Gerard said it’s much more navigable,

Might be one to train for.
Gerard DownFeb 13 2020, 12:39pmIf the day is clear this route is also stunningly beautiful - I was taken aback the first time I did it - so worth doing the race for that alone !
Stuart ScottFeb 13 2020, 12:50pmHi Owen,

I would strongly recommend walking the route beforehand (either one mentioned) and knowing how to use a map and compass. If the mist comes in, you could find yourself lost and heading for a cliff very quickly! Like Robbie said, the 'classic' is a much more straightforward route than the 'traditional' one but both should be treated with respect.

Where in the country are you based? I'd strongly recommend doing a mountain skills course. Cormac from Fia Mountaineering ( is excellent and runs courses around the country but there are plenty of other equally excellent instructors around too.

Owen HarneyFeb 16 2020, 2:24pmThanks everyone for the responses.

Gerard, Robbie. Thanks for the info. I'll look towards the July 19th route then.

Stuart, I'm based in Galway. I'll look into MS courses around here. As for walking the route first, yes I'd like to do that anyway. I've been chatting to a few others around here about heading down to do so in April/May.

Thanks all!