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Wicklow Way Race

Lillian DeeganJan 17 2020, 4:57pm2020 CP cut offs and odd other info. has been updated for the WW Race. Entry will open on the 1st of May and close on May 31st ‘20.

Happy milers building to those hoping to hit the start mat on July 11th.

Ciaran McKennaFeb 7 2020, 4:26pmHey there,

Quick one - is there a cut off to the number of participants in this one? Apologies if I missed it in the Race details.

Lillian DeeganFeb 7 2020, 6:09pmI've no cap on numbers Ciaran.
Patrick HarmonFeb 8 2020, 11:46pmHI there,im having trouble finding an ultra race on a suitable date in order to qualify for the 'wicklow way race' I'm just wondering I have done a 24hr endurance race run bike kayak last August covering 248k with roughly 46k of running. Would this qualify me for the wicklow way in July.
Lillian DeeganFeb 9 2020, 12:09amHello Patrick, might you bounce me off an email with a link to the 24hr gig and I'll let you know. Email your link to

Thanks, Lillian
Lillian DeeganMay 1 2020, 11:02amHappy May Day everyone :)

I'm on with a brief note regarding race day and the online WW Race entry due to open today. Owing to the current restrictions, ongoing distancing measures and Laura's Coronavirus IMRA postings - online entries won't open for the month of May.. Our July 11th race date will be rescheduled if possible. If and when we figure a new date, I will post details here for all hopefuls.

Continued well wishes to all.

Peter WilliamsMay 1 2020, 11:25amHi Lillian

Is a July race not deemed possible now?


Lillian DeeganMay 1 2020, 11:52amHi Peter,

A July date is not possible - correct. With a race of this kind a number of factors need to considered even in the current climate.

Paul KellyMay 1 2020, 1:46pmHi Lillian,

Thanks for the update. Maybe having it as a winter ultra might be fun?


Lillian DeeganMay 1 2020, 8:44pmHoping for an autumn shot before a winter one Paul. Haft to be thinking of my volunteers out for hours on end in not so sunny weather. I may well look to dress them in more than PPE gear at the CPs :)
Lillian DeeganJun 11 2020, 9:28pmConfirming the revised date for the WW Race - Oct. 31st at midnight will be gun time. Entries will open for month of September.

On route direction, drop bags, buses, crews and CP food stations - I will update on these bits n bobs in the next few weeks to allow ppl plan accordingly. Plenty still dependent on Govt. guidelines.

That's all for now folks. I'll leave ye with a well early Happy Halloween trick or treat sesh to consider and a promise of a full moon race night from committee :)

Paul KellyJun 11 2020, 9:45pmExcellent news Lillian. Do a bit of trick or treating for race food then race! haha

Thanks for the update

Do we need to do it in fancy dress??
Lillian DeeganJun 11 2020, 10:33pmDare set Paul. Fill your boots :)
daniela lubiscakovaJun 11 2020, 10:42pmThanks for the update Lilian. And ha-ha, I'll start thinking what fancy dress to put on to get as much race food 'sweeeeeets' to keep me going through out the race! :)
Samuel FoxJun 12 2020, 11:53amGreat to have a date to work towards. Fingers crossed.
Colm NewportJun 14 2020, 9:12pmHi Lilian, Thanks for update! If you have already entered, does your entry roll over or do you have to reapply? Colm
Lillian DeeganJun 14 2020, 9:31pmHiya Colm,

Good to hear your still on for race day. Your Feb. '20 comms stand, no need to resend. Once the online entry option comes up in Sept. you are fine to fire away and secure you place.

Happy miler building :)

Colm NewportJun 15 2020, 1:03pmThanks Lilian. Talk in September! Colm
Phil behanJun 18 2020, 9:57pmGreat news Lillian. Really looking forward to this. I take my email from a few months back still stands ? I’ll enter online in Sept too. Thanks again. P
Lillian DeeganJun 19 2020, 11:34amPhil, alls good in the hood :) Delighted to hear your planning for Oct. 31st. Your previous entry criteria stands for sure. Roll on race day!
Lillian DeeganJul 8 2020, 12:00pmHello everyone,

On with a race day news - Route direction will be North/South. Race page details have been updated.

Reg sign-in, number collection and kit checks will all be done in Marlay Park.

We will not be arranging any return transport from the finish line this year.

Next update will be to confirm drop bag options. Will get this up over the next few weeks ahead of the online reg. period.
Gordon PlaceJul 8 2020, 12:07pmSure everyone can just do a Graham on it and jog back!
Paul BurchmoreJul 8 2020, 12:23pmThanks Lillian, very helpful info.
Certainly helps the planning. Much appreciated.
Raymond CumminsJul 9 2020, 3:19pmThat's great news Lillian about the race going from North to South. I have been waiting 3 years to have another crack and this time get inside the cut-off. ;-)
Niamh KellyJul 9 2020, 6:29pmI can still help out on the day and looking forward to it
Samuel FoxJul 10 2020, 9:55amLooking forward to this one, thanks for the update.
Brian O'GradyJul 17 2020, 11:54pmHi folks,
Dropping in to say hello and looking forward to meeting all you good people on the day - covid permitting.
Brian O'GradyJul 17 2020, 11:56pmHi folks,
Dropping in to say hello and looking forward to meeting all you good people on the day - covid permitting. Fingers crossed it's wonderful to have racing opportunities again.
Tim ChapmanJul 21 2020, 1:11pmHi I just signed up to help out. If I could do any helping during the night so can be back at home by 8am that would be class.

If this doesn't actually help you at all I can stand down.

Lillian DeeganJul 21 2020, 1:26pmFair dues Tim, thanks. The WW Race is one of the IMRA events that's asks a lot time wise of our volunteers. Stay where you are with the offer and I'll pop you in for Crone. It's an early morning shift, you'll be home by 4 to 4:30am all going well :) thx again. Chat more nearing race day.
Lillian DeeganAug 28 2020, 1:32pmEntries for this event were due to open next Tuesday, Sept. 1st. WW Race event page detail has been amended to read as a TBC on the entry opening period.

I'd be hopeful that we can open the shop for entries mid Sept. and continue with plans for the Oct. 31st event. Everything depends very much in our being able to secure the necessary permits for the race route.

Once I can update, I will post news here.
Declan McGuinnessAug 28 2020, 1:46pmThanks for the update Lillian, hopefully the race will be good to go ahead all goin well :)
James HeggieAug 28 2020, 2:04pmThank you for the update Lilian , fingers crossed
It’s goes ahead .
Krzysztof KujawaSep 1 2020, 7:47amHi. I would like to sign up for the WW Race but it shows "Entries disabled". Does it go ahead?
John MurraySep 1 2020, 9:00amHi Krzysztof,

Please read Lillian’s message 3 posts above.

Entries won’t open till around middle of September at the earliest now.
lorraine Mc mahonSep 11 2020, 8:56pmThank you for the update Lillian. Fingers crossed
Thomas DomicanSep 13 2020, 12:30pmI see that the Aherlow race is probably on 31st October does this mean wwsolo is cancelled for this year
Richard NunanSep 13 2020, 12:44pmLillian is working away on the feasibility of this going ahead as planned
Thomas DomicanSep 13 2020, 1:03pmThanks
Keith RussellSep 16 2020, 6:43amWould anyone have the GPX for the WW that they would share please
Gordon PlaceSep 16 2020, 9:36amHi Keith,

You can download as it was last year from here

But make sure you check any diversions or new sections, there is at least one new section that cuts out the road at Lough Tay, described by Mick Hanney on the IMRA FB page here...
Lillian DeeganSep 20 2020, 12:37pmHello everyone, 

WW Race update - This day 6 weeks it will all be over for another year :) 

With the announcement by government on Friday having Dublin as a no go zone for a time, a decision has been made to swing the direction of the race on the off chance things do not improve in the capital by the end of October.  

Update on planning is as follows:  Route Direction - South/ North.  

The race page detail has been updated today.  (Shop opening spec will be amended too). 

The race will start at midnight in Clonegal, Carlow and finish in Marlay Park, Dublin.  Registration will kick off on Friday evening, Oct. 30th with participants presenting at particular allotted times to sign-in, do kit check and have their tracker fitted.   I will assign times to everyone racing in advance of Reg. evening.  

~No drop bag option.  
~No checkpoint food stations.  

CREW Requirement: Everyone looking to enter this years race will need to have a crew meet them at the nominated checkpoints only along the route.  Once we have entries in, I will be in touch with participants with a few specific details for their race day crew. 

Shop for entries: 200 places will be available for purchase.  

The IMRA shop will open next Friday, Sept. 25th at 9am and it will close on Friday, Oct. 3rd at 9pm or before if we reach entry capacity.  

For all those who sent expressions of interest to race and by reply have been ok'd to enter, please do fire ahead and secure a spot next week if todays updated detail suits you.  

Lastly for now, advance apologies to those who had their prep done for a Marlay Park start line.  With so much still somewhat uncertain from a covid point of view, swinging the direction of this race in order to plan for the event to proceed is as good as can be done at this stage.  

This day 6 weeks it will all be over for another year :) 

Declan McGuinnessSep 20 2020, 1:12pmThat’s great news Lillian. So you will need to have a crew in order to the race. At the checkpoints will there be places to refill your water/hydration packs or will it all have to be done by your crew?


Lillian DeeganSep 20 2020, 1:35pmHiya Declan,

Great question, thanks.

All crew vehicles will carry a supply of whatever drinks and food items their runner needs for the duration of the event. Crews can only meet runners at official CP locations - see race page detail for more info.

With the way things are, I will only have volunteers man CPs to check runners in & out along the route.
Pól Ó MurchúSep 20 2020, 1:37pmHi Declan, I think one of the ideas of having crew is that they carry whatever food and water you need for the race so as to minimise the contact between volunteers and other runners sharing water and food etc.
Declan McGuinnessSep 20 2020, 1:48pmAh ok. Thanks for the update Lillian and Pól appreciate it thanks
Raymond CumminsSep 20 2020, 2:37pmThat's fantastic news Lillian and Pol. :-) Thank you for all your hard work in making this a reality. Good excuse to keep training.
Brian O'GradySep 21 2020, 9:58amFantastic news! Thanks so much for making this happen. I imagine the whole forum has been holding its breath for the last month or so.
Lillian DeeganSep 21 2020, 10:12amI’d say some of our hopefuls (maybe all) continue to hold their breath Brian, me self included :)
Brian O'GradySep 21 2020, 10:16amWe live in hope :)
Tony SullivanSep 22 2020, 1:11pmHi Lillian and team, thank you for all the hard work that is going on to keep this event alive.
I realise why having a bag drop option is not a good idea and having a crew instead is preferred with the current covid situation but if there was water (only) provided at the CPs then this would enable runners race without the need for a crew (if desired) thus reducing people further and making this a largely self supported race, just a suggestion, apologies if i am missing something here. Thank you all again. Tony.
James HeggieSep 22 2020, 3:56pmTony I was thinking that myself a big barrel of water could be left at CP’s and people could fill themselves. Carry whatever food we need like I think they did in Kerry, and no need for big vans parking which might get in the way of walkers/families etc . Apologies if this has already been looked at and isn’t viable in current situation
Thanks for everyone keeping things going Lilian and team James
Andreas MalySep 22 2020, 4:28pmBrilliant news. Hope everything will be fine and see you in the end of October. Thank you Lillian
Paul KellySep 22 2020, 5:15pmJames, for the Kerry Nite Ultra we put our drop bags in a tub for each CP which was dropped at each CP for us to get ourselves and then put back in the tub as we were leaving. For me personally I was able to put my water and food into a small drop bag due to there not being any water available other than a tap or 2 along the route. If similar could be done for the Wicklow Way, it would be great, but completely understand in the current climate. As I'm struggling to find someone to give up a night and a day to be crew.
Joffrey DetenderSep 22 2020, 6:13pmHi Guys,

First, Thanks Lillian for your determination to make this event happen, fingers crossed as I am so excited to run there and hopefully finish it.

At the Kerry way, we were only a few runners without crew leaving water in drop bags. for info, there was no water dispenser at the stops.
You can forget about this solution, you wouldn't imagine the work it is to organize this! the weight of the crates and then the number of bags containing all these recycling plastic empty bottles.
I liked the solution at the seven sisters race this year, which we could also see in other trail events currently in Europe: The water dispenser only used by volunteers.
The runners are not authorized to touch the water dispenser because of cross contamination, So it would require one volunteer at each aid station feeling each water flasks for runners.
Lillian DeeganSep 22 2020, 7:32pmHi lads, having a crew is also to serve as a paddy wagon service should a runner need to drop out of the event along the route. Volunteers have historically done this job. They won't be doing this task this year.

There will be no water at any CP.

For people who train together, I have no issue with them sharing a crew on race day.

Joffrey DetenderSep 23 2020, 10:55amThanks a lot Lillian for confirming this point.
I am sure it will help a lot of runners to get organized before registering. Joffrey
Samuel FoxSep 25 2020, 11:32amHello racers. Just thinking through and trying to sort logistics before I enter. I have a bail out crew/food/change of clothes organised for Glendalough, but can't organise crew for anywhere else. I don't want to get into the situation where I run out of food and water. Is anyone able to help me with this? Hope it is ok to put this out there on this forum! Thanks
Lillian DeeganSep 25 2020, 11:56amHello Sam, you can take it from me that I don't want that kind of situation to kick off with you or any other participant either.

Under current health guidelines there are specific rules with regard to how many people can meet others from a No. of households depending on which county they are living in. This same rule applies when considering the sharing of race day crews on the WW Race. It's a no no unless the crew is someone who you have been training with - sorry. I am being super firm on this one.

Entries in - Fair play to the 7 lads who have entered without being ok'd first. You have given IMRA €60 - thanks very much. Only entries approved are valid #WhoKnew!

Samuel FoxSep 25 2020, 12:05pmI hear you loud and Clear Lillian. If anyone else is training in the Westmeath/Offaly area and has a crew please let me know!
John Murphy74Sep 25 2020, 1:02pmLiliian, I have entered but I emailed you a while back, thought I was OK to enter. Apologies if I jumped the gun.
Lillian DeeganSep 25 2020, 1:17pmYep, your June comms stand John. 007 is an easy recall :)
Thomas DomicanSep 25 2020, 2:56pmI was just wondering my number is 919 but because I haven't done any races yet I don't actually have number do I need to do anything or can I get it at race thanks
Kazimierz PawelczakSep 25 2020, 5:21pm^Entries in - Fair play to the 7 lads who have entered without being ok'd first. You have given IMRA €60 - thanks very much. Only entries approved are valid #WhoKnew!^

Hi Lilian I think it could be about me hehe, how do I get in touch to get permission to sign up for the race, all conditions are met as a runner and IMRA member

Joffrey DetenderSep 25 2020, 5:42pmHi Kazik,

Same happened to me! I didn't notice in the tab 'Details' the Instructions before registering to the race:
Entry Criteria: You must have run an ultra race of at least 50km in 2019 or more recently to enter. Those intending to enter should email in advance of entry to confirm you reach the minimum entry standards. Send email to detailing name of qualifying race with link to qualifying race results.
Kazimierz PawelczakSep 25 2020, 7:31pmthanks Joffrey, I just sent an email
Lillian DeeganSep 26 2020, 12:35pm@Tom Domican - I'll have all race bib No's with me in Clonegal. There is nada you need to do till race night.

Thanks, Lillian
Thomas DomicanSep 26 2020, 8:56pmThat's great thanks Lillian
alan ritchieSep 27 2020, 8:25pmHi Lillian,

Email coming your way
Stephen GreggSep 28 2020, 8:00pmHi Lillian ,
I also am one of them people who sent email earlier in year with previously year racing credentials when we thought the race might go ahead earlier in the year , didnt email again before entering friday morning should i have confirmed first or all ok ? apologies also if i jumped the gun .
Lillian DeeganSep 28 2020, 11:03pmHello Stephen, all is hunky dory with your entry. Your early year contact stands, no need to resend for the ok on the revised date info. Top marks to you and others who appear to be reading this forum. Ye all get my virtual gold star giveaway for today :)
Stephen GreggSep 29 2020, 1:48pmHA HA! Just happy to be all above board.
Thanks to you all for all the hard work even trying to keep the race alive.
Not an easy task these days.
Lillian DeeganSep 30 2020, 5:31pmNo worries Stephen. It's all about keeping Wicklow open ATM for sure.

Update: Crews CP1 and CP2.  Should anyone wish to do a food/drink drop at either of these two checkpoints instead of having their crew meet them there,  I am fine with same.  The location of these two CPs is close enough to the start line, so I'd expect runners to drop their stash on the way to registration in Clonegal on the Friday night.

Main point for mention on the above is - My volunteers won't be handling anyone's stash.  I'll have rubbish bags for waste and plastic for disposal needs as you leave the CP.  It will be the responsibility of you as a runner to leave no trace of any kind.  

I guess it might be worth saying, a word to the wise if you will -  if you opt to avail of the drop option at CP1 or CP2 be mindful, race night is also Trick or Treat night.  CP1 is a pretty scary spot at home at the best of times, your stash should be fine till you reach it.  

However, CP2 by The Cow might be a slightly different ball game with big kids leaving the pub on one ear to a full moon :) #JustSaying

Any Qs on the above, fire away and let me know.  

Thanks, Lillian 
christian headleyOct 1 2020, 12:17pmHi Lillian,

I know it is stated on the details page that the race starts on Saturday the 31st at 00:00, but just to be absolutely sure, this means Friday 23:59? i.e. Friday night the gun goes.

I would hate to turn up a day early/late :P
Lillian DeeganOct 1 2020, 2:21pmHi Christian,

Yes, gun time will be on the stroke of midnight. Registration, kit check and tracker fitting will be from something like 22h to 23:45 on the Friday evening. There will be a few minutes given for race brief and the race will kick off at midnight.

Lillian DeeganOct 3 2020, 2:31pmHi all,

Reminder: The purchase option for this race closes tonight. No late entries once the shop closes.
Samuel FoxOct 5 2020, 10:49amJust could not sort logistics out in time for this to guarantee I was going to get enough water and be safe. Next year! Best of luck all!
chris DunneOct 5 2020, 5:34pmHi Lillian, does Level 3 feck up the race going ahead ?
Laura FlynnOct 5 2020, 6:23pmCan we hold off on the questions please until there’s an official announcement and then a decision will be made or possibly made for us.
chris DunneOct 5 2020, 7:20pmMy bad didn't think i asked more than 1 question.
Robert CostelloOct 5 2020, 9:25pmLevel 3 announced for 3 weeks. All going well we will go down to L2 or L1 by 26 October.
David CaulfieldOct 5 2020, 9:25pmLevel 3 starts Wednesday 7th for 3 weeks so barring any extension will finish at midnight on the 27th, 3 days clear of race day. Let’s hope there’s no extension.
Lillian DeeganOct 6 2020, 12:52pmHello all,

Further to Richard's COVID update post last night, I'm on to note this event is still in play for Oct. 31st. With the nationwide Level 3 restrictions operational from tonight for 3 weeks, we are hopeful things will have improved nearing month end.

At committee, we appreciate the understanding out there with the task in hand. With this said, our hope is to hold the WW Race as planned to finish in Marlay Park. If we need to make any adjustments (route or otherwise) due to further restrictions, we will let you know as best we can ahead of event day.

Should any of the runners in to race feel the uncertainty is too great for them to cope with, please let me know by email -

Lillian DeeganOct 15 2020, 4:40pm**Event Cancelled**

The time has come to call time on plans for this event.

Despite all our best efforts trying to make things work for 31.10.20, Committee feel it best to give some level of certainty in a time of great uncertainty nationwide.  

With huge regret, IMRA are cancelling the 2020 WW Race. 

As with so many other IMRA cancelled events this year, we continue to field our way through the management of refunds.  Once we have a plan in place for returns on this event, I will be in touch with all by email.  

Alistair HodgettOct 15 2020, 4:50pmHugely disappointing but really no choice given how things are. Thanks to Lillian, Committee and volunteers who tried to keep this on the calendar. Roll on 2021 when I hope to get my hands on that lump of granite.
Seán HigginsOct 15 2020, 4:52pmSadly it was inevitable. Thanks Lillian and the committee for their efforts over the last few months.
Brian O'GradyOct 15 2020, 7:41pmThanks for all the effort Lillian.
Stay safe
Steve HoganOct 16 2020, 10:52amThanks a million Lillian, ye did so much work to try to get this to be run. It's amazing how dissappointed I was seeing this, considering I knew it would have to be cancelled. Roll on 2021.....
Paul BurchmoreOct 16 2020, 2:39pmSorry to hear this but thanks Lillian and Committee for trying your best to make it happen. Hopefully we can do it in 2021. Stay safe.
Phil behanOct 16 2020, 3:50pmGutted !! Lillian, fair play to you ! Tremendous effort in trying to keep this alive for us. Hopefully we can have it in 2021. Thanks again everything you've done is very much appreciated.
Raymond LawlorOct 19 2020, 8:41amSorry to hear it Lilian. Mighty effort all the same.
Michael J KellyOct 19 2020, 4:31pmMany thanks for all your efforts Lillian but nothing more you could do. Role on 2021 and lets hope we all stay safe until then. At least it made me keep up the training for that little bit longer. Best wishes to all in the running community - see you all when we get out of this bloody pandemic.
Raymond CumminsOct 20 2020, 8:11amThanks Lillian!!! All the work you do behind the scenes is greatly appreciated. We will be back. ;-)